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Investing in Real Estate? Lets ask Warren Buffett, the infamous investor worth billions who is commonly known as “The Oracle of Omaha”.  His insight in investing I’ve always found to be a very simple, easy and straight forward. This article delves into two real estate investments he’s made. Here’s a few points I walked away with;

-Ignore the outside noise and chatter

When we were in the depths of the Great Recession Mr. Buffett was buying up companies left and right, while the rest of the market went running for the hills. His Berkshire Hathaway holding company bought Prudential Real Estate as his method of jumping into the real estate market. But years ago, he made a few real estate plays himself, ignoring the noise around him, he focused on the…

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Real Estate in Newport RI, much like the rest of the country, had a great year.  But how did Newport fare alongside the rest of the nation?  Here’s where we stand on 2013.  

Nationally and in Rhode Island:

The Case/Shiller National Index, an index of national home prices, experienced a 10.06% increase year over year through September 2013.  That’s the largest 12-month gain since March of 2006!  Rhode Island median home prices appreciated 10.48% with an 18.9% increase in volume! The increase in volume is a strong sign of a strengthening market.   

 Single Families – Newport, RI

 Newport’s median price appreciation lagged behind the national and state average with a price increase of only 2.1%.  That said, Newport dwarfed the rest of the state…

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I am proud to announce I’m officially a homeowner. Finally!  I’ve been practicing real estate for nearly four years with the goal of purchasing my own
little slice of island paradise.  It was quite the experience for me to sit at the other end of the closing table; to sign that stack of papers, and feel what dozens of my buyers have undergone.  Here’s a bit about my experience:

 The Right Realtor

 I found the best realtor in town for me.  That was, of course, me, because I understand my needs and wants.  I wanted a multi family - 2 or 3 units, but at times I considered a single family I could turn around myself.  It can often be good to view products outside of your original needs and wants. This helped me realize my original decision for a two…

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