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As a Rhode Island real estate agent who has recently navigated both ends of FHA backed transactions, I can personally attest to the fact that FHA loans are making a strong comeback as a useful alternative for first-time home buyers and home buyers with less than perfect credit.  My experience as of late has enlightened me to the fact that both industry peeps and consumers alike are often still in the dark about the FHA process and what it means to a sale.  So, I'm here to offer an inside scoop.

Tips for Potentail FHA Borrowers:

1.) There are three FHA loan programs:

1. FHA 203(b) fixed-rate mortgage (15- or 30-year loans)
2. FHA 251 adjustable-rate mortgage
3. FHA 2-1 buy-down loans

2.) To qualify for an FHA mortgage, borrowers must:

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Photo of snow covered home

According to the National Association of Realtors, the number of Rhode Island single-family homes sold last month increased 19 percent from December 2010.  In addition, pending sales - those sales under contract but not yet closed - rose 17 percent from the year prior.   Historically speaking the winter months tend to reflect a decrease in sales overall in Rhode Island, however, these recent statistics have both caught the attention of Rhodes Island’s Realtor President, Jaime Moore and helped shift the debate about listing homes in winter.

"We're happy to see sales rising again of their own accord," said Moore. "People are buying for no other reason than they recognize affordability in the market and that's a good sign. There is no tax incentive or…

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Photo of ice sculpture, Winter Festival 2009 Newport Winter Festival 2009

It's no secret that Newport, RI with its lovely seascapes, upscale shops and warm weather attractions is an enormously popular summer destination. Bustling boulevards from Bellevue Ave. to Thames Street are evidence of its summertime appeal. If you were to ask the locals the best time to enjoy Newport, however, you might be surprised to hear them say, "Winter."

True, Newport offers ample entertainment for all ages in the summer months, but while warm weather attracts tourists, the off season is a time to celebrate the natives. Popular winter events include mansion tours, ice skating at the Newport Yachting Center and the infamous St. Patty's Day Parade, which happens to fall directly on St. Patrick's Day this year. What…

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Photo of Hogan Associaes Bellevue OfficeHogan Associates, 129 Bellevue Ave. Newport, RI

I can't believe I'm typing from a desk in the window front of an office overlooking Newport, RI's most famous street, beautiful Bellevue Ave! After a year with Landmark Realty Group of Wakefield, RI, I have made the infamous transition from mainland to island, and I'm happy to report that life on Aquidneck is amazing!!

My name is Stephanie Johnson, and I am a small town girl who has always had a taste for adventure the latest of which has been laying down roots here in the ocean state. Having grown up landlocked in West Rutland, Vermont, population approximately 2,400, I have developed a childlike appreciation for all that Rhode Island and Newport especially, have to offer! Boasting some of the most…

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