Here's what clients have to say about Hillary:

"Kate Wilson and Hillary Olinger have done a wonderful job at our Gibbs project and we would undoubtedly work with them in the future.  They discovered this project for us and presented it to our team as a unique opportunity for a condo conversion in the heart of Newport.  Throughout the purchase phase, they were supportive with reliable and accurate market data to assist our team in making the right decision on the design and implementation of the project.  The team from Hogan Christie's listened to our wants and needs and did a great job in helping us create unique marketing collateral for the project and also provide feedback on what should and should not be put into the design, aesthetic and amenities in the building.
As we moved through the sales process they kept a close eye on the ever changing market and assisted to get the maximum dollar for each of the units being sold.   At times they gave us the tough love and honest feedback that we needed to make changes on the fly, modify and make additions to the project to assist in sales.  They worked hard at not only the normal, expected realty tasks but also thought outside of the box to get people to the open houses and get buyers to the closing table.  We appreciate their hard work and continued effort." - EJ Lanni