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RealSatisfied Office Feed https://www.realsatisfied.com/ratings.php A feed of RealSatisfied client testimonials for Hogan Associates | Christie's International Real Estate en-us Copyright 2023 RealSatisfied.com Tue, 22 Aug 2023 23:56:34 +1000 PAID http://www.rssboard.org/rss-2-0-1 RealSatisfied.com 86400 Hogan Associates | Christie's International Real Estate (401) 680 6588 (401) 236 8682 129 Bellevue Avenue Newport RI 02840 http://www.hoganassociatesre.com http://facebook.com/hoganassociates https://www.realsatisfied.com/626aa/4b5ff979011fc2e1f6/img/?rand=6b7e6aa7969cb36b263d9a357728b1de 1 98 99 100 780 Sara Patterson, North Kingstown Buyer Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=d6dcc1c84907cbcea9b9baea28403a57 Five years ago, Janie helped me purchase my condo which was the first piece of property I had purchased. Janie was the natural choice when we started looking for our next home almost two years ago. She helped guide us through multiple offers during this intense housing market. She is always helpful, responsive and knowledgable. I wouldn't consider using anyone else! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Sat, 19 Aug 2023 11:44:54 +1000 e295bZ2w Cathy and Todd Drury, Redding CT and and now, Bristol, RI Buyer Kate WIlson https://www.realsatisfied.com/version/24.32/images/avatar.png Kate is AMAZING! She worked tirelessly for us and was always available!! She was quick to get us answers, was always prepared and went the extra mile on everything. One of our purchases was complicated and she made sure everything was communicated to the selling agent in a timely matter. Nothing fell through the cracks! She is a rock star and we would highly recommend her to anyone!!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kate-WIlson Sat, 12 Aug 2023 06:45:59 +1000 1716UZ2w Kate Garcia Landlord Kate Fay https://www.realsatisfied.com/921ae/eec0ba26b895710ffd7/img/?rand=f242e3f3ca897ca711cfd1ea1e4422e0 Kate and Tammy are truly the best. We are so appreciative of all their help and expertise. Kate always answers our questions and thinks about what would be best for the property and us. We are truly grateful for her support. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kate-Fay Thu, 10 Aug 2023 11:02:17 +1000 342c5vzw Mick Henn Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=a16ca19880d258e392484bc9ea07b33d I would highly recommend Jeff Brooks. He worked very hard to sell my property. He was always available when needed. He took care of everything that was needed to successfully sell my property. He even installed a new fire alarm that he bought with his own money, to ensure the home met inspection. The experience was very positive. I have now used Jeff's services to buy and sell property and would definitely use him again in the future. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 05 Aug 2023 22:04:56 +1000 f43ajIKw CA Cerni Westerly RI Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=b6893816856fdc007d30cc69a74b8d64 Gordon King was exceptional, and he really was instrumental in the purchase of my new home. HIs guidance was spot-on and he was very thorough in explaining the entre cycle of the home search, contract negotiation, inspection and closing. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Mon, 17 Jul 2023 05:40:25 +1000 e78e3Uan David Barnes, Jamestown Seller Mike Hill https://www.realsatisfied.com/a8a2f/503dc67b2b6b941c63/img/?rand=8321b00603ef00522dda482bcbe0ac25 Came highly recommended from friend. Knowledeable about the deal process. Good follow up. All around good guy. Smooth transaction in getting the sale completed. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Mike-Hill-1 Sat, 15 Jul 2023 00:14:55 +1000 594bZgpw Juan Campos Newport RI 02840 Landlord Kate Fay https://www.realsatisfied.com/921ae/eec0ba26b895710ffd7/img/?rand=ba84ade6b43ea151e27d87108d8e2c9e Thank you so much for a great service!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kate-Fay Thu, 06 Jul 2023 02:52:02 +1000 c49d1w7n Matthew DeAngelis. 13 Karen St Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=e090086afc77e426fc6598ec8e057c20 He was able to sell my house before we put it on the market. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sun, 25 Jun 2023 01:14:08 +1000 b05e5Fsn Lisa Maciejak Newport RI Seller Mike Hill https://www.realsatisfied.com/a8a2f/503dc67b2b6b941c63/img/?rand=e5d56105335a97327329e8e719b3ece3 I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike Hill for more than 20 years. I could not imagine using anyone else for my real estate needs. He is an incredibly well-rounded, talented, and knowledgeable broker with a very personable and warm-hearted disposition. In the time I have known him I have always felt comfortable and confident in his decisions. I knew he was going to take the time to understand my requests and that he would provide me with the best service possible. He is a very genuine individual with a supreme work ethic. He truly cares about his clients. It is apparent that he is devoted to his work and has a love for his profession. It is important to mention that he had my property in Newport RI sold in a matter of weeks. He truly is phenomenal and I highly recommend him to you. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Mike-Hill-1 Fri, 23 Jun 2023 23:51:38 +1000 f845I1wn Andrew, Middletown RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=d1df618d13c76984f2b9793754db3288 Jeff was knowledgeable, patient, and very responsive and attentive to our needs throughout the home buying process. Would highly recommend working with Jeff to any home buyers. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 10 Jun 2023 02:45:44 +1000 d5f1qQZn Bill Brown -Portsmouth, RI Seller Marlene Harrington https://www.realsatisfied.com/e0681/b1e7ca266202fd2ccbc/img/?rand=aba648aaeeb6495895716bab0a0804ff Always on the mark, knowledgeable and dependable. Marlene is detailed and thorough, a true professional. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Marlene-Harrington Mon, 05 Jun 2023 08:36:39 +1000 3803Z2Cn Mark Gorman, Newport, RI Seller Meredith LeBlanc https://www.realsatisfied.com/f6788/3b9a6126f3e8ff4a50f/img/?rand=e3cf0b5580effe7a65d9bc117d8c318e We have done several real estate transactions with Meredith and each one has been absolutely perfect Everything was smooth and on schedule. Meredith's knowledge of the local market and her skill at interfacing with people make her an ideal realtor, and one we look forward to working with in the future. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Meredith-LeBlanc Wed, 31 May 2023 01:05:52 +1000 d813tHUn Luke Fleury, Portsmouth Seller Hillary Olinger https://www.realsatisfied.com/51fcf/180639204f52f8a94ad/img/?rand=ac5182387ecb8046d4babf4db0261f4c Hillary is a great realtor and always works so hard for me. She goes above and beyond and is very knowledgeable. Hillary will always be at the top of my list when it comes to selecting an agent to bring me buyers and to find me deals. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Hillary-Olinger Thu, 25 May 2023 05:04:42 +1000 65ccV1Cn Hernandez Family, Middletown Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=e10242528b2d0f5555cc5d93be26583e Tammy Bass came highly recommended and lived up to her stellar reputation. There is no doubt that Tammy is a true subject matter expert in all aspects of the home-buying process. However, her ability to work with people makes her truly stand out as exceptional. Tammy took the time to understand our priorities and worked hard to guide us through the process with our specific goals leading her efforts. Tammy's interpersonal skills allowed her to build trust with our family. As first-time home buyers, Tammy's patience and thoughtful advice was deeply appreciated. Simply put, we trusted her implicitly through this process and she did not disappoint. Tammy's reputation as the best in the area is deserved. She's hard working, authentic, and just darn good at her job. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Mon, 22 May 2023 00:58:52 +1000 62a9dtVn Randy K. Hawkins, M.D., Newport, RI Buyer Marty Easley https://www.realsatisfied.com/788a6/7b59dd26620f77674b6/img/?rand=548b0fefd7958d37a95efc858c430115 I have recently completed the finest real estate experience of my lifetime, due to the knowledge, caring, attention to detail, and consideration of Marty Easley and Elizabeth Enochs. I was treated in a respectful manner and with genuine kindness throughout my search; I never felt as if I represented a "transaction" to either of them. At each step they took the time to listen, and not simply to respond but rather to hear what I had to say. Marty and Elizabeth both took the time to learn who I was and what I needed in a property. They represented me as a friend, and that meant the world to me. I will never be able to adequately express my appreciation for all they have done for me. I am back home now, in Newport, and I have Marty Easley and Elizabeth Enochs to thank for my successful return! Marty and Elizabeth, I love you both!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Marty-Easley Sat, 20 May 2023 05:23:18 +1000 e582rtyn Terri L. DeWitt Lawrence Seller Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=f4283697ca092e13a4114a156fbd873a Paul is a knowledgeable real estate agent. He is full of great suggestions and works closely with the client on getting their house to market. I could not have asked for a better, more trustworthy agent. Thank you Paul for all that you did for my family and making this sale possible! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Wed, 17 May 2023 02:15:48 +1000 8e68N1wn Chris and Inga Hemenway Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=6fb4ef74880cf518b4acefe169a2003b We are very lucky that we found Tammy Bass of the Hogan Associates to sell our house in Portsmouth, RI. We have loved working with Tammy! Her professionalism was incredible and her knowledge in the real estate business was outstanding. She was very kind and patient walking us through the whole process. Tammy was always quick to respond to all our emails, texts and phone calls, and she eased our worries. She sent her professional photographer who took amazing photos and video of our house. We believe this professional combination is why our home sold so quickly. If you are looking for the best realtor, contact Tammy Bass! We highly recommend Tammy to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Sun, 14 May 2023 01:03:21 +1000 b9ed6LGn Victoria Magown, Portsmouth, RI Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=a3b598c2c2d851f9e4a7bbb5e0a27ce7 I had two different from across the street who had each interviewed multiple agents and chose to work with Gordon. I respect both friends and chose Gordon on their recommendation. It was such a pleasure working with Gordon...so pleasant, knowledgeable and reassuring. I have sold houses in the past and Gordon showed me how it should be done...organized and considerate of my issues. He was always available through texting since I am hearing impaired and was always on time...just a joy to talk to and work with. In addition to my other comments, Gordon proved once again that experience and being professional make all the difference. Yes, if I every return to RI, I would request Gordon's help in finding the right house. Gordon was organized and kept me up-to-date. You were smart to add Gordon King to your sales team. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Fri, 12 May 2023 04:16:27 +1000 026dZ0wn Matt Christiano, Saratoga, CA. Seller Marlene Harrington https://www.realsatisfied.com/e0681/b1e7ca266202fd2ccbc/img/?rand=fa6ea05a391967855793e29fa71f2e9c Marlene not only handled the sale exceptionally well, but she managed the preparation of the property for sale, which would have been very hard for me to do, since I am in California. She was very professional at every step in the process. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Marlene-Harrington Thu, 11 May 2023 14:36:52 +1000 34e1cqyn Paul M, Portsmouth Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=2ef8ae017ca71bad678de49434a7fc0c I have used Matt Hadfield several times now and always very happy with the attention to detail and the knowledge of the local market. I have both purchased and sold homes with Matt and always very satisfied. All the details are handled so issues don't arise. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Thu, 04 May 2023 23:07:03 +1000 599bbMln KGB, Newport, RI Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=cc6385d01f776b6b7841667f4367971a Tom did an exceptional job and handling what was a long and protracted sale with seller occupancy beyond the closing date. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Fri, 21 Apr 2023 09:51:09 +1000 f6dcdTJn ROBERT J CARREIRO Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=a997149d56e4456fe6650ffe81fec820 In 2008-2009, I tried to buy a boat slip. Matt did everything he could to make it happen....I was the one that could not put the last piece of the transaction together...so I failed in the purchase.,,,,,,BUT I never forgot the effort Matt expended for me. RE Matt...think - knowledgeable, reliable ,highest of integrity, a "go-to" for your real estates needs Nicole Nicoletta....a top shelf assistant for Matt.....A keeper A go-to without question. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Sat, 15 Apr 2023 02:03:06 +1000 de48UyJn Simaan,NP Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=5be6fd2180cbf2fca9c524c1d264ee89 Matt is a Star. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 14 Apr 2023 00:48:23 +1000 acd7ZyJn Kate Gibbs, Newport RI Buyer Elizabeth Enochs https://www.realsatisfied.com/32a6b/f347a6266228774a313/img/?rand=692ebab5e4baef84cbece2d30c2287f6 Liz goes above and beyond to help her clients. She knows more about every single house on the market in this town than anyone I know. .....she lives and breathes real estate, it is her true passion and it shows at every step of the way during our transaction. She honestly must work 100 hours a week because she was constantly helping me with some many aspects of research on this purchase as it relates to comps, building codes, and everything under the sun. Down to the smallest detail of the absolute most thoughtful closing gift .....and I have worked with some realtors who have done nothing at closing. Liz is a gem and one of the best realtors I have ever worked with ....and I have bought and sold quite a few properties on this island. Hogan is lucky to have her!!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Elizabeth-Enochs Thu, 06 Apr 2023 08:13:16 +1000 56b3pNEn Johnny Albani, Newport RI Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=d7fceffd7df2dd84a0f391857ae88b8a Kevan helped my fiancé and I find our first home that we bought together. He met my family, handled our anxieties and unrealistic expectations perfectly. He's a great realtor and a great guy. Highly recommend to all. Kevan has a team of fantastic mortgage and legal minds to assist in the other parts of buying or selling a home. They are also very well versed in VA and military needs. 10/10. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 29 Mar 2023 08:08:57 +1000 c2ceXtqn Kathleen Norris 3318 N. Hammock Dunes Vllg.Pt. Lecanto florida 34461 Landlord Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=002a964fa93fb87ab0e23da3e0c0f637 Tom Roa is an exceptionally talented real estate agent. I would highly recommend his services to friends and family. He is very efficient and has a vast knowledge base. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Fri, 24 Mar 2023 07:41:27 +1000 c421GDmn Nick P (Newport, RI) Tenant Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=e85c536eeac61589f21fd191e69437e2 Tom Rao was always accessible and reliable during the process from our initial point of contact to signing a rental lease and beyond. Tom was flexible with accommodating our schedules and availability (out of state move), and always courteous and professional. Tom is personable and made the process straight forward. Would gladly recommend to others and plan to work with Tom again in the future! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Fri, 24 Mar 2023 03:30:24 +1000 95be1r9n Deirdre Newport RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=fb7f8aa3fa0aefbb51e1220871fbaf2d Please refer to testimonial above . https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 17 Mar 2023 09:06:42 +1000 aafeqaYn Tom, Newport Buyer Elizabeth Enochs https://www.realsatisfied.com/32a6b/f347a6266228774a313/img/?rand=7a74a07fbb7505235a58786a19660a0d I could not be happier with my experience working with Elizabeth. She went above and beyond to make the process of buying my first home as easy as possible. I would STRONGLY recommend her to anyone interested in buying a home in Newport. Thank you Elizabeth! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Elizabeth-Enochs Fri, 17 Mar 2023 07:20:01 +1000 e82a5aYn Carla - Cumberland RI Landlord Kate Fay https://www.realsatisfied.com/921ae/eec0ba26b895710ffd7/img/?rand=8eba6831ad96b85619aa6b6dda829ad8 Kate and Tammy are very professional, responsive and provide expert guidance, They are wonderful!!!! We appreciate the great partnership with Kate and Tammy!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kate-Fay Thu, 16 Mar 2023 23:19:35 +1000 9049erYn Lori Mancini, Bristol RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=d30a7c6d702163f921ec9fea22c78fe1 Cathy went above and beyond to provide stellar service for the sale of my mom's home. She gave me great tips to stage it (and helped with that as well), was very good with communicating important information and helped me navigate some very sticky situations that were created outside our control. I appreciate her transparency, availability to assist with details and dedication to getting the deal done. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 16 Mar 2023 06:43:10 +1000 740af5gn Alexandra Leste, Newport Tenant Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=36c9c61ee17fe826f3f218b34fe0bddc It was such a pleasure working with Tom. He helped out in more ways than we could have asked and was able to get us the perfect place! I will absolutely be asking Tom to please assist in properties again in the future. In addition, he helped my boyfriend and I reach our goal of lowered monthly rent closer than what was proposed in lease agreement, which made everything a much more pleasant experience. He also made the moving process easier on us by having certain furnishings removed from the apartment we had asked before signing and upon move-in date. Lastly, Tom quickly set-up a showing the day after I showed him the listing. With Newport having high demand and low supply for rentals on the market it made all of the difference. I have to say this was absolutely the most easiest and less stressful rental search and lease agreement I've ever experienced here in Newport. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Sat, 25 Feb 2023 10:09:38 +1000 65a2bOhn Austin N, RI Buyer Jesse Ross https://www.realsatisfied.com/53b42/83cf4f27d14bfc391dd/img/?rand=b169c5d22f3ddc4d14d94c3d2f0132d0 I couldn't be happier with Jesse Ross, she was amazing to work with and would highly recommend her to anyone who is buying a home https://www.realsatisfied.com/Ross Wed, 22 Feb 2023 08:03:22 +1000 c3d4Uwen Michelle L. Landlord Kate Fay https://www.realsatisfied.com/921ae/eec0ba26b895710ffd7/img/?rand=ec3b2e17efccbbd2f38a15755ab13dcd Kate Fay was wonderful to work with!! She made the process very easy, and kept me informed on what was happening every step of the way. Professional, Knowledgeable, and Personable, with great follow through. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kate-Fay Sat, 18 Feb 2023 01:00:24 +1000 c233g5Fn The Liebman Estate, Middletown RI Seller Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=6e9d821ee8d30b5afd59192500133ff9 We highly recommend Paul Tobak as he is knows everyone and everything in the MIddletown/Newport real estate market. Paul Tobak was proactive, detailed, on time, during the negotiations, inspection up to closing. We, the estate owners live out of town and Paul stepped in to aide us in all areas of this process. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Fri, 17 Feb 2023 06:53:15 +1000 14f6eegn Michael Sandfort M.D. Dartmouth,MA Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=035761929ccd5392f968968524a470e6 Caroline Richards has great contacts and connections. Four showings before listing. Sold our house before marketing. Very helpful and patient with every step along the way. I would definitely recommend to friends and family. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Wed, 15 Feb 2023 13:12:04 +1000 2724owen Judi Weiss Palm Beach,FL Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=c0eae9e603ed6daacc40b0e1b394775b Gordon King was a tremendous help to my family in purchasing a property out of state where we really had no knowledge of the area. He understood our needs and helped us find the perfect place. Even after purchasing our new property, he makes himself available to help us with whatever we need. I look forward to keeping a friendship with Gordon in the future. He has a lovely personality and I do enjoy his company. If any of my friends were interested in purchasing a property in RI I would without hesitation recommend Gordon to be their relator. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Sun, 12 Feb 2023 02:45:14 +1000 6bcds9wl Theresa, Bristol RI Landlord Kate Fay https://www.realsatisfied.com/921ae/eec0ba26b895710ffd7/img/?rand=08bad9e5d793c6635c3bff39ad73b44b Kate is an absolute delight to work with. She's professional, knowledgeable and very efficient. And, also a very kind, sweet person! I will definitely keep Kate in mind for my future real estate needs. And, will refer her to friends and family if the opportunity presents itself. She's a real asset to your firm. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kate-Fay Wed, 08 Feb 2023 09:25:53 +1000 ca0aTqFn Chris Jones, Portsmouth RI Buyer Kate Fay https://www.realsatisfied.com/921ae/eec0ba26b895710ffd7/img/?rand=d68a5397a05ef687cc686b5371a168a5 She was very helpful and able to explain in detail what was happening at every turn. I would certainly recommend her and the team to anyone looking to purchase a home in the area. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kate-Fay Tue, 07 Feb 2023 07:36:16 +1000 746figFn Barbara Tiverton RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=d30db6a7ef3412fed1d0ceed39c53c0e As mentioned previously in the survey, it was a pleasure to deal with Kathy. She was always available, and I felt she had our best interests at heart. She made what could have been a very difficult process so much easier because of her knowledge and experience in the area. I would highly recommend her. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 03 Feb 2023 09:20:37 +1000 5a9flIBn Cris, Rhode Island Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=360c78030b7c1bb834dcbaeb43055a44 Matt has exceptional knowledge of the local market and is an invaluable resource when evaluating a real estate purchase on Aquidneck Island. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 03 Feb 2023 03:43:46 +1000 f84cCrBn Conor, Newport Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=af8993c34f5540cdc8dff8d8820fd572 Jeff Brooks is great and does an awesome job when it comes to brokering a deal. He is a great asset to your team! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Thu, 02 Feb 2023 06:53:28 +1000 1d1ea2Bn Scott Semple, Sudbury, MA Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=f1ad14a0b0f3e4c8a9afc6574a1858bb Tom did a great job helping us by a multi-family in Newport, and then lease the units. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Fri, 13 Jan 2023 03:59:56 +1000 5529fhIl Chris and Debbi Walsh , New York Buyer Elizabeth Enochs https://www.realsatisfied.com/32a6b/f347a6266228774a313/img/?rand=f87c46ee603c2aba5cd52f69c67f46f0 Liz exceeded expectations by a wide margin. A terrific listener as she really understood our goals and propelled us forward. Her diligence and attention to detail is un matched. 1,000 % satisfied :) So many moving parts, especially as we bumped up against holiday time. Liz was always under control , prioritizing what was most important in the moment and offered very sound guidance along the way Liz is pure class - top notch professional. Really top notch ! Devon helped host an important meeting in Hogans offices and was welcoming and warm. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Elizabeth-Enochs Fri, 06 Jan 2023 01:44:57 +1000 6b64AlSl Jesse Alvanas, Middletown,R.I. Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=102a6c3f864d58078272bb11b46b2daa Jeff did a great job selling this house, I don't think it could have gone ant smoother. Thanks Jeff ! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 17 Dec 2022 02:39:04 +1000 9fbeDxOl Tom Haufe 216 Gossets Turn Dr. Middletown RI Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=f6070a8fbd1919f8680e9f553dd25e5c Over the course of selling 3 different family homes in 2022 Leslie has exceeded all my expectations and she has such a terrific personality that I have found myself feeling I have a lifetime friend. If you are buying or selling a home in Rhode Island I would strongly recommend you hire Leslie and her team. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Wed, 14 Dec 2022 09:55:37 +1000 9e46VxOl Dana Gilmour Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=2a25d7cb00a7d9e9926561881625905c The performance of Caroline Richards is beyond reproach. I've seen many realtors from small town, USA to the high powered world of corporate offerings in New York and LA and she is without peer. Caroline is who you want and need by your side for the entire journey. Wandering through a house of horrors, she was the light that kept me safe. Blinded by the apparent beacon of perfection, she was the shade that shielded my eyes. She is my American Express. I'd never search for a home without her. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Wed, 14 Dec 2022 07:17:59 +1000 ba9b0xOl Nancy Powell Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=58af9cf5b4309b09c7f211852c348d03 I can't say enough nice things about Gordon. I normally avoid using friends as agents. We have moved more tha 20 times and this was by far the best transaction we have had because of Gordon. He is calm, thoroughly organized, knowledgeable and always available. He made sure that we were always confident and informed and when he said "not to worry I will take care of that", he did. It was seamless! I would definitely use him again and recommend him to my friends https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Mon, 12 Dec 2022 01:44:37 +1000 12191Nnl Teresa McMahon Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=63e61fb36f76d1eb700f5bf9a3f9d796 Selling our family home after our parents passed away wasn't easy for a few reasons. First, we were working from out of state. Second, we had a financial responsibility to our siblings to get the best price we could. Third, the property held so many memories that we knew the process would be emotional. Working with Tammy Bass was one of the best decisions we made. Tammy was resourceful, priced the house well, and kept us informed throughout the process. Tammy Bass negotiated in our best interest. A joy to work with. Completely professional while also being someone you'd want as a next door neighbor. She understood what we wanted and needed -- and delivered. With Tammy Bass, you get the added bonus of Kate and Lynn. We feel so lucky to have had the three of them as a team. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Thu, 01 Dec 2022 09:25:54 +1000 1480Ksyl Kevin, Jamestown Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=1bd6b196c1e81c2ef12edb8e86e16e86 Matt was on top of everything each step of the way. We really appreciated how communicative he was and his experience getting deals done in the current real estate market was very helpful. We would highly recommend Matt and the team at Hogan and would like to work together again in the future. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Thu, 01 Dec 2022 05:05:14 +1000 1202Kkwl Lambert, Bartlett, IL Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=02376be73b84a6257bb329b14eb9c7bf Holly McLear was familiar with the property and was very knowledgeable about the local market. Her list of comparisons and suggested price was right on. The market was hot and the buyers came in with an offer just above the asking price. We were pleased with her handling of the sale and her on the spot responsiveness. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Sat, 19 Nov 2022 04:18:40 +1000 f55fcNHl Eva Longobardi, Portsmouth Seller Mike Hill https://www.realsatisfied.com/a8a2f/503dc67b2b6b941c63/img/?rand=05bae90979e116774030bdcb463adfb0 Mike Hill is a pleasure to work with and he gets results! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Mike-Hill-1 Fri, 18 Nov 2022 01:59:12 +1000 97b7wIHl Jane Stevenson - Scituate, RI Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=4acf3dbc6542d6db1a68e53e3aab2da9 This was our third real estate transaction with Tammy, and the trust she has built with us is pretty much priceless. Most importantly, she is ALL about the details, and there is never a delay with follow-up on a question or concern, no matter how small; she stays on the trail and won't stop until every stone is unturned. Secondly, we have FUN together, which is enormous because buying or selling a house is generally pretty stressful. As a person, she is kind, generous, thoughtful, and always looks FABULOUS! We love you Tammy! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Sat, 12 Nov 2022 23:44:00 +1000 eda0MePl Richard Escobar Falmouth MA Buyer Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=d23430e4b46e8b42eaf0afa5440905da She picked up on our style and needs and went above & beyond to help us find just what we were looking for. She was patient and communicative during both the search and the purchase process and we couldn't be happier! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Fri, 11 Nov 2022 10:27:31 +1000 569fkIHl Stephen, Peabody, MA Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=10d00cfcd7ecea471216c4f3647be581 As an out of state investor, Gordon is an essential part of my purchasing process. His local market knowledge and resources, helps insure that I am set up for success both during the purchasing process, and throughout my ownership of the asset. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Wed, 09 Nov 2022 03:42:23 +1000 cdd5fyvl Ryan Lurvey Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=0a382eb05cf833096eb313af78abb4cf This was my first experience selling a property, so getting assistance with the listing and sale was critical to me. I was initially impressed with Holly McLear's knowledge of the local market. She took the time to answer my family's questions and learn about our goals with the sale. She came prepared with a detailed analysis of the property and a proposed asking price backed by recent sales of similar properties. Holly was fantastic walking me through the process, answering my questions, and doing the leg-work needed to make the sale go as smoothly as it did. I don't believe I could have sold the property as quickly or for the price my family received without her help. Choosing Holly McLear was the best choice I made when selling my property. I look forward to some day doing business with her and Hogan Associates again. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 03 Nov 2022 09:30:15 +1000 2f63TBJl Bob Bishop, Newport, RI Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=a5fe326a11ef4969e9a10acce57e4c2f Gordon King was great. I've owned 6 houses in my life and he was the best broker I've ever dealt with. 1) great local knowledge 2) extremely personable 3) successful marketing plan 4) always felt like he had my best interests in mind Gordon King was the only one I dealt with Negotiations with buyers was hard, but Gordon King was a great intermediary and saved me a lot of pain. For example, he lined up both an HVAC and a plumber to handle issues in the house Gordon elicited a lot of trust from me. I always felt he had my best interests. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Wed, 02 Nov 2022 09:38:35 +1000 2427bZvl Rebecca & Dick, Middletown, RI Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=2af1946e65f629c043c71da81426195c Tammy Bass is unparalleled. Tammy looked out for us in every aspect of the sale, coming up with innovative solutions and being an excellent advocate every step of the way. In a rapidly changing market, Tammy's precise estimation of the proper sales price for our property was critical (we know she went the extra mile to research this for us and are grateful for her effort and expertise). We also found her excellent people skills, real estate smarts and well-organized team extremely helpful. We've sold four homes and this was by far the best experience. We will definitely recommend Tammy Bass to family and friends. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 02 Nov 2022 04:52:11 +1000 c91cXHvl Anthony Brogi Seller Meredith LeBlanc https://www.realsatisfied.com/f6788/3b9a6126f3e8ff4a50f/img/?rand=545039390a3cea54c3fc413b97c6a009 We have known Meredith for several years through Facebook. Her personality and how she presents herself was a huge factor in choosing her to be our real estate agent. Meredith, kept us informed every step of the way from listing, purchase and sales agreement to closing. Meredith handled our listing very professional! Meredith is very trustworthy, and she had patience with us! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Meredith-LeBlanc Tue, 25 Oct 2022 11:31:03 +1000 2adaKsNl Bob, Portsmouth, RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=4c849e76a54c7ca785a83b63fbb64b38 Jeff is extremely knowledgeable of local real estate and what is going on in the surrounding areas. Well studied on the current & and future market trends. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Fri, 21 Oct 2022 02:19:17 +1000 29bdGu0l Taff Roberts Seller Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=af007435ed99410ac4094b6b473422b9 Paul Tobak is the most professional Real Estate Agent I have met and had the pleasure to work with. In every way Paul will go above and beyond to make sure you understand and work with you to finalize the transaction of the property. Paul enjoys people, is very passionate about his work and is very thourough in all his transactions. There wers issues concerning the sale of the property but Paul navigated through it all with great knowledge of Real Estate. He made sure we were well informed all the way to the closing. Thank you Paul!! You are the best. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Sat, 01 Oct 2022 21:16:36 +1000 a261s19l Taylor, Portsmouth, RI Seller Chris Davis https://www.realsatisfied.com/5c600/a79f14ee43df1c3033/img/?rand=b2a1586d5267ed490bc722d0529100bd Chris and his wife Kaley were patient and attentive to our needs. They were helpful and helped guide us with the sale of our house. Chris even came over and helped repair our fence before a showing. Taylor https://www.realsatisfied.com/Chris-Davis-2 Fri, 30 Sep 2022 05:47:00 +1000 7baeeazl Danielle & Ron, The Point Newport Buyer Chris Davis https://www.realsatisfied.com/5c600/a79f14ee43df1c3033/img/?rand=f89c533cbc6e562681ab71f13683cc5d Chris is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and honest. The house search was seamless and easy, we found our perfect property and were able to close within a month of starting our search. He is well known and respected in the industry as everyone we spoke to and dealt with (including other property owners) knew of and respected him. Could not recommend him highly enough, he was an absolute pleasure to work with. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Chris-Davis-2 Wed, 28 Sep 2022 04:27:03 +1000 8e212JYl The Peterson's- Warwick, RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=a73725ee44d464690b9e5796e0cb6235 We first met Jeff in searching for a starter home over a decade ago. His hands-on, all-in approach immediately won us over. We have since purchased and sold three properties with Jeff at the helm. On our recommendation, he represented our brother-in-law and grandmother in separate purchases and sales over the years. Jeff's expertise and dedication has been unwavering over the years, and we give him our resounding endorsement. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Thu, 22 Sep 2022 00:03:16 +1000 ceadIE9l Karen Fikri, Rhode Island Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=23a76a33b8cce0065dcb53d898c60575 Gordon was an outstanding agent in the sale of our home. We had interviewed two other agents in addition to Gordon. They came with the usual market comparison analysis prepared and did a cursory look around the home. Gordon had also done a comparison before he came to the home, but as he spent time in the rooms he decided the home had more valuable features than he expected. He set a new higher sale target price than any of the originals. He was right, we sold it at this much higher price. Gordon's communication throughout the process was excellent. He was easy to reach and returned calls quickly. Gordon handled the Open Houses and many single showings himself so he could represent the home and the area to potential buyers. We also had some unexpected family events during this time and Gordon jumped in to handle everything he could to help us. Gordon is an excellent agent, and a fine person to have on your team! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Tue, 30 Aug 2022 07:09:33 +1000 73e0YW7P Jayant Sinha, Chestnut Hill Buyer Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=9cc602e48ceb250ecb7b62e69b0d4564 It was fantastic working with Janie. She was able to work closely with many brokers to be able to show us a wide range of properties. Once we had decided on a property, she anticipated every problem and went out of her way to find solutions to them. She reached out to all the town officials that were required for permissions. Janie knows all the local regulations and kept us fully informed about all possible problems. Janie also built an excellent relationship with the seller's broker. After the sale, Janie has made an extra effort to help us get settled in our new house! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Sat, 27 Aug 2022 06:35:17 +1000 025d8OaP JJ Supple, Portsmouth Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=43326afd18632560101e9e4becec8357 Gordon King is the quintessential broker in my experience, . His selfless commitment to finding the right deal and executing it to the maximum benefit for the client, is truly outstanding. Gordon is a straight-up businessman, with a keen sense and thoughtful tact. Knowledgeable, experienced, intuitive, intelligent, invested, and Honorable, Gordon has done 3 deals for me. Two purchases and one sale. All 3 were outstanding successes. The most recent was complicated and involved a 1031 exchange. Gordon knows the ropes and followed through with precision and excellence on every aspect of the transaction. His commitment to his client is unsurpassed, working all hours of the day and night to close the deal. I can't say enough about this fine gentleman, professional broker and confidant. Thank You Gordon King! JJ Supple // President 401 Realty Associates, LLC https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Tue, 23 Aug 2022 10:59:20 +1000 478eQTZP Tanya & Marc, Charleston SC Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=60ffbd8aecc0fa709f54e1c50e3c2d3c We needed an agent who was trustworthy and a good communicator, since we were buying remotely. Tammy Bass understood exactly what we were looking for and was always quick to respond, which was important in a competitive market. I would HIGHLY recommend Tammy to anyone looking for a home in this area without the slightest reservation. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 16 Aug 2022 02:34:58 +1000 b8bfOJMP Mike, Johnston Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=bcce435a282c69ab0557b83e4dd051ce A good friend of mine recommended Tammy Bass and she certainly did not disappoint. I can say with confidence that not only is she an incredible realtor, she is the sole reason we were even able to buy a house. Thanks Tammy!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Sat, 13 Aug 2022 00:14:10 +1000 78b5TC6P CA, Newport Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=3f025513aa6d467e1cdff88c63eadb2b Having run a business, I know the level of detail that makes a difference to just getting it done and getting it done right. Michele Mullowney was a step ahead, even providing me with a "to do" list both before and after the sale. It could not have gone smoother. The follow up after the closing was unexpected and helpful. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Tue, 09 Aug 2022 01:30:39 +1000 c03bvsSP D. Pelle Buyer Paige Goudey https://www.realsatisfied.com/32775/3472b323077dbad6f53/img/?rand=eba48cec5306076af18c91504d4236e7 Paige Goudey was wonderful to work with in my property search. She is extremely professional, personable and accessible. She kept me updated on new listings and properties that met my criteria. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paige-Goudey Fri, 05 Aug 2022 21:00:22 +1000 331aBZSP Gary Jodat, Sarasota, Florida Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=6539b0dbbcb1ea8dccd31f39fff24bd8 Matt Hadfield knows how to talk to people and make the right things happen. In less than 24 hours of Matt previewing our property, he produced a signed deal. Matt also managed other issues up through closing in a professional and successful manner and not letting anything slip through the cracks. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Wed, 03 Aug 2022 04:23:00 +1000 bb84AbSP Ryan Clarke, Middletown Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=b4a4242cd2135c6ff5d68907ed02ea3f Tammy is great to work with. She's friendly and pleasant, knows the area well, and is always prompt responding to questions and concerns. I have already given her contact info to friends looking for rentals/purchases. If I was in the market again, I would go directly to her. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 26 Jul 2022 06:31:43 +1000 3644ERbP Linda abd Sam Shamoon Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=0f891736383a62fcb9879bf38672a226 Matt Hadfield knows real estate in Newport; that was important to us. He was discreet when we did not want our neighbors to know we were selling. He did a comparison of recent sales and came up with an asking price that we wanted. Finally, he got us $2,000 over the asking price. We really appreciated that performance. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Wed, 13 Jul 2022 07:36:02 +1000 d61bft4P Kirk R, Scully Middletown RI Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=e1edd404fcb0b0a1682478a85baed96e I would give Kevan my highest recommendation. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 13 Jul 2022 04:08:38 +1000 0d09GeLP Dave & Kathe Kiley, Newport RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=fe93df96f5c02a582ba86313484a403c Jeff Brooks is very personable and compassionate about his work and knowledge of the area. He listened to what we were looking for and introduced us to areas in Newport and Middletown we never thought we would entertain. We found our dream home in the area of Newport that Jeff introduced us to and cannot thank him enough. He was patient with us and reached out periodically to see how we were doing throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a home in the surrounding area. He has become a close friend in business and we feel he has become an extended part of the family! Thank You Jeff! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Thu, 07 Jul 2022 09:41:20 +1000 5948aMlP Haley Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=e74a5578d6788057ac397c2ddb662bc9 Cathy was so friendly, patient, and understanding throughout the entire process. She was very good at communicating what my options were at each step of the way and I am so thankful for her guidance for my first time home buying experience!! Definitely would recommend her! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Wed, 22 Jun 2022 00:57:51 +1000 371aBGGP Josh Maxwell, Hope Valley Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=190a79868adb719ccf83ad6f65855a24 As a prior military spouse, Tammy was the perfect choose to help us as we relocated from Seattle to Newport. She was a wealth of knowledge and encouragement every step along the way, and never missed a beat when it came to assisting us in our search. She was fun to home shop with and knew all the ins and outs about the locations we were looking into. Thanks Tammy for such a great experience!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 21 Jun 2022 01:19:49 +1000 507dkcvP JC, Bristol Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=d8bd367fae65c3660b5c24574f25caba Tammy is the ultimate professional. She truly is a gem. We highly recommend her to all our friends, family, and colleagues. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Fri, 03 Jun 2022 01:39:59 +1000 5276YloP Alfred Truver 83 Muir Terrace, Southington CT 06489 Seller Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=e5065d937fcd7edd471590d7efa1ad2f We sat with Tom Rao and right off the bat he spent four hours with us making sure my 81 year old father and myself understood everything and that we were comfortable with our decisions. There was no pressure. He went over a game plan and executed exactly as he said he would. Keeping to his word and setting out to get us top dollar for our property. Open house was set for a Saturday and we had several offers by Sunday. Within a week we were signing a contract from more than we ever imagined we would get for the house. Also during that time Tom Rao was accessible 24 hours a day for any concerns or questions we may have. He also went out of his way to help us with things that weren’t necessarily in his job description Because that’s just the kind of human being he is. My father had sold five houses before this was our first time with Tom Rao and if we ever sold again there would be no question we would go away as Tommy is the best of the best. Professional, kind, https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Sat, 21 May 2022 06:10:32 +1000 edd5eshP Scott Wellington Johnston RI Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=2980f189fc4a74942d446b3251481cf1 When my son told me that he wanted to buy his 1st house, I know from my previous experience with Tammy that she would be the perfect agent. From my 1st call to Tammy, she was responsive and knowledgeable about the market, as well as patiently guided my son and I through the whole process- A real pro that make's sure you go through the experience with your eyes wide open and no surprises! Really appreciate the professionalism and person touch that Tammy brought to the purchase and would recommend her without reservation! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 18 May 2022 06:14:20 +1000 6040QTgP Mary T. and Jared F., Warren, RI Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=ab118d5fb8c67c9f75b65328c1bc17ab We went with my sister in law's enthusiastic recommendation of Tammy Bass. Tammy was simply the best partner in our house buying process! Being out of state buyers, we would not have been able to do it without her. Her responsiveness, abundant knowledge, attention to detail, and reassuring demeanor made a huge difference for us as first-time buyers. She also recommended several other professionals (lawyer, financial professionals, even a plumber!) who worked out really well for us. We would absolutely recommend her services to family and friends. Additionally, everyone at Hogan Associates was very helpful! We very much appreciated their support. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Thu, 12 May 2022 23:53:07 +1000 41c2YTgP Callie K. Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=4ef6353968e1e1f12bdd497dc48c2d5f Tammy was amazing to work with in such a tough and competitive market. She is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and she has a great network in the area which made our home buying experience as smooth as it could be. Thank you, Tammy! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 11 May 2022 05:05:49 +1000 e23d5TgP Juan And Alba Campos, Newport RI 02840 Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=d3d65401dc7e3495e4e9d2d19c9e7bbd It was a totally pleasure to work with Tammy Bass AGAIN!! she is always very professional, trustworthy and knowledge of the area; we will highly recommend her to any family and friends whom would like to get an excepcional service. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Fri, 15 Apr 2022 02:01:26 +1000 4ffbk6XH Susan R. - Tiverton, Rhode Island Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=645f167d99942b900aaf3ac13a800a1c When the home I wanted was pulled off the market, Cathy took the initiative to write a letter to the owner (snail mail!). As a result of that letter, the owner's broker showed us the house while it was off-market and I made an offer that night. This was the first house I made an offer on and it's the one I now own. You would think I was Cathy's only client the way she was laser-focused on every detail of my search and offer and closing. She's still available for advice and making sure everything is coming together for me as I prepare to move into my new home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Wed, 13 Apr 2022 08:08:45 +1000 53111PsH Todd Kniffen, Newport, RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=f6d891480bef463edd9f464eebc13b55 Using was a no brainer. This was my third transaction with Jeff Brooks and I'm confident he knows exactly what my parameters are. I wasn't able to attend the initial showing, so Jeff ran a zoom tour for me that covered all important aspects, and even provided a recording that I could go back and reference. The house was in overall great shape for a rental, but Jeff did help me identify a couple of hard to spot issues that resulted in very helpful seller credits at closing. Jeff spends a ton of time on outreach with sellers and other agents, which led to this amazing off-market purchase opportunity. I got an amazing value on this purchase due to all of Jeff's hard work understanding the market and networking with the seller community. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Mon, 11 Apr 2022 04:28:59 +1000 b302jlsH Arthur White, Brooklyn and Middletown Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=04d665b3d1a1afeb48780733d325aa71 Caroline was a fantastic broker. She really understood what we were interested in seeing and was persistent in showing us lots of properties over time. Caroline was an amazing help in negotiating the offer and closing the deal. We are so grateful to her for her help and wisdom! We would recommend Caroline to all friends and contacts interested in buying a home in the Newport area. Thank you Caroline for doing such a great job! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Fri, 08 Apr 2022 00:39:58 +1000 cc70zlsH Patricia Stuckert Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=5f11830ee31094ca71072e8095b14b42 This is not my first transaction that Cathy helped to execute. She has being always very resourceful, dedicated, professional, and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone interested in purchase Real Estate in Rhode Island and is looking to have a pleasant experience. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Tue, 05 Apr 2022 07:50:38 +1000 acf0TpcH Zach Thompson, Portsmouth Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=3919bceb6f9953db11bad2aec158e60f If I didn't have Cathy as my realtor this sales experience would've been a nightmare. The lender was awful and the seller's agent seemed very inexperienced. Cathy was able to push all parties forward and make sure we were always on track. I would recommend everyone I know that moves into town to use her as their realtor. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sat, 02 Apr 2022 01:34:43 +1000 6ac2tpcH Kareem & Teresa Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=67c16f02f1abbcbe1614f4d744a5dbaa Gordon King is a world class experience. Full stop. He won't rest until you are fully satisfied and have everything you're looking for, and then he'll go above and beyond to make sure that it's done right and you have what you need moving forward. Gordon's attention to detail and thoroughness made our purchase and closing a breeze, and he continues to work with us to ensure our family is comfortable and well settled as we start to call our new property home. If you're looking to undertake a high quality real estate purchase in the area, you would be at a disadvantage if you didn't use Gordon. We could not recommend him more highly. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Wed, 23 Mar 2022 14:15:06 +1000 1e73OnOH Matthew DeAngelis, Portsmouth RI Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=05a82659467aa0c58295a9f01b3ffaed Jeff solicited the sale from me as I had not planned on selling the land. He advised the pricing would be in my favor and he was right. It is his doing that I made the profit on the sale. Thank Jeff!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Wed, 16 Mar 2022 01:02:25 +1000 9d3dwN6H Mary Tramazzo, TN Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=bdb963f24145e0aa9999558477d1dc96 Tammy was always available to answer any questions we had and was so quick with responses and contacting sellers for us - I believe that’s why we were able to be successful, especially in this market. Her knowledge of the area and the real estate process and her ability to relate as a military family were so helpful, especially considering we went through this whole process while living in another state. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 15 Mar 2022 22:07:54 +1000 6321tz6H Judson Dacher-Shapiro Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=a6c154ed71d489db924f468bd154a781 Tammy is great to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home in the area. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Fri, 11 Mar 2022 12:38:04 +1000 437cFq1H Maggie Reddington, Newport Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=d5235f289dd2784682506f62f3eb3ae3 I would highly recommend Michele Mullowney as your realtor. She never gave up searching for my home and was very knowledgeable regarding every aspect of a home purchase experience. She even helped me to decide the placement of my furniture and the color of my new carpeting. She is a true gem! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Fri, 11 Mar 2022 05:47:33 +1000 f992VW4H B & K, North Kingstown Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=93ebfdf7f6fbffed852138538b5b5fcd Tammy Bass is trustworthy, professional, experienced, and friendly! I'm so glad we worked with her in the purchasing of our home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Thu, 17 Feb 2022 23:45:45 +1000 ae08CyqH Karen Brooks, East Greenwich, RI Seller Linda Kempenaar https://www.realsatisfied.com/5fa64/4a1a6924db5037727ac/img/?rand=2ed8b28116c2cbff4e5b911f559e8860 Linda Kempenaar was a positive influence in the sale of our home. When we got discouraged she always maintained an upbeat attitude. Linda pays attention to details and always consulted us in every step of the process, we always understood what was happening as she kept us in the loop at all times. If we were to sell another house, which hopefully won't happen any time soon, I wouldn't hesitate to ask Linda Kempenaar to represent us. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Linda-Kempenaar Thu, 27 Jan 2022 07:59:12 +1000 5355UuQH Julia J, Boston, Mass Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=638dc83b74c0c5501d1ebd2166e19597 Leslie was a great consultant during this process. I look forward to recommending Leslie without hesitation to anyone looking for real estate on Aquidneck Island! Tammy was very professional and responsive. Working with Leslie was a great experience and I hope that I get to do it again! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 20 Jan 2022 12:12:13 +1000 ca9ccuQH Robert Weintraub, Boston, Mass Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=b7e665c8d015aa94c07fb94bdb6638cd I selected Tom for my search of a Newport home given his vast knowledge of the local market and his extensive experience in real estate sales in the district I was looking in, Tom could not have been more professional, respectful and efficient during the sales process, I very much enjoyed working with Tom and Hogan Associates, I would be happy to use them again and to recommend Tom to anyone I know looking for a home on the island. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Tue, 18 Jan 2022 04:43:59 +1000 b098kYQH Tom and JoAnn Black, Portsmouth RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=e5bf0d60f342ad5e1cf1ec540fa75c8c Cathy is a friend that we had lost touch with over the years. We had seen her name on many properties locally and we had her in mind for when we were ready to sell. Many of Cathy's listings were similar in characteristics to our property and it was important to us that the broker agree with the uniqueness of our home. It was also important the we have comfortable clear communication and because we knew Cathy we were confident this would happen. In addition to that, she made the emotional aspect of selling a family home seamless with ongoing respect, kindness and patience. Thank you Cathy, we appreciate all of your hard work. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sun, 16 Jan 2022 00:07:59 +1000 2f15Mr2H Joanna Chapin M.D. Jamestown, RI Buyer Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=038b6636919b406e49a9d17ed3b0a08c Diane Harrison was knowledgeable re the market in Jamestown, extremely helpful in navigating the details of the purchase, smart, funny and supportive. Highest compliments. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Fri, 14 Jan 2022 06:49:37 +1000 ffdfpXoH Lyndi Brewer Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=774fb3dfe5e784bac673c3258f896066 I first came to know Tammy through a personal recommendation when my husband and I were buying our first house. We were living in Japan at the time, and Tammy was instrumental in helping us buy — sight unseen. Not only did she hold my hand throughout the entire process, teaching me along each step, but she went to bat for us and fought for us when we needed it. When we moved back overseas and wanted to rent the house out, Tammy was instrumental in helping us set a rent and deposit that was fair, marketing the rental, and finding us tenants. She made recommendations about how to prioritize improvements we wanted to make to the property and what would bring the most value given our situation. She even helped me find an excellent new property manager when I had to fire our original manager. She found every tenant that rented from us, vetted them, took care of the paperwork and collecting the deposits. All I had to do was review the information she presented me and give the thumbs up for her to proceed. Most recently Tammy has helped us sell our house. After almost a decade it was time for us to let this house go, and just like the last 8 years, Tammy stepped up in a big way! She was instrumental in helping us pick a price and even helped us get an offer well above asking. Her knowledge of the local area cannot be beat. She works relentlessly for her clients to get them what they want. Her communication is unmatched! I cannot say enough good things about Tammy Bass. If you are looking for someone to get things done in a timely fashion, fight for you on all fronts, and keep you up to date along the process, you can't find anyone better than Tammy. I wish she could help me with our other real estate dealings in other states! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 11 Jan 2022 03:11:54 +1000 e67eM0fH Andrew Kort, Providence Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=53e193e23d10f51bda8e2f96e9c21e8f she was honestly amazing and we couldn't have done it without her. 11/10. she was excellent. on top of everything and was always understanding and patient. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 04 Jan 2022 04:45:36 +1000 ed9efr2H Saralynn Bixby, Middletown Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=d70b354b8b123070115ac7f04b1b3ea9 If you are looking for a Real Estate agent on Aquidneck Island and the surrounding areas, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and look no further than Tammy Bass! I can not speak highly enough about her and her team. We sold our home with Tammy in 24 hours for over asking- mostly thanks to her knowledge and expertise. It was such a smooth transaction and process. Then came the purchase of our dream home which also wouldn't have been possible without Tammy! She was the wonderful matchmaker between seller and us. The market was very tough for buyers at this time, and we owe this entire sale to her! We literally couldn't be more grateful to her or for her! Additionally throughout everything, Tammy was soooo patient with us and always understanding. When she didn't have an answer, she got it for us within 24 hours or less. I always felt like we were her ONLY clients. She was always there for us in whatever capacity we needed, it was amazing! I wish I was still in the market for real estate just to be working with Tammy everyday again. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 04 Jan 2022 00:55:32 +1000 2b44GMhH Ben Pease, Common Fence Point Buyer Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=866c0cc920fb7e4ab2cd53a35b31649c Janie Aracil went above and beyond helping us buy this house. Not only did she help us make an offer on short notice, but she also sorted out the complicated solar panel issue, helped with multiple negotiations, was readily accessible, and generally provided excellent advice/coaching throughout the process. We couldn't be happier. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Tue, 28 Dec 2021 05:19:41 +1000 307fvh9H Kim Salerno, Providence RI Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=fc30e95db20289f7d929552ca4e6360d I've known Jeff Brooks for years in a professional capacity (unrelated to real estate) as we are both very involved in the community. After speaking with a friend in common, we both thought Jeff would be the right agent to sell my house. He met all my expectations, but he also surprised me with the very high quality of his work. The visual presentation of the house was well thought out and well executed. He kept working on it to get it right. His calming, assured demeanor was particularly helpful during inevitable moments of stress. His knowledge of the local market is deep and broad. This adds up to great service. I would highly recommend Jeff as a real estate agent. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Tue, 21 Dec 2021 08:19:48 +1000 3a97laeH Dan - Jamestown Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=0fda9385642e10538e0ea67f626e12fe Gordon was excellent, very knowledgeable and his help and availability was above and beyond!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Fri, 17 Dec 2021 03:15:44 +1000 25d1OCBH Claire Longabaugh, Portsmouth Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=1677f8ef2048ba84f7044b61068d6abb Tammy was flexible and instructive in this whole process. Her local knowledge and familiarity with military patterns on base gave me confidence in her recommendations. I would recommend her to anyone. Tammy was also my agent and the sellers, and I think she did an excellent job representing both of our interests. I don't know if many realtors would have do as good a job balancing both parties interests. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 15 Dec 2021 02:56:45 +1000 f878t9AH Mike & Lauren, Portsmouth Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=73c20f4d10f4d40e018cf5d8cd109f9a Tammy was excellent throughout the entire process. We chose her for her connections to the military community for this specific listing. Tammy was fast and very reliable. We will certainly be using Tammy again in the future! Thanks! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 14 Dec 2021 05:46:43 +1000 98ab79AH Charles Weeden, east providence Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=3faee3cb3c5b255a5b201c9a159bb18c Professional, truest caring, goes above abs beyond to make our first home owners experience amazing. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Mon, 13 Dec 2021 00:57:47 +1000 c06ebcaD Nels and Diane Larson, Newport, RI Seller Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=950fe6086369abb6769ea1c21c872fe1 Tom Rao was informative, patient, and experienced. We felt we could trust him throughout the process of selling our house and were impressed by his expertise and professionalism. Each step was thoughtfully planned out and executed with excellent attention to detail. He had a vast knowledge of the local real estate market and was able to provide thorough and helpful explanations throughout the process. Overall Tom Rao's professionalism was outstanding and he provided great communication. We felt he always had our best interest in mind during decision-making. His friendliness and easy-going nature was a source of reassurance. We got more than what we had hoped for - a fast turn-around at an excellent price. He helped us realize our dream of relocating to a warmer climate closer to our children and grandchildren! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Sun, 05 Dec 2021 07:28:50 +1000 52d6mfWD Lori Papa, Richmond, VA Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=3cbfcae6e628422c68d57eaf257df580 We worked previously with Tammy in the purchase of our condo. It was a full state search in a hot sellers market. She was key in helping us narrow our choices and never showed frustration with all of the changes that we made along the way. When it came time to sell the condo, we wouldn't think of having any other realtor help us. She's the definition of PRO with the outstanding personality to match! When the time is right to buy again, we'll definitely contact Tammy! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 24 Nov 2021 03:38:29 +1000 e583fVsD Jennifer Olson Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=a8701a1b4438acafdc8d3e9534a3749d Tammy is the best! Very knowledgeable of the area and local resources, super responsive, and overall so great to work with (making a life experience that is usually stressful as easy as possible.) I would recommend Tammy to everyone! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 23 Nov 2021 05:01:40 +1000 8e37DVsD Peter Bourke Seller Lynn Creighton https://www.realsatisfied.com/e1575/28cd6613ffe2363f256/img/?rand=b57b8c053e89d3a996251c485488b3f6 The factors that persuaded me to work with Lynn Creighton, beyond the necessary condition of understanding the real estate business, were her professionalism, her thoroughness, and her integrity. It was as painless as a real estate transaction is likely to be. I was very satisfied with both Lynn Creighton and Hogan Associates. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Lynn-Creighton Sun, 21 Nov 2021 02:48:52 +1000 9fc16mdD Gwen Kidera, Portsmouth Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=325473b6d9031371b1e3f75dd70643b7 Everyone told me I wasn't going to find my dream house the first time around, but I can honestly say that I did and I very much owe that to Jeff Brooks and Hogan Associates! I could not be happier with my new home. I was really apprehensive buying my first house alone, but it was reassuring to have a thoughtful and accommodating team to work with. Jeff was supportive from day one and helped walk me through the home buying process every step of the way. He went out of his way many times to help me look at listings, answer tons of questions and emails, and send comps for listings I was interested in. He was always honest when he thought a house wasn't a good fit and was incredibly knowledgeable about the area. He was never pushy and supported me when I decided to back out of my first accepted offer (and encouraged me when I was stressed out and second guessing things). I really felt that he had my best interests in mind. I can't say enough good things about my experience. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sun, 14 Nov 2021 12:36:03 +1000 cb73dBOD Jan Rajchel Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=a46e08044ac69f2b4266e7b9541bae27 Cathy is an amazing agent and friend. She went from being a buyer agent, to a leasing agent, to a sellers agent in a 10-year period. Anytime in between she always stayed in contact and helped with anything requested and expected nothing but a smile and a thank you. Truly a class-act! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Tue, 09 Nov 2021 18:22:55 +1000 3a9bnvLD Diane Souza Middletown RI Buyer Mike Hill https://www.realsatisfied.com/a8a2f/503dc67b2b6b941c63/img/?rand=d3df58db1be7f5db2f3e8ffce7854970 Mike was very helpful, informative and knowledgeable. Great working with him and made this experience fast and efficient. Mike took care of all inspections and paperwork. It was great working with Mike Hill. Highly recommend! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Mike-Hill-1 Tue, 02 Nov 2021 11:17:28 +1000 d7adtinD Mike Palm Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=7f4d62faa42c399c7730322b8db4304c Matt Hadfield did an excellent job in listing my home in Middletown, RI. Him and his staff were very knowledgeable, efficient, helpful, and friendly from initial meeting to the final closing. Highly recommended! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Mon, 01 Nov 2021 02:02:48 +1000 aabfyuED Charles Gardner Topsham Maine Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=7ab863a40d37f984405273fa54bcf115 Jeff Brooks sold our house in two days; so I definitely though he did a great job. He was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Thu, 28 Oct 2021 09:06:40 +1000 24197inD Rebecca Miller, Jamestown Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=d6e2d76088ea8de55acaa4bb5ad6569c A good real estate agent wears many hats: accountant, therapist, home expert, personal advisor, neighborhood pal, style guru. Gordon King was all of these things and many more. Even staring down the big waves of a large home purchase, he was keeping a steady hand on the wheel while navigating at full throttle. He brings wonderful baked goods, is a snappy dresser, knows everyone, bon vivant, and optimist. In the two and half months of a nail biting transaction he brought to the process building inspectors, recommended architects, found us a construction contractor, and advised on tennis courts, dock builders, lawn mowers, trash guys, neighbors and restaurants. If Gordon had not been our agent I can’t imagine completing this transaction. And now, as my husband and I look out to the sunset at the west passage from our back porch, I want to thank Gordon King for helping us buy the ultimate home for the two of us and our growing family of grandchildren. --Rebecca Miller, Jamestown https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Tue, 26 Oct 2021 04:01:49 +1000 b3d0bLnD Bob & Dian Maramdola Seller Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=eb8af78b28e05d2408694131b1dc186d Diane Harrison was a pleasure to deal with. She knew the market, and her research on the market proved invaluable when we priced our property. We got an offer within a day. Once the offer was accepted Diane guided us and followed through with every detail. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Sat, 23 Oct 2021 04:40:05 +1000 6b2fSFlD Patricia Stuckert Newport RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=93f086f7722d2a2e8415c88e1c13f872 Cathy is a great broker, always very helpful, easy to reach and quick to grasp my needs. She was instrumental in this purchase. I trust and really in Cathy’s opinion when dealing with any real estate investment in Rhode Island. This is not the first time she was my broker and I count with Cathy with future purchases and rental deals. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 22 Oct 2021 07:48:29 +1000 a14eYnDD Dave McCabe, Wickford Harbor Investment Partners Buyer Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=c265143ebcbd57b06222eb5c9c999b01 I would recommend Paul because of his vast knowledge of the Newport market, his trustworthiness and his excellent guidance. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Sun, 17 Oct 2021 01:26:58 +1000 725eETxD Katy Annulli, Warwick, RI Buyer Hillary Olinger https://www.realsatisfied.com/51fcf/180639204f52f8a94ad/img/?rand=33cc5a9e5f8019ae94b8ad3f921b7c58 I had a fabulous experience working with Hillary. I ask a lot of questions and she was extremely helpful in assisting me to navigate the home buying process. Hillary is super pateint, diligent, and kind. She is always very responsive when I reach out and was able to be flexible and work around my schedule. I highly recommend Hillary!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Hillary-Olinger Thu, 14 Oct 2021 04:07:23 +1000 b70bnuED Burke Rogers, Asheville, NC, and Portsmouth, RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=7841f57fa345af89702f6486cbede0d7 We are very satisfied "return customers" with Cathy Wicks. She helped very effectively with the purchase of one house eight years ago, so she was the natural choice for another round of a sale and a new purchase. We anticipate that we will turn to her again whenever we are in the market! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 08 Oct 2021 06:37:33 +1000 e683enqD Karen & Barry Sherman, former Middletown property owners. Seller Barbara O'Reilly https://www.realsatisfied.com/81a98/07ce1e198dedf0dc44d/img/?rand=0444b8bf7bbee889388a33925dc92276 Barbra O'Reilly was always in tune with our needs for this sale. She is professional and trustworthy. We put the house on the market for a month, because we had renters moving in the following week, and didn't want them disrupted by showings. Barbara did everything we needed in a small amount of time; photos, listing, open house, marketing...She was respectful to our wishes and to our renters at all times. Within days, we had multiple offers over asking price, and went under contract within a week of listing. Barbra O'Reilly is the best realtor we have ever worked with and we highly recommend her to all! Karen & Barry Sherman https://www.realsatisfied.com/Barbara-OReilly Wed, 06 Oct 2021 08:39:52 +1000 c331sAID Donna & Mark Miller, Arlington, VA Seller Barbara O'Reilly https://www.realsatisfied.com/81a98/07ce1e198dedf0dc44d/img/?rand=277241f0e868940ba4202f66d5e63345 Barbara is simply the best real estate professional you can have as a partner. She is persistent, reasonable, thoughtful, intelligent, creative, and a joy to engage with! She has assisted us with our properties over the past 20 years and has always been consistent. She is honest, straight forward, completely trustworthy, energetic, and an absolute delight to do business with. Lucky are the persons who are represented by Barbara O'Reilly in their real estate transactions. It simply does not get any better. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Barbara-OReilly Sat, 02 Oct 2021 05:31:51 +1000 b005hnqD Celeste Logothets Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=eb4c248afad88aa0348b24b7d6952171 Thank you for making this process a positive experience. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Wed, 15 Sep 2021 19:35:03 +1000 ff4bWNzD Marvin and Robin Kuznitz, Middletown, RI Seller Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=3513638001feeb08af5c40a05eda3c01 We have a long history of working with Paul Tobak and have known him since 2002. He helped us purchase and sell two homes on Aquidneck Island. Paul is a person of high integrity and has a wealth of experience in the real estate buisness. We trust him without reservation and would happily recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in the area. We feel blessed to know and work with Paul Tobak. He is a very knowledgeable broker and a friendly, courteous and wonderful person to know. Paul Tobak walked us through each step of our home sale. He was available for questions and offered excellent advice when we needed it. The sale of our home went very smoothly and without issue and that's because Paul Tobak handled it with expertise. Paul Tobak is one of a kind. He is one of the nicest and most knowledgeable brokers we've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Once again, we feel blessed that our paths crossed. He is trustworthy and he has subperb communication skills. We felt very well treated and very well taken care of by Paul Tobak. He made us feel like we were the most important and special client he was working with (even though we know he was working with many others at the same time). In addition to the wonderful experience we had with Paul Tobak at Hogan Associates, we also worked with Norann Warner. Norann was terrific as well. She was knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. We felt very comfortable working with Norann Warner and would recommend her as well without reservation. Our overall experience with Paul Tobak and Norann Warner at Hogan Association was truly excellent and exceeded our expectations. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Sun, 12 Sep 2021 07:58:17 +1000 dc26fTgD Elizabeth, Portsmouth, RI Buyer Lynn Creighton https://www.realsatisfied.com/e1575/28cd6613ffe2363f256/img/?rand=a026f83fdb8b6d8748c01e43309d3974 Lynn is particularly knowledgable about the condominium market. Her attention to detail and book of resources to get through the inspection phase was especially valuable. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Lynn-Creighton Thu, 09 Sep 2021 05:32:55 +1000 fa3aaoAD Rich & Eliza, Tiverton Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=21f6c5bcb066334f6eadaf23978fb2e6 We cannot recommend Gordon enough! We are in love with our home but if we were buying again we would use Gordon in a heartbeat. We were first time home buyers that were moving from Boston to RI so we were looking for someone that knew the market well and could guide us through the whole process. With Gordon, we got that 1,000 times over. He truly guided us and educated us throughout the whole process - from our initial phone call, through putting in offer, inspections, closing, post-closing work, and he even emailed us yesterday (two months post-close) to check in. Gordon is truly fantastic. Over the course of our home buying process he was many things: educator, guide, advisor, advocate, sounding board, and friend. He was always (truly always) available to discuss anything that was on our minds. Throughout the process, he was a fierce advocate for us and fought for what we wanted while still being respectful and professional. With Gordon's help, we secured a waterfront home at an attractive price - something we never thought we would say in this market. We could not have asked for a better realtor. Many people we spoke to told us their realtors disappeared after signing but the post-signing process is where Gordon truly shined. He helped us pick the right inspectors and advisors, was available to meet with inspectors when we couldn't make it, and helped us arrange for painters to come right after we closed (in a market where it is almost impossible to get a painter!). Our closing process went incredibly smoothly and we truly owe that to Gordon. Gordon is a wonderful realtor and person - he has a great eye and sense of the market. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful and incredibly likable. And, the icing on the cake, he has amazing connections in the Newport area and was able to recommend wonderful contractors to make our new house our own. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Tue, 24 Aug 2021 00:10:18 +1000 c7c6BiYr Ken Bouchard Bristol RI Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=ee2dc16c9eb6e1309f04de8f069ed99b Matt knows what we want before we know it. He has sold to us 4 places and sold 3 of those 4 for us. His advice on location and value have been right on even when we didn't see it initially. Matt has a great instinct for the market in RI and he tells it like it is whether you want to hear it or not. If we had followed Matt's advice from the start we would have made a lot more profit on our investments. Now we always look to Matt for advice. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Sat, 14 Aug 2021 07:59:19 +1000 3c49Ah8r Mirash Isufi Buyer Lynn Creighton https://www.realsatisfied.com/e1575/28cd6613ffe2363f256/img/?rand=fa23f374ead7df2f2479a4450bd88514 Lynn Creighton is one of the best experiences I have had purchasing property. She is professional, polite, on time for showing as well as phone/text communication. I couldn't have asked for more as a buyer. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Lynn-Creighton Sat, 14 Aug 2021 03:02:23 +1000 2b04WtSr Julie N, Middletown Seller Lynn Creighton https://www.realsatisfied.com/e1575/28cd6613ffe2363f256/img/?rand=50e22b9eb090bdc7cafc17338f7ae184 Lynn was very knowledgeable about sales in our community and very professional. She was very responsive to all of our questions and her follow-thru was excellent!! She did an outstanding job with the sale of our home. Lynn knew exactly what she was doing and was in control every step of the way. She told us exactly what to expect and the transaction unfolded exactly as she said it would. Lynn was a delight to work with every step of the way. Would recommend her highly for any type of real estate transaction. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Lynn-Creighton Fri, 13 Aug 2021 09:44:38 +1000 c0b8qmsr Shannon & Chris Ferguson Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=cfac0de7da20c89e7dbf1db67b26bb78 We would recommend Holly McLear to any buyers or sellers in the greater Newport area. We had very specific things we were looking for in a new home. Holly stayed on the local market and found the perfect house for our family. She then coordinated a very effective inspection and closing process. The whole experience was seamless and we would highly recommend Holly McLear to others! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Sun, 08 Aug 2021 00:18:33 +1000 5929eh8r Theresa Spengler, Middletown Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=17f4bcb98e2a904586939973123cd9b4 Tammy Bass was committed to ensuring everything went smoothly with the sale of my house. She was in constant communication and very professional in all aspects throughout the process. I highly recommend her!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 04 Aug 2021 07:01:49 +1000 f268ZSZr Marie B. New Jersey Buyer Kelly Powers https://www.realsatisfied.com/3d491/76518623078a328df48/img/?rand=59fc92127c9fecd4f98fdef28d657991 Best person ever! Always takes care of any situation Everything good https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kelly-Powers Sat, 31 Jul 2021 08:19:32 +1000 43adW2Cr Jodi Block, Portsmouth Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=89e30a8f2a13f13bd2c15beb834ad995 We have worked closely with Leslie before. She is probably the best broker we ever had. She is responsive, knowledgeable and firm (in a nice way when she has to be)!! She had a very difficult client and broker on the other side of our deal. We could not have done it if we did not have her! Once again, she is the best! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 29 Jul 2021 07:55:54 +1000 6e09j2Cr Mette H., Newport, RI Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=5f95425b2c3c7d5552696b84afd8c243 I can't even begin to express how happy we are that we selected Holly as our realtor to sell our Newport, RI condo. We "interviewed" three different realtors but ended up selecting Holly. In addition to liking Holly when we met her, our decision was largely driven by how impressed we were with a then-current listing of hers that I'd found on Zillow. (That may sound like an unusual selection-criterion, but - being in the apartment rental business - my husband and I firmly believe that a listing has to stand out to attract the widest possible audience.) Holly did not disappoint - the listing she created for our unit was incredibly inviting! But, as we learned along the way, Holly's attention to details did not stop at creating a terrific listing. She was extremely attentive to and knowledgeable about every step of the process, from listing to closing. In addition, she was extremely accessible and easy to communicate with. All in all, we highly recommend working with Holly! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 29 Jul 2021 06:41:48 +1000 b00a3gnr Alex Atwell, MD 453 Bellevue ave Newport RI02840 Seller Lynn Creighton https://www.realsatisfied.com/e1575/28cd6613ffe2363f256/img/?rand=4500ac45dd57ba27afdb554d11897ebd Lynn Creighton is a phenomenal broker who gets results will be an asset to any client seller or buyer period. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Lynn-Creighton Sun, 25 Jul 2021 08:02:05 +1000 7d9d5qyr Leah, Portsmouth Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=8b4098bdc80b3344ae5ec237ce2131e9 Tammy was awesome to work with and helped us find our dream home! I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone looking for a smooth home-buying experience. She and her team are experience professionals. We feel super lucky to have had her in our corner! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Fri, 23 Jul 2021 12:08:32 +1000 4c81FY1r Paulette LaParle Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=5904a17ca8d678f5266b5e585c60cabb We have worked with Cathy before and appreciate her honest approach to selling houses. We were very happy with the outcome. We love Cathy! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 23 Jul 2021 07:28:58 +1000 559eD5yr Dan McCarthy Middletown, RI Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=d5c62a310f877ba74e4debb5a8686b65 This is the second time that I've used Jeff. The first was for the purchase of 187 Aquidneck, and the second was for the sale of 187 Aquidneck. Both transaction went beautifully. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Fri, 23 Jul 2021 00:23:23 +1000 94c1jg1r Lucy and Jim Hamilton, Middletown, RI Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=9ec77c810076e8f3629f9840b34dc141 We worked with Leslie Hogan during the craziness of the spring/summer of 2021. My wife and I were looking for our first home and doing it from a distance. Working with Leslie was amazing. Not only is she an expert in her area she is also the consummate professional. She answered all of our "first-time buyer" questions and never made us feel like we were the rookies. Leslie was always willing to talk and was honest with us about different properties. She also took the time to get to know us to keep our priorities in mind while watching the market closely. Leslie was quick to do remote walk-throughs and support us through the bidding process. We highly recommend working with Leslie, and we are so thankful that she was our partner in this process. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 22 Jul 2021 00:05:49 +1000 534bPNyr John Richmond, Newport RI Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=89bc575e880247b6ee213126d0e361a5 Kevan is a very nice guy and pleasant to work with. He was very helpful to find workmen to fix and clean up the property for renting and sale. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 21 Jul 2021 22:50:48 +1000 517fNNyr Michael Tasso Newport Thanks again Paul Seller Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=0e68c0b950c9b012795c6399262e3851 Paul has been a personal friend for over forty years and is an expert in his field I would not hessiate to use Paul on all my adventures and recommend him highly to anyone. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Wed, 21 Jul 2021 20:23:21 +1000 d2c1E5yr diane rice Bella Vista, Arkansas Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=c4ef1560b5181d1479928dbdb1e1948e As I have said before, please use us for referrals. Anyone would appreciate the professionalism and ease with which you work. Thank you Jeff! Diane Rice https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Wed, 21 Jul 2021 06:43:30 +1000 92c7A0yr Juan and Alba Campos, Newport RI 02840 Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=fa8a90f2af7317606ed832e77da242e5 Great Real Estate agent and person!! always goes the extra mile to represent you well; Tammy was caring and honest about the whole process, very knowledgeable of the area and always very profesional! thank you very much for making the sale happen Highly recommend. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 13 Jul 2021 03:08:44 +1000 95ccIBHr Blair Moore, Warren Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=37def656092c203c844e0c126c54e260 Tammy was an exceptional agent for us! Over the course of 2 years she showed us countless houses, helped us put in over 5 offers until we found the one where she knew right away that it was the perfect spot for us! There is no one we have worked with before that will go to the ends of the earth like Tammy did for my family! We enjoyed every aspect of working with her. Her kindness and attitude was incredible and we cannot wait to work with her again! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 06 Jul 2021 23:47:21 +1000 66dc26Ir Dan, Newport Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=44492b1ebc7ddde09abbbd6e93236fe3 We have purchased several properties over the past few years and Caroline is the best broker we have dealt with. She was thoughtful in working with us to identify properties that did or did not meet our search criteria. Once we identified a property she was helpful in negotiations and had a clear vision from the onset about what the right price would be for the property. She helped us get the home under agreement at a price we felt comfortable with and went above and beyond to help accomodate a smooth closing process. We would definitely work with her again or recommend her to others https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Wed, 30 Jun 2021 12:59:33 +1000 b1b1HDNr Homeowner, Jamestown Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=8d01680731fdb41ba7a1332c12a6aa9d Leslie Hogan was terrific. Every home sale involves highs and lows, and she was our steady calm and trusted advocate throughout. Super professional, knowledgeable and forthright, Leslie was always available to work through our every concern, making the entire process as stress free as possible. We’ve worked with several realtors in the past and have never experienced one as interested in learning about, and prioritizing our goals as sellers. We highly recommend Leslie and Hogan Associates. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Tue, 29 Jun 2021 22:19:36 +1000 6697hIhr Christine Jennings, Edgewood Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=0e253115437e2be24a47d5a8926d24b4 Cathy was absolutely wonderful to deal with. I could not recommend her more highly to anyone looking to buy or sell in RI. She was professional, kind, funny, and really, got us a fantastic price for our place. You will be so happy if you go with Cathy. We were! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Wed, 23 Jun 2021 11:39:22 +1000 2798YlQr Chuck St.Andre, Portsmouth Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=a01cee1798e75dc3408b00b071f78400 Have you ever been involved in a transaction where you started to wonder if the people on your team really had your best interest at heart? If you choose Tom Rao to help you, that thought will never cross your mind. Tom is laser focused on doing what you want and need while providing great advice that comes from his knowledge and experience gained from working and living in the Newport area. Tom has extensive contacts and will share them with you as you progress through your deal, and that extends to the time after the deal has closed. Need help finding a home inspector, attorney, the phone numbers to call to connect your utilities, insurance, just ask Tom. He will be there when you need him, even if at the moment you haven't figured out that you need him yet. He will keep the process moving when it wants to stall. Tom even took the trouble to print out 400 pages of documents he thought I should retain for my files so that I wouldn't have to do it myself. If you want a successful transaction ask Tom Rao and Hogan Associates to help you. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Wed, 16 Jun 2021 01:06:56 +1000 910bVqRr Gaetano and Monica Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=e2e613d4b5c181620dc455ac6a905cca Smart and effective negotiation skills. Friendly during all interactions and knowledgeable of the local market. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 12 Jun 2021 10:35:19 +1000 5e10P5gr James Owen East Greenwich RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=2ba4eff83efdb4e42da5b5da788eebca Having a trustworthy agent was our primary concern. Jeff was dedicated to our wants and needs. Devon was very and helpful when needed Jeff played an integral role in our purchase in a highly competitive market. He got us right into houses for showings, structured a P&S agreement that was a deciding factor in us getting our offer accepted, and made many key suggestions to help with a smooth closing. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Wed, 09 Jun 2021 22:33:04 +1000 e913HJKr Rosemary & Brian McHugh Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=8628b037fc73645ba25738332110f0c6 We have relocated for work numerous times over the years, both internationally and cross country. Having the right realtor has always been one of the most important aspects of every move. However, in today’s Covid market with the lack of available real estate, it is crucial to be working with someone both knowledgeable and efficient, as you do not have the luxury of time to research properties to the extent warranted by these fast selling, top dollar properties. You snooze, you lose! You need a professional who knows the area and property – value and history, and if there are unknowns, has the contacts and drive to get the information quickly. Leslie Hogan is that realtor and more. She is exceptionally informed and knows the market extensively. She is a pleasure to work with – friendly, intelligent, and sincere-- the type of person you’d love to have as a neighbor. You are not taking any chances with Leslie, you are getting the best! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Fri, 04 Jun 2021 01:11:57 +1000 a3baF7Br Rachel, Newport Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=8ab1bcc4a5ea480f0d5ba6e6b6fbcf0d Very efficient with closing and readily available to answer questions. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Tue, 01 Jun 2021 10:54:19 +1000 ce2ax2pr Leigh Ann Middletown Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=3d742209f205284fe320fb1d215651bc I would highly recommend Kevan Campbell when purchasing a home. He was extremely helpful, friendly, knowledgable, and considerate. He took into consideration all of my asks and requirements and was extremely helpful in navigating the entire process. He is a kind person and his friendliness and genuine nature made him a pleasure to work with. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Mon, 31 May 2021 23:48:22 +1000 5aafWBax Joseph and Pat Montano, South Kingstown Buyer Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=72f372016e2d98ad03277f1146dc2c4b If it weren't for Diane Harrison, I am certain we would never have found the beautiful house we can now call home. Diane was the consummate professional, friendly, trustworthy, reliable and dependable. She gave us counsel when we needed it. Was knowledgeable about current trends in realty and the neighborhood. Never pressured us to buy something she knew was not what we wanted. The process was frustrating through these unusual times as homes came and went within days and sometimes hours. We were from out of state and Diane would even visit houses for us when we were unable to see the property because of distance. We felt such confidence in her work that we never doubted she had our best interests at heart. She is a dedicated professional, a top realtor, and a wonderful person. Thank you Diane! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Thu, 27 May 2021 08:50:28 +1000 38ee2sTx Ryder Rinaldi, Newport Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=5b0c38f018f5cc86bd221d0e1e069eae Cathy did an awesome job throughout the whole process. She made seeing houses a breeze - whenever we saw something online that we liked, she setup an appointment to see the houses really quickly and all we had to do was show up. She knew the area really well and gave her honest opinion on a lot of the properties - which helped us determine if we thought a house was over or under valued. Whenever we put in an offer on a house, we never felt pressured to offer anything we weren't comfortable with. Due to the hectic market, it was nice to not feel pressured to go way over asking or waive inspections/appraisals just to get a house. Everything with the negotiation process worked out nicely as we got the house for a great price and did not have to negotiate past our initial offer. Along with that, the seller wanted to expedite the closing process and Cathy handled everything she needed to quickly which allowed for the process to go smoothly. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 21 May 2021 05:47:18 +1000 14a4oFix Donald McHenry, Mattapoisett Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=4ecc39cf2f667943564b839f9f05f58f Our home purchase involved a very lengthy and challenging "new build", and Jeff had our backs every step along the way. He was instrumental in helping us reach a successful outcome, which was absolutely not guaranteed. We would definitely work with Jeff again and recommend Jeff to our friends and families. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Fri, 21 May 2021 05:30:55 +1000 02883sPx Angel and Sarah, Middletown, RI Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=5b2a699725a88e178c52e756cdb37f75 Tammy is a dream to work with! She made both the buying and selling processes extremely easy and stress free. From decided either to rent or sell, to ensuring closing went off without a hitch, Tammy was with us every step of the way with clear and consistent communication. Not to mention, she is the one of the friendliest people and just a pleasure to work with! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Fri, 14 May 2021 08:30:36 +1000 912cGZcx Kevin R. Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=b2500630093da3c5ae591b65cecb6790 Gordon has always done a great job for us. He has a great approach and always offers excellent advice. He has a very patient demeanor, cares about our needs, and guided us through the process seamlessly. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Tue, 11 May 2021 00:28:06 +1000 9bf8KQdx Jim Bozadjian, Storrs, CT Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=b1c7742733ed0df762ec706c768d1b16 Kevan is excellent, he knew what we were looking for and found it for us, more then once. KEVAN NEVER PRESSURED US BUT ALWAYS KEPT US IN MIND AND KEPT US UP TO DATE ON ALL RELEVANT LISTINGS, HE DOESNT GIVE UP LOOKING. KEVAN KNOWS EVERYTHING NEWPORT AND CAN HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING YOU NEED, BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER YOUR PURCHASE. WE WERE LUCKY TO HAVE HIM AS OUR AGENT AND STILL UTILIZE HIS KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE AS OWNERS TODAY. Kevan is there for us 7 days a week and has the answer or will get the answer you need Kevan takes care of it all and made us super comfortable and at ease with the process https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Sat, 08 May 2021 21:18:53 +1000 9776qTOx Mike and Madge Thombs, Portsmouth Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=5a146e522d97928661ece280fc69b457 Over the years we have sold five homes and this sale was the easiest and least stressful. Gordon is a true professional and helped us every step of the way. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Sat, 08 May 2021 02:28:26 +1000 33fcGY8x Tish Saburn, Basking Ridge Buyer Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=122c743859f8ffe0809487e92c314175 Diane was very attentive and quick to respond to all my questions and concerns Diane made it look easy! She was great to work with from start to finish! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Thu, 06 May 2021 04:34:46 +1000 f2dfUZcx Tom Kish, East Greenwich Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=638060a5e460805949dbcc236f653cab Jeff is outstanding. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Thu, 06 May 2021 04:31:35 +1000 3cf2rQCx Jay Adler Bristol Buyer Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=ac5198c28fb837a0662ae82b79434eba Paul sold our condo in Newport and did a great job. So we decided to use Paul again. Has great knowledge of the market and we value his options on what real values are. With a line of buyers and agents waiting to view this home while we were inside, Paul had a plan to get it for us. Paul had our interests in mind and helped us get thru this difficult process. Could not have been better We had started looking last fall and could not find what we wanted. Then we started looking again earlier this year and Paul helped us find a place that checked off all our requirements. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Thu, 29 Apr 2021 22:43:51 +1000 a79eYQCx Jodi Schubert ~ North Kingstown Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=d8db1dca29e22a0f1e3996699d1ecf74 Holly McLear made every effort to find my home in a fairly quick turnaround period due to my move date to Rhode Island. She worked day and night, weekday and weekends evaluating homes on the marketplace in my price range and traveling about to allow me to virtually tour homes. I had faith in her from the start to be my eyes and ears since I was unable to visit the homes in person.. She went ABOVE and BEYOND to find the perfect home for us and I am forever grateful for her wisdom, kindness, intellect on the housing market!! Additionally, I was having issues with getting credible answers on my VA loan from my first loan officer and she assisted with getting the correct answers and provided guidance on where to turn to find out what I needed. Without the correct information, and her guidance, there would have been several issues with my mortgage. Thankfully everything worked out more than perfectly and I love my new home!! Thank you so much Holly!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Fri, 23 Apr 2021 11:31:45 +1000 cd22W0yx T Fisher, Portsmouth RI Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=558478e6b1910c6a25e55f7681752834 I have worked with Kevan Campbell for years as both a property manager and a realtor and I couldn't imagine anybody better. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Fri, 23 Apr 2021 08:08:25 +1000 185eiV4x Michael, Portsmouth, RI Seller Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=d4d0e0f54eb7fb337049d76ff2d0b68d Emily handled the sale of my mother's home after my mother passed away. Her calm professionalism and personable nature made a very emotionally difficult time much easier to get through. Furthermore, her market knowledge netted us a sales price that I and my family were very happy with. Her quality of service is excellent and I will certainly hire her again. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Thu, 22 Apr 2021 23:39:30 +1000 21dbmmPx Richard S. New York Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=10a0c9d50219c7e6b017b30cabcdfa65 I was very fortunate to having been introduced to Gordon King. He is both extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was a pleasure to work with. He would make an excellent role model for other brokers / sales associates. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Wed, 21 Apr 2021 03:32:13 +1000 52f4Eryx Tony Beaster & Jessica Woody, Jamestown Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=b9e1cb9c2ef1b2c6c818230b3e2a8c99 I have moved over 15 times in my Navy career and have bought and sold 7 houses in that timeframe. Tammy had made this move the best by far, she was attentive and dedicated to helping us. She truly made us so comfortable with the entire process, and truly had our best interest at heart. She is an amazing realtor and even better person. I strongly recommend that anyone buying or selling a house should hire Tammy Bass as their realtor. We will utilize her services again!!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 20 Apr 2021 09:30:19 +1000 058bdIyx Alex & Steve Ilteris, East Greenwich Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=18c8d93a45fd61a6898c26418080e054 Wonderful, positive experience with Tammy! We were purchasing from the West coast and couldn’t view houses in person, Tammy patiently FaceTimed the homes with us as well as taking video walk throughs we could watch later. She was extremely knowledgeable about the area as well as personal recommendations for inspectors, lenders, that led to a wonderful, positive experience! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 20 Apr 2021 06:57:21 +1000 7dd3iQyx Kathy McNamara Smithfield, RI Seller Lynn Creighton https://www.realsatisfied.com/e1575/28cd6613ffe2363f256/img/?rand=a172715db7425d6215b31cbe28790dbb Ryan H. recommended Lynn & others. I went w/Lynn. She hung in w/ me during the last minute disappointing cancellation of the first buyer & all thru the year of Covid. She gave me hope & encouragement. Time shares are not an easy sell!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Lynn-Creighton Wed, 14 Apr 2021 03:22:57 +1000 b7eafmPx Lizz Pawlson, Portsmouth Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=3731a659dc796955719cbf6ac61fffa5 Tammy was fantastic at every turn, negotiating on our behalf, communicating proactively and connecting us to resources (mortgage, legal) as needed. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 06 Apr 2021 03:22:05 +1000 271fgexx Zambrano’s Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=37f8de0b61a635928864083958dda9c9 We have been working with Cathy Wicks for over 10 years. She is dedicated, knowledgeable and knows the local market. she has always had our best interest in mind and works very hard to make our dreams come true. We will definitely be reusing her in the future. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sat, 03 Apr 2021 03:59:29 +1000 5f84IrVx Sandra Hosier, Warwick Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=1b419802bf0427423f540dac1b4cc7df As mentioned previously, Tammy will go above and beyond to make sure your property purchase is what you want. She is who you should work with. No one can compare! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Sun, 28 Mar 2021 01:46:59 +1000 ecd2hK0x Monie S, Newport, RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=2fcd98c631efad3be6953372797c0bca Jeff Brooks made buying a home easy. He did not pressure us, in fact he was very cautious and was always concerned with protecting us financially. As we are new to the area, he also provided many local contacts for us. He was extremely responsive to any questions or concerns we had. On top of it all, Jeff is a really nice person and it was a pleasure to do business with him! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 27 Mar 2021 08:20:13 +1000 7a1f1Lqx E.L. Cummings, Bristol, RI Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=255274293ac43361d190b91dc161fef3 Jeff was professional and personable. He is a great communicator and readily shared information about appointments and feedback from the showings. He was always available to talk and was committed to doing everything possible to move the sales process along. We felt confident that he could negotiate our sale and close the deal. In short, we had a great experience. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Tue, 23 Mar 2021 05:40:19 +1000 b9a1nLqx Catherine C, Jamestown RI Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=1c729d14f377a365f4072285f6599311 Tammy Bass provides best is class real estate services. Her ability to navigate the local market and her undeniable reputation for excellence, made buying our new home in Jamestown a breeze. Thank you, Tammy! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Fri, 12 Mar 2021 04:08:28 +1000 952bcXYx Karen Pucciarelli, Melbourne, Florids Seller Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=98448132e11e0cd4009cb2db38affd7b please consider the above comments as my testimonial https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Mon, 01 Mar 2021 22:41:47 +1000 2b56vEBx Paul Tobak, Newport Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=a5442b715813e8c854a487b31a2789cf Kevin is a diligent, hard working Realtor with a solid understanding of the local market. He offered sage advice, handled multiple offers with ease, proved to be a strong negotiator and communicated regularly throughout the process. It was a seamless and fast transaction. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Thu, 25 Feb 2021 01:23:14 +1000 bc33c1Fx Catie Griffith - Portsmouth, RI Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=f07d9b3222a4bd890b221dd4350d4142 Tammy Bass was wonderful to work with! We trusted that she had our best interest in mind as she looked at properties for us. She was easy to communicate with and has an eye for detail! We selected to work with Tammy because we valued her knowledge and experience with buying from afar, as well as her understanding of the VA loan, local market, and our lifestyle. We trusted Tammy throughout the entire process of purchasing our home because she is straightforward, honest, and easy to communicate with. She kept us well informed and advocated for us whenever needed. We are incredibly grateful for the work Tammy put in to helping ensure we found a home we loved. We had a great first buying experience because of Tammy and highly recommend her! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 24 Feb 2021 02:53:49 +1000 5e28hyFx Adam N., Portsmouth RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=04478754c9062f80b12ba3348bd20a6f Jeff was great! Can't say enough good things about him- I would definitely recommend him and the Hogan Associates team to anyone looking to buy in the Newport area. It was a tough market for a buyer, but I couldn't have asked for a better advocate through the homebuying process. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 20 Feb 2021 01:16:00 +1000 89a8lOAx Barbara Fiszel Newport Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=826635eb3e96d96fbce1a8e8b1a610f2 Holly did such an excellent job, was very easy to work with and so well informed regarding antique houses. I would highly recommend her services anytime. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Sat, 06 Feb 2021 04:15:43 +1000 a735n9uv Bob Marandola Buyer Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=8c04c3b30e3626c4e1ce72b9cd3cbb07 Diane Harrison followed up on all the issues, has a good knowledge of the market and was a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Sat, 06 Feb 2021 01:14:12 +1000 01daZ9uv Sharon Newport, RI Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=48b1ec9750a29960aab47a00ec7dbe91 Tammy Bass has now handled 3 real estate transactions for me, and is currently working on another. Her patience, prompt communication, and ability to solve issues that arise, in a calm and determined manner, are just some qualities that make her a kick-ass realtor! I would never know she is simultaneously and successfully working for other clients, as she makes it appear as she is my own personal concierge agent! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Fri, 05 Feb 2021 05:28:49 +1000 3660w9uv Jill W., Florida Buyer Hillary Olinger https://www.realsatisfied.com/51fcf/180639204f52f8a94ad/img/?rand=c33c3f8b6cd7250f2d09e8da20f30fd0 I live in Florida and Hillary was recommended to me by a trusted broker/friend here. From the very beginning, Hillary was attentive, understanding, patient, efficient and very communicative, all of which were important to me. She and a colleague Janie Aracil, were very helpful to us in getting just the right house. I would strongly recommend her/them to anyone looking for a property. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Hillary-Olinger Fri, 05 Feb 2021 05:22:19 +1000 4821C9uv Sarah Chappell, Jamestown, RI Buyer Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=60f1e1798d5dde6edf070ee8578735cb Emily Chappell was a pleasure to work with! She was a true professional and made sure she knew what we were looking for in our search. She listened to our wants and needs and showed us houses that fell within our outlined requirements and budget. House hunting in the past has been somewhat draining and stressful, but working with Emily made everything so much more enjoyable and exciting. She was great at setting up showings that fit our schedule and made us feel super safe and comfortable during Covid-19. Emily was always accessible and answered any and all questions that we had whether we reached out on weekdays or the weekends. I am so glad that we worked with Emily because she worked very hard to ensure we found a house that we really loved. The entire process from start to finish was seamless and Emily answered all of our questions with accuracy and in a timely manner. Emily knows the Rhode Island area and was a true professional. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of Real Estate services! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Mon, 01 Feb 2021 07:58:15 +1000 7b0dj1Ov Peggy Gilmore Newport RI Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=c7d738776476367eda5f49afdabed7ec I recommend Matt Hadfield for buying or selling a home. He is very thorough, detailed. It was a very long distance purchase but both Matt and Michelle made it happen with zero issues. Matt is very available and accommodating. He knew what I was looking for and informed me immediately when a property became available . https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Thu, 14 Jan 2021 05:43:16 +1000 3c0dJ1Ov D. McFaralnd -Rhode Island Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=b7568aba6dbf296515c00c88d9b70f05 There were some challenges none of which were Leslie's fault but she guided me through each one. Her patience and knowledge of the industry is simply outstanding! Can't say enough about my positive experience with her! Leslie knows her trade well and that was so valuable during my entire experience! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Tue, 22 Dec 2020 09:39:15 +1000 f251kFHv Tierney Grace Jamestown, RI Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=d8a25dcb8d69a07afe1c4f680b2da67e Gordon was so helpful through the process of buying my new home. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and timely through the entire process. He also recommended great individuals in the industry to assist with other pieces of the purchase. Highly recommend Gordon- will definitely work with Gordon again if the situation arises. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Mon, 21 Dec 2020 01:45:02 +1000 95a3tZJv Katherine Younger, Newport Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=ddaff72797816c4f3db724db077df0d0 Leslie kept us informed every step of the sales process and had a great upbeat attitude. She was very helpful and good with all the details. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Sat, 12 Dec 2020 02:22:49 +1000 e04bIx0v Campbell Family, Newton MA Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=638cd8f95d764a947535af01a6507a3a To whom it may concern, We recently purchased a property in Middletown that was a complex transaction for several factors. We had the good fortune of having Michele Mullowney as our broker. Michele handled the entire process flawlessly from start to finish during the Covid-19 pandemic which was no easy task. Michele has a great local knowledge of that market and is a tireless worker. She was very easy to reach and communicate with. I would recommend Michele to anyone looking for a home in the Newport/Middletown market. Regards, Paul Campbell. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Tue, 01 Dec 2020 04:50:05 +1000 61a5U0ov Beth and Peter McKeon Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=fbc44c6f9b910b71e3cf0917c0ab4dd1 We chose Michele Mullowney to represent us in looking for a summer home in Newport. Of course, we had many choices in realtors and chose Michele for her expertise, knowledge of "everything Newport' and her strong work ethic. In addition, she is wonderful person that cares about the buyer as much as the seller. She has the ability to be firm and also very fair in her negotiations with all parties. We would highly recommend Michele to anyone looking for a home in Newport. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Mon, 30 Nov 2020 08:28:20 +1000 39ceRu2v Todd; Newport Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=826f07d6fb49ff8da85943e73fdfc906 Jeff has an outstanding of all facets of investing on Aquidneck Island. His knowledge of rental demand, locations, and appropriate pricing gave me complete confidence in making an offer, and his negotiation skill helped me realize maximum value in the purchase. This is my second transaction with Jeff and I have no doubt there will be many more. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Fri, 27 Nov 2020 02:28:32 +1000 98d5gGov Alanna, Newport Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=e1b84cdafde3eb24020431efdaddf6dc I can't speak highly enough of my experience working with Cathy Wicks! Cathy made the process of purchasing a home very easy and smooth from beginning to end. Her knowledge of the local market is impressive and was extremely valuable during my search and throughout negotiations. She took the time to understand my wants and needs and was quick to respond to all communications. Cathy is a true pro, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable agent! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 26 Nov 2020 09:44:34 +1000 3d4930ov Tyler Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=3471c1bfb6834456bca0e9fea5eab3e4 We had a great experience working with Tammy Bass with the purchase of our new home. She did a great job helping us buy a house across the country all while dealing with the various issues caused by COVID. Great realtor! Highly recommended! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 18 Nov 2020 06:40:07 +1000 4695jfKv Robin Hoyle, Newport RI Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=30345b38937035432fbe727ba0490ef7 Caroline has represented me in two transactions and both times she was a WOW! If you want a professional, personable, kind and thoughtful person to represent your family and you as you either buy or sell a home, call Caroline! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Tue, 17 Nov 2020 07:15:49 +1000 b29cdX9v Richard Newport RI Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=357f1be3baa959b136342b09ba4844fe Leslie is the consummate professional. A joy to work with and a pleasure to be around. No better choice. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Sat, 14 Nov 2020 23:20:04 +1000 a44fMXAv Pam & Steve Parker, Newport, RI Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=c6a5f27fa65c015431d54e4fc8787c04 Tom was referred by a good friend of ours and I like the fact that he lives in Newport and knows the local market. Tom was great! He was very good about communicating key information throughout the process, especially since the listing agent wasn't very involved in the transaction. He even met the HVAC guys at the condo for us since we live out of state. We would definitely use Tom's services again and are looking forward to having him as our new neighbor! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Sat, 14 Nov 2020 05:35:42 +1000 359dISBv Middletown RI Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=a4866aa693cbe2e228148571f5d2ff46 Tammy was the absolute best! She was there when I needed her and helped me sell my house after being on the market for only one day! I would definitely recommend using her to buy or sell your home as she also helped us purchase our new home all without a single problem. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Sat, 14 Nov 2020 01:39:43 +1000 e1b0hiAv Allison Harker, North Carolina Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=8dcaaf211d0d8b3386cc501f4d7e5ffb I really appreciated that Jeff explained everything in detail, answered all of my questions patiently, and fought for us to get the best deal. I am going to recommend Jeff to all of my friends in the area. He is a great guy who is good at what he does. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Fri, 06 Nov 2020 14:03:07 +1000 73022iAv Rita Carbone Portsmouth RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=a67c0900b4cda2f0a0da7f72e89db378 Cathy is extremely knowledgeable about what is needed when buying and selling homes. We have used her for both many times now. She is always available for questions and showings. We will definitely refer her to others in the future. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Mon, 02 Nov 2020 04:25:35 +1000 018cNwiV Jack from Portsmouth Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=861de2cf3e8a0b621eb0ad76a21d8bda I used Cathy to both sell my Newport property and purchase a new property on Aquidneck Island. Cathy is always attentive and responsive. Her professionalism, knowledge of the market and ability to provide timely advice about local contractors and services proved to be invaluable. In this highly competitive market it’s important to have someone on your side that is as knowledgeable as Cathy. She was wonderful. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 30 Oct 2020 10:28:49 +1000 14b9zB7V Katie Dyer, Newport Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=3dd1bf0cf3f15c2c69954dc562c5ee97 We recently sold our house and toyed with the idea of “for sale by owner.” Were we glad we changed our minds! After a thorough review of local realtors, we selected Leslie Hogan, one of the co-owners of Hogan Associates. We couldn’t have made a better choice. Leslie was the ideal person to shepherd us through the arduous home sale process. I can honestly say that the house sale process proved to be one of our most challenging undertakings to date. Leslie was the ideal partner every step of the way. Her vast experience, calm demeanor, intricate knowledge, and ethical behavior provided what we needed to keep things in perspective during all phases of this demanding activity. Leslie worked with us throughout the process. At every decision point, options were discussed before a decision was finalized. Her breadth of experience, accompanied by her calm, relaxed manner, were especially crucial and comforting at these junctures. She was never pushy, and decisions were always mutually acceptable and a collaborative effort. Shortly before closing, we encountered a potentially problematic situation. After discussing several options, the situation was resolved after we agreed on a mutually acceptable, ethical solution that Leslie presented to the buyer in her calm, elegant manner. Leslie’s skill at handling difficult situations was evident throughout the sales process and it was always accompanied by her unflappable, pleasant demeanor. We could not have wished for a better, more likeable person to be by our side during this process. We are certain that anyone who hires her to guide them through the house sale process will have a positive experience with a truly delightful, ethical realtor. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Wed, 28 Oct 2020 03:52:41 +1000 dac8D6iV Laura Morrissette - For the Hattub Family, 8 Tyler Street, Newport RI Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=8b17a109ed5f8eaabf4a238653fcbb5c Know that there are many families that we grew up with that were born and raised in Newport before it became a national tourist attraction. It was a much different place years ago with being very family oriented and just plain simple yet safe living. Only we have those great long time memories, so when selling a home for a true "Newporter" you must have understanding that it is not just about the sale. Matt and Michele at Hogan Associates did a great job! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Wed, 28 Oct 2020 01:28:24 +1000 3a4fkniV Kate Fay, Portsmouth RI Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=1ea71649c4787e21a63e52106eef4d43 We have used Tammy previously and would highly recommend her to anyone due to her knowledge of the area, the ease of the process that she provides and her negotiating skills. She listened to our needs and wants and was readily available to answer any questions or concerns. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 27 Oct 2020 07:50:30 +1000 fe52VwiV Michael Gaughan- Middletown RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=04a7d35c73ce41ba640105cf1fa0f457 Hi, I would like to say what a wonderful experience we had dealing with Jeff Brooks. He took us through a very difficult process of buying a house while we lived in another state. He always made time for us during the weekends that we were able to visit and search for houses. Jeff did a wonderful job navigating a nonconventional sale through a bank owned property. He also has put me in touch with local repairmen and contractors that he, himself uses. I would recommend him highly!! Mike Gaughan https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 23:49:47 +1000 de423T8V Mary D’Alton Massachusetts Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=c69e8082a3af5954cbc95b1c126e97c0 Matt Hadfield is the absolute best broker I have ever worked with He understood my wishes and was available to me nights and weekends He did not waste my time and kept me informed I totally trust his knowledge and competency in real estate and Is the person I would refer anyone to considering a place in The Newport area I hope Matt becomes a long term friend as we spend time in Newport I cannot give him a higher recommendation and I would refer Matt with that recommendation He is a true professional and my husband and I am very grateful To him for finding us a place we had hoped for . https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Sat, 24 Oct 2020 23:29:12 +1000 ff77ra8V Patricia and David Melrose, Newport Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=89153a0291a823afdc092c35533582e3 Caroline was instrumental in our successful purchase of a property In Newport during a very active market. Her in depth local knowledge helped us to negotiate the purchase price and sign a contract in record time. She was invaluable in helping us navigate the inspection and followed up on all subsequent issues. Her professionalism throughout the process was outstanding. Caroline's dedication, persistence and innovative ideas set her apart from the competition. We cannot recommend Caroline Richards highly enough if you are considering buying or selling a property in the area. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Fri, 23 Oct 2020 06:31:34 +1000 4694sT8V Melody Ruvolo, Tiverton Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=607c0b0e8dc506b9b53b6f6a86b26a5f Tammy truly did an amazing job helping my husband and I find the perfect home for our family. She went above and beyond throughout the whole process. Tammy was always available for any questions we had. We felt this process was easy because of all her hard work she did for us. We cannot thank her enough for helping us become first time home owners. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Sat, 17 Oct 2020 07:27:25 +1000 db33oa8V E. Patricia Ludwig Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=44cf674bb069ae3e335a25e1329eae60 Leslie Hogan’s approach in handling this property was key. She immediately understood the history of the property and what it meant to us. Leslie asked a lot of questions and then set a plan with an aggressive timeline. There were many years of accumulated items to be packed up and moved to get ready for showings. We met the challenge and the house looked great. Leslie’s personality put us at ease yet she kept us on task. Her real estate knowledge and professionalism are outstanding. We are so pleased and grateful to Leslie for handling the sale of our home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 08 Oct 2020 03:21:45 +1000 dd1b46wV Jennifer, Portsmouth, RI Buyer Chris Davis https://www.realsatisfied.com/5c600/a79f14ee43df1c3033/img/?rand=5cd4ba17e7a760a1ffd0c824a2a2e0d9 As buyers, we were very specific about exactly what we wanted from our next home and it took us a while to find the perfect spot. Chris was really patient, listened attentively to what we liked and didn't like with each property and ultimately found us a home that hit every single item on our list! Throughout the buying process, Chris gave us great support and guidance. Overall, we had a fantastic experience and would recommend Chris to anyone looking to buy a home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Chris-Davis-2 Thu, 08 Oct 2020 03:03:00 +1000 1be4NIOV Jennifer, Newport, Rhode Island Seller Chris Davis https://www.realsatisfied.com/5c600/a79f14ee43df1c3033/img/?rand=bf54a2ae7076935fc2369c85b7d58f6a Chris has proven success selling houses in my price range and it showed through his preparation in listing my house. It was also really important to me that he demonstrated a great understanding of the unique challenge of attempting to sell a house during a pandemic while keeping my family safe. Chris did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell a house! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Chris-Davis-2 Thu, 08 Oct 2020 01:28:47 +1000 55050IOV John Kelly, Jamestown Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=b8a7df1ce23ffec4b57e57efb23ac3f4 Jeff Brooks cleared up several issues that would have made me walk away from the sale. My son used Jeff Brooks and was completely satisfied with him. He said Jeff was very responsive.and very knowledgeable. I chose to work with Jeff Brooks based on his experience. Jeff Brooks was a pleasure to work with and was very helpful with contacts for financing, insurance and construction. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Wed, 07 Oct 2020 07:53:12 +1000 0128h6wV Janae L - Portsmouth, RI Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=aede0c557d6d995776c6bb956cddcb5f Tammy was awesome. Trying to purchase a home, during a pandemic, and from over 700 miles away was stressful. Tammy went about helping me as if she was looking for a home for herself and her own family and that made what started out as a stressful process a lot less stressful and more enjoyable. I was able to find the perfect home and day by day I fall more in love with it. My smooth transition was made possible because Tammy is so absolutely amazing at her job. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 07 Oct 2020 06:55:08 +1000 281clLwV Len & Jennifer Kulicki Buyer Hillary Olinger https://www.realsatisfied.com/51fcf/180639204f52f8a94ad/img/?rand=ce1b66282e8637a12a8411a011861748 Hillary was truly exceptional. We have gone thru this process before several times and were, quite frankly, dreading it. Our experience with her was by far the most smoothest, most pleasant we have ever had. Extremely pleasant and always available, Hillary kept us up to date on everything from inspections, to mortgage questions to helping us negotiate. Not only that, she noticed items that had been agreed to that had not yet been resolved or were unacceptable the day before the closing and pushed to have them corrected. There were other things as well that were truly above and beyond what we as buyers might have expected. Very professional, attentive to detail and a strong advocate for her clients as well. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Hillary-Olinger Wed, 07 Oct 2020 06:26:53 +1000 066f76wV Ruth and Dan, Portsmouth, RI Buyer Nancy Sevich https://www.realsatisfied.com/45820/3c1ec61e08e0bd5a3ba/img/?rand=d90a382e9c62d105772a3475bba3c2e4 Nancy was the perfect fit for us. She was thoughtful with our needs and wants, very responsive and professional. She was also great at following up and explaining and talking things through with us. She helped us to find our dream house! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Nancy-Sevich Wed, 07 Oct 2020 06:25:11 +1000 cddei4wV Jon Cohen, Newport, RI Seller Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=09aa9ecb9fd7fbda69c8711bc424dc25 Paul Tobak recently helped my family sell a unit at Bonniecrest. Paul was knowledgeable, helpful, and had a "whatever it takes" attitude which is just what a seller hopes for out of their agent. I would encourage anyone looking for an experienced and knowledgeable agent to reach out to Paul. He is a gem. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Wed, 07 Oct 2020 02:55:36 +1000 5e46q6wV Robyn Rogue Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=b6130b12f7e40465898067dce2b2a6d3 Gordon was open and available for all inquiries. Professional and knowledgeable. We were very satisfied! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Wed, 07 Oct 2020 02:38:59 +1000 1af7FFfV Michelle Deasy, Tiverton Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=7b5db5aaec5962ed31e0355f5dbd4471 This was the first home my husband and I were buying and I thought of no one better than Holly to help. She is very knowledgeable of the areas we were looking to buy which was a plus since we are both not originally from Rhode Island. She was very professional and extremely patient with us. Thank you Holly for doing an amazing job we love our new home x https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Tue, 06 Oct 2020 09:56:11 +1000 872dO6wV Crystal and David Gould- Massachusetts Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=f61781502b940bcbea4273ccbd05580a Tammy Bass is an outstanding real estate broker. With COVID, traditional sales strategies were not applicable and Tammy was very aware of the rapid-fire change in the real estate market as result of the pandemic. She has superior communication skills and a fantastic knowledge of the marketplace. She gave expert advice on when to list as well as the listing price. She answered all questions quickly and was prepared with honest feedback each step of the way! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 30 Sep 2020 22:23:47 +1000 e625LLwV Madison, RI Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=a686ffb6350c030f6ba580ddc7e72c11 My family and I received orders to transfer to Rhode Island and Tammy was recommended by several people. We were in Japan for the entire process and Tammy made it so easy. She communicated with us every step of the way and made sure we were always kept in the loop. To stay she was patient and kind is an understatement. She was amazing! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Wed, 30 Sep 2020 08:01:23 +1000 9b93l6wV Cindy Aubin Seller Colleen Weaver https://www.realsatisfied.com/69b8f/f3a859199cc5feee5e2/img/?rand=755c4b77776221ef4d6781be6bc7b840 A Absolutely wonderful person friendly and very professional offered help with all aspects of selling are home https://www.realsatisfied.com/Colleen-Weaver Wed, 30 Sep 2020 06:05:46 +1000 9650WLwV Thomas DiPrete Newport, RI Seller Hillary Olinger https://www.realsatisfied.com/51fcf/180639204f52f8a94ad/img/?rand=afe9370ca3256590aada9ab624465e55 Hill showed off her interior design degree while exceeding expectations as to her participation in finish and color selections, and staging this 1 of a kind new construction ocean front home. More importantly, she blew it away regarding marketing and generating showings despite it being the height of the COVID 19 challenges. As to any Seller requests, Hillary consistently proved herself to be a "can do" team member, whose follow through is second to none. Bottom line, not only did Hillary "show me the money!" she made a seller's life easier in the process. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Hillary-Olinger Wed, 30 Sep 2020 06:05:36 +1000 f7b7W4wV Dr. Jami M. Carroll, Portsmouth, RI Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=e010aba4729b0e96e2b43ec126267efc Holly is great! She knows the region, people in the area, and properties. I explicitly trust Holly handling my property requirements. She’s the model for real estate agents. My fiancée instantly saw what I saw in her as well! I’ve bought and sold 25-30 houses for personal use and rentals. I know an excellent agent when I see one and Holly is one! This was a very challenging closing: in COVID, with a difficult loan officer team and difficult underwriter over a 90-day period. Holly held the line and advised me throughout the process. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Wed, 30 Sep 2020 06:02:10 +1000 52c526wV Carsen, Jamestown Buyer Barbara O'Reilly https://www.realsatisfied.com/81a98/07ce1e198dedf0dc44d/img/?rand=948f5a32bc2078e62c0e7cb097482acb Barbara went above and beyond. As first time home buyers we had many questions and a tight timeline for seeing potential homes. She was extremely knowledgeable, flexible, detail oriented and helpful throughout our buying process. I would definitely recommend working with her! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Barbara-OReilly Wed, 30 Sep 2020 05:51:07 +1000 ae90E6wV Anonymous Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=82aa5608bbb1fcb291e555e04a184b48 Caroline is extremely professional and personal. She spent time to learn what Jane and I were looking for and was willing to spend time with us finding the best fit. We have purchased numerous properties for our own use and for investment purposes and we rate Caroline extremely high on our list of brokers. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Fri, 18 Sep 2020 22:07:28 +1000 ebf4CaVV Mary Beth, Portsmouth RI Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=d8e9a85223505eb2aeb27b780604adfb I enjoyed working with Leslie, who was upbeat, efficient, sweated the details, followed up on outstanding paperwork, touched base efficiently with our attorney, and generally made the sale of the property smooth. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Sat, 15 Aug 2020 06:19:57 +1000 2ea1CkuJ Jay and Anna Zambrano. Portsmouth Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=cfb633064204b12c586f65b9dfe39cf2 Cathy Is very knowledgeable, courteous, polite and very easy to deal with. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 14 Aug 2020 04:46:23 +1000 d960FguJ Allison, Bristol RI Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=bb53a9697807b63a1ec5054a55c698cc Tammy went above and beyond in helping us purchase a home. From being flexible when I was in the area to look to being equally if not more detail oriented in finding the right fit for us. When we decided on a new build and the pandemic struck she went above and beyond making us feel comfortable with purchasing a new build from afar. Tammy exceeded our expectations in all regards in helping us with choosing a home and through the new build process. She made us feel comfortable with not being able to visit the progress of the home (due to the pandemic and a military move) and was able to go by the home and take pictures for us. It made us feel so comfortable and at ease over first-time home buying fears. She is incredibly approachable, kind and honest. As I have said before, Tammy went above and beyond in helping us purchase our first home. If I knew of an award to nominate her for I would! She is an incredible real estate agent who honestly felt like family by the end of it with her kindness and caring during buying a new build during a pandemic. Her experience as a former military spouse as well as her past experience working for a builder made her the perfect fit for us. She is so knowledgeable about Newport and the surrounding area (we bought off the island) and really got to know us and helped find the right fit for us. She made the whole process run as smooth as possible and was so helpful, honest and thorough. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Sat, 08 Aug 2020 11:14:11 +1000 dde9qguJ Lisa M. - Newport Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=c6a4b95a0b604e6078f8a9fc5dbf41e9 We purchased a property 2 years ago and Kevan was awesome and continued to be a resource for us since then. We didn’t hesitate to contact him again for our purchase this summer and would always go to him for any real estate needs in the future. He is the best!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Sat, 08 Aug 2020 10:54:58 +1000 2931ShuJ Alix Holling Portsmouth, RI Seller Hillary Olinger https://www.realsatisfied.com/51fcf/180639204f52f8a94ad/img/?rand=e25e3b5b4ddf6ea6c42ff4fe60eb9e42 It was incredibly important for us to love our realtor as we knew how much contact we would have with her. The level of trust, reliability, professionalism and honesty was of utmost importance when choosing to work with Hillary. She ticked all our boxes and went above and beyond to sell our beautiful home. We have used other realtors in the past and the difference was remarkable. We will use her again in the future for sure. Thank you so much Hillary. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Hillary-Olinger Sat, 08 Aug 2020 04:29:47 +1000 3b2dckuJ betsy Colaneri Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=fd0a6db326b2f8adcef3fb78964fbbe9 A great agent: knowledgeable, friendly,and professional. Our condo was quickly sold. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 07 Aug 2020 03:04:18 +1000 a5dfw9uJ C. Halvorsen Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=6f3c5867217715d085d06a80501a940f Tammy is a highly skilled professional who works hard to cultivate relationships in the area and facilitate a smooth process for the parties she represents. Evidenced by her sales record even in a pandemic! Her attention to detail and professionalism were extremely appreciated. Our home was scheduled to list months earlier but paused due to Covid 19 concerns. Tammy kept interest high and marketed well with ‘coming soon’ prior to being active on MLS. The buzz was so helpful, to have buyers interested quickly with the limitations during the restrictions for safety. We would use her services again when purchasing in the area and have recommended highly to several neighbors, family members, and friends relocating to the area. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Fri, 07 Aug 2020 02:55:00 +1000 739dCguJ Scott Wellington-Portsmouth Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=389f6c1411c00c274a03b7127d95f045 Our experience with Tammy Bass was excellent. Tammy always kept her word and never made excuses--I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone either buying or selling a home on Aquidneck Island. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Fri, 07 Aug 2020 02:06:46 +1000 ecd8YguJ Jennifer Pratt, North Kingstown, RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=08799b12cf76700c157af17372f60a59 Working with Jeff Brooks was great. Our schedule was tight and he was good about booking appointments for us that fit into our schedule, providing honest feedback on potential homes, and helping with negotiations. He helped us to determine the true value of a home, and not to get emotional about it. I would highly recommend working with him as he was professional, approachable, and honest. I appreciated the relationship we developed throughout the course of our house hunt and would not hesitate to recommend him to others. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Thu, 09 Jul 2020 22:09:20 +1000 3abd2upJ Christopher Delli Paoli Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=fb0020a8b959aa16e81bcdc41cc5f96e Cathy I look forward to working with you again soon! Thank you for helping me purchase my first home. I will always remember this positive and outstanding experience and working closely with you has been a pleasure! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 09 Jul 2020 08:15:07 +1000 63abqDDJ Jod White, Connecticut Seller Colleen Weaver https://www.realsatisfied.com/69b8f/f3a859199cc5feee5e2/img/?rand=6371a593b3e76f536fd9969e940cd9c9 Colleen was amazing! My sister and I live out of state, and she communicated clearly and timely, and always answered all of our questions. She never made me feel like a burden, even when meeting electricians at the house to make a repair. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Colleen-Weaver Fri, 03 Jul 2020 20:47:02 +1000 ef10ZrDJ Robyn Rogue, Rhode Island Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=61f090595b5ad9d073347a4913834ddc Gordon knows and understands "coastal" properties, his clientele and the changing real estate market. He is thoughtful, courteous and an all around nice man. We first met Gordon when we thought we may be interested in moving (a year or two ago) and his knowledge, follow-through and accessibility were very impressive. We have dealt with a number of realtors over the years and knew immediately (following our first interaction with him) that Gordon was a man who took his job and his clients needs (and wants) seriously so Gordon was an easy decision when we did finally decide to buy a new home. Five stars and highly recommended. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Sat, 27 Jun 2020 20:11:33 +1000 6e27Ny0J Helena & Andrew Buyer Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=4367a8ed88d6b99f67ead3cf6b2fe0c6 Emily Chappell has helped out friends and family with buying homes, and we knew right away based on all the positive feedback, that we'd want her to be a part of our home buying process. Emily did a great job in keeping us up to date with pertinent information throughout the process. She helped us negotiate a price we were comfortable with and was available with any questions we had...and being first time home buyers, we had a lot ! Emily was always friendly, funny, and professional. She explained a lot of things to us based on her knowledge when doing walkthroughs/inspection. We thought buying a house during a pandemic would be tough, but she made it a breeze ! We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Emily Chappell if you want someone in your corner that cares about what's important to you, and will put the work in to make your dreams a reality. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true Emily ! :) https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Thu, 18 Jun 2020 06:04:15 +1000 cc8awWmJ Andrew Paige, Tiverton Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=8dc07ed0593f72ad73c619bd5c85fcbf Tammy was amazing throughout the whole homebuying process. She understood my specific needs when it came to homebuying and was extremely flexible and BEYONG helpful. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Tue, 16 Jun 2020 11:57:09 +1000 11adoWmJ Kevin Browning - Newport Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=a10e6867578aed0049e34504174c21fd Cathy met us at 110 Second St back in November of 2019 when we first started looking for a full time home in Newport. We went back multiple times to revisit weather or not we wanted to make the move. Cathy made herself available every time we asked for her to meet us there and let us in and answer questions. Finally in April/May time frame in 2020 we decided to put in an offer and it was accepted after a little back and forth. After that everything went smoothly and her communication was always timely and professional. It made for a very stress process and is greatly appreciated. Thank You, Kevin https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Tue, 16 Jun 2020 04:59:39 +1000 9304PWmJ Joey Bourgholtzer, Mahwah, NJ Buyer Hillary Olinger https://www.realsatisfied.com/51fcf/180639204f52f8a94ad/img/?rand=1e62f5548e63d98cd0adad4045d514f8 Big kudos to Hillary Olinger for making this long distance transaction possible. Hillary is realistic and extremely knowledgeable about real estate, the area, and the advantages and drawbacks of particular properties. She is much more hands-on than most agents with regard to needed work and assessing what is possible. She is organized, helpful, optimistic, generous with her time and just a pleasure to be around. She is also a fund of information with regard to local contacts. Every challenge and every request was met cheerfully and many, many times I felt she had gone above and beyond what was required or expected. I'm sure I would have given up the search without her! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Hillary-Olinger Sat, 13 Jun 2020 02:40:50 +1000 1050qWmJ Nicole Christison, Arlington, WA Seller Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=5a2aa964550b4a7f2345ed1317dfa974 Tammy came with amazing references among the military community in the area! Tammy was spectacular in all aspects of her performance from first meeting to after closing. Tammy went above and beyond in all aspects of her performance as our seller's agent. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Sat, 16 May 2020 03:50:17 +1000 3254wpAJ Robert Schildt, Newport RI Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=08929f35dde2381bacff310024854391 I have now worked with Matt on 5 separate real estate transactions and that is not by accident. He and his agency are the best in the business. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Sat, 09 May 2020 00:41:37 +1000 889duupJ Thomas and MaryAnne Allan, Middletown Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=7906c4baf68456ae8b101d95418c0a95 Jeff did an outstanding job of selling our rental property in 6 weeks. Jeff is professional, knowledgable, works hard and works smart. We were out of town during the time the property was listed to the time the property sold. Jeff handled all aspects of the sale including lining up contractors to complete work prior to the sale and fix issues uncovered during the inspection. We are so grateful to have Jeff as our real estate agent. We highly recommend Jeff to any potential seller or buyer. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Fri, 08 May 2020 23:50:37 +1000 e1dbN9AJ Carla - Rhode Island Buyer Tammy Bass https://www.realsatisfied.com/fe7f8/844bca1fc6a77752a4d/img/?rand=8f34fccabdc67bea2695c972e706fa25 Our purchase of the Middletown RI home was an exceptional experience, I wouldn't go to anyone else but Tammy! Tammy's build a great relationship with us over the years and truly helps us to make the best decision. Tammy is very organized, timely and professional. We value her extensive knowledge and guidance. We are very happy with our recent purchase and have recommended Tammy to our friends. THANK YOU!!!!!!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tammy-Bass Fri, 08 May 2020 03:24:28 +1000 93e4vupJ Michael & Mary Anderson Portsmouth, RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=d6e331e56b1ab61791731ce203d1e57e Our relationship with Cathy Wicks extends over many years! She is a professional, extremely hard working realtor. She has sold all of are homes! Not only is she our realtor, she has become a friend. We love everything about Cathy, especially her great sense of humor! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Wed, 06 May 2020 02:35:09 +1000 b196S6tG Donna & Peter Naugler, Narragansett Buyer Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=29edc4bdaacbf35449981a9fd13b0dff Diane was excellent in assisting us to purchase our right home. A pleasure to work with, Diane was knowledgeable, diligent, thorough and effective in presenting our offer, as well as, negotiating the final price after inspection. It was a stress free and seamless process. Diane was always available for questions and consistent in her follow through. A true professional! We would certainly refer individuals to Diane and Hogan Associates in the future! Thank you, Donna & Peter https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Sat, 11 Apr 2020 04:48:44 +1000 d037dh3G James Dusty, Newport, RI Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=b412b97732edca797c80c5da0879d0cc If you are looking for a very knowledgeable and competent broker, look no further than Gordon King and Hogan & Stone! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Wed, 08 Apr 2020 03:31:29 +1000 afb4w68G Paul LaSchiazza - Lakewood Ranch FL. Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=5d7de5b643a45d54a4f716f7d58b2b17 Kevan is a true professional. He is very knowledgeable and is extremely customer focused. He provides good advice and is very patient with his clients. He is well respected by other agents which is very beneficial to generating offers. He always does what he says he will do and is very responsive. I would highly recommend using Kevan for a purchase or sale of a property...His knowledge of the local market is outstanding and realistic. He puts his clients satisfaction ahead of everything else. He also has the contacts to address any issue that arises... https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Sat, 04 Apr 2020 12:25:08 +1000 08050j3G Gilian Amaral, Tiverton Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=19f10ffb5a82938ab44a3fa08c897bae Jeff Brooks took the time to set up a conference to ensure that he understood our needs and that we would be a good fit working together. Jeff Brooks was amazing from start to finish with the purchase of our home! He is very knowledgeable, and when asked about certain criteria’s he would go into depth explanation to make sure I was comfortable and understood the laws/agreement of the transaction. Jeff had a fantastic communication, not only with myself, but with the sellers realtor and the mortgage company. And trust me the sellers realtor was not amazing like Jeff. Jeff knew the guidelines and held the sellers to the expectations. Jeff would give me updates before I even remembered to follow up with him. Because of his knowledge and experience when it came to negotiating he truly had our best interest in heart; even when we were scared to negotiate a little lower, he knew what was best for us before we knew it. From the beginning he negotiated the price down based on facts of the home in the market, and after our home inspection he made sure to go back and have negotiations done again based off of the reports. It was outstanding how much money he saved us! Jeff always made us feel like we could reach out no matter the time or day or how silly the question was. He was even clear when we were searching for a home that he had a scheduled vacation (just so we had advance notice). When the time came he was on vacation and said for us not to worry because he was still going to be putting in office hours so if we needed him do not hesitate to reach out. Jeff Brooks went above and beyond and I have been highly recommending him to my friends families and coworkers! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 04 Apr 2020 05:33:34 +1000 1fecDo3G Mavise, San Francisco Seller Mike Hill https://www.realsatisfied.com/a8a2f/503dc67b2b6b941c63/img/?rand=45e0832a812b693c74a16a25b6d002dc Mike has the combination of real estate and development experience that fit our needs - property was distressed and a rehab project. So we considered rebuilding with a modular home. That’s how we found Mike. Further assessment and costing led us to abandon the idea as we were too far away to manage a project. It turned out he knew the neighborhood well and worked with us to figure out options, including sale. He and Emily Chappell were helpful, responsive and sold the property within two weeks of listing. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Mike-Hill-1 Sat, 04 Apr 2020 04:10:17 +1000 2fbaT7cG Uma Naidoo MD Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=fe423c78e77e1c85a069aba7d1ee0e62 Wonderful service. Kevan Campbell and his team are amazing. Kevan took excellent care of what we needed to get everything done regarding the sale of our home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Fri, 13 Mar 2020 09:58:05 +1000 e566ljPG Paul McLaughlin, Portsmouth Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=b2f67d46d402edff78fe553eacbd30e9 Dealt with Michele previously on another deal and very impressed. Would not use anyone else. She is the best! Her attention to detail was fabulous. She would call me with answers before I could even ask the questions. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Thu, 12 Mar 2020 07:36:29 +1000 aca0mFwG Maureen Grimes Seller Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=a699a70d519ad501cc3153ac48595686 Paul is a consummate professional! Aside from his broad knowledge base, Paul is approachable, intuitive, and respectful. He has a very special way with people, makes them feel very comfortable and at ease. He is smart, kind and has a wonderful sense of humor. He was always mindful of the emotional attachment of the property to me and my family and we knew we were in good hands. I will always highly recommend Paul Tobak to anyone looking to sell or buy a piece of property. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Fri, 06 Mar 2020 10:58:38 +1000 832cPjPG J & K, Portsmouth Buyer Barbara O'Reilly https://www.realsatisfied.com/81a98/07ce1e198dedf0dc44d/img/?rand=69b59707183834f97124d3d18590377a Barbara is a great buyers' agent for buying property on Aquidneck Island because she knows the island and properties very well, and the nuances of the 3 towns and most of the neighborhoods. She has lived on the island most of her life and is well-connected with the other realtors and tradespeople. These connections are very useful, especially if you are moving from off the island to the island. What we enjoyed the most about working with Barbara, however, was how honest and candid she was. She is the first realtor we've worked with who has given her honest opinion of the appropriateness of the price that homes were listed for. Especially when one is coming from another place, to understand whether a home is overpriced or a good value is critical, and where an agent's experience with the market is key. It is so rare, however, for an agent to speak truthfully about that. Also, she was so patient with us even though we looked at so many houses and took a lot of her time. She always made us feel that she genuinely didn't mind waiting until we found just the right house. This was my 6th time buying a home and Barbara was the best agent I have ever worked with. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Barbara-OReilly Fri, 06 Mar 2020 07:26:04 +1000 d960MKPG Betty Pietruska, Westport, Ma Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=19ab5be76ae1c2271b130b141d2e3faa I asked a trusted neighbor if he know any real estate agents and he mentioned Cathy. I reached out to her. Can’t say enough wonderful things about Cathy in every way! She truly cared about us and her patience showed no bounds! Cathy was wonderful in every way. Her knowledge, commitment to us, efficiency I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone wishing to sell property. They were superb throughout the process. Again, I cannot say enough great things about our overall experience. It was flawless from beginning to end. Cathy Wicks should be named Realtor of the Year!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 06 Mar 2020 05:43:49 +1000 abe7TKPG Paul LaSchiazza - Newport Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=3394e18dec1f45315cdf2e6686ef83d6 Kevan Campbell is an outstanding real estate professional. He is extremely knowledgeable about the local market, respected by his colleagues, and very responsive to his clients. He is easy to work with and very patient. He never shows frustration or agitation even in difficult situations. He works to find solutions to make a deal work. Kevan is a pleasure to work with. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 12 Feb 2020 07:41:23 +1000 a5e5e45G Ken O'Shea Middletown, RI Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=47a63704cb74ba9f53bf3171c8dfb892 Kevan paid close attention to detail and consistently answered my multitude of questions. This agent was available at all times from start to finish over the course of a three month period. I couldn't have asked for a better experience over the course of this closing. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Sun, 09 Feb 2020 00:47:03 +1000 b450ysQG Beth, Newport,RI Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=209f5686d3df4acc5532c403ad03d5fb This was a complicated sale for several reasons. Leslie skill in handling so many difficult people and problems could not have been better. The patience of a saint. Follow-up. Details. People management-including me during the most frustrating times was amazing. I could go on! Leslie has a fantastic team. There were a few times when Leslies schedule conflicted with appts for my home. She had tremendous back up and very personal service. Thank you to holly , kirsten, Devon, and other members of the Hogan staff for being such great support. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 06 Feb 2020 03:23:40 +1000 7224QMQG Carmen Strickland, Laurel, MD Seller Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=90f39d0698aa7f05fd2941206432ef48 She's absolutely wonderful to work with and I'm glad a relative recommended her to me! On the buying end, she was careful to meet my needs and some major wants and keep it neatly in my price range. Case in point: the property I bought in Barrington three-ish years ago was exactly what I was looking for at the right price, in a lovely and quiet neighborhood with access to a river for a kayak and no HOAs to beg permission to put in a flower box around my own mailbox. The most important part was that she was the real-estate guru who had the patience to lead me through the process of buying as a first-time home buyer. On the selling end of the process, she is a dogged advocate and works very hard to make the best deal for all parties involved. I was floored at how easy she made the process feel when I had to work a night shift and had to handle much of the process after regular business hours. That kind of flexibility is no small thing! Just as she was the patient guru to lead me patiently through the buying process, she was the same in the selling end as well. She has been absolutely AMAZING!! 10/10, would call again to buy another property with her services! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Sat, 01 Feb 2020 03:45:36 +1000 5811KN2G Tim & Karen, Massachusetts Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=bc1a080d20a6b046c75a2eaf3cca793b Gordon is extremely knowledgeable about the marina and boat slip market in Newport. His expertise and personal knowledge of the sellers made our purchase of a boat slip possible. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Fri, 31 Jan 2020 05:48:50 +1000 77f5a7fG Donna Stoessel, Virginia Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=0f45ebd645ba3ac4853fe2351053c42d Kevan was always accessible and immediate to our questions. He connected us with our new home and helped us close the deal in just a few days. Thank you Kevan! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Thu, 23 Jan 2020 12:11:54 +1000 49d3eN2G Sandra A Beck Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=c38aeb1503de677caf3fb6bedc9e04a2 First, Kevan Campbell is very nice person. He is an exceptional representation of what a top real estate agent should exemplify. I am so grateful to him in that I could relax knowing he was always one step ahead of what I was pondering over next. If your agency gives an annual bonus sharpen your pencil while he is under your agency and motivate with a big bonus , never overlook this guy!!!!!!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 22 Jan 2020 06:44:27 +1000 d180Q0KG Carole Hogan Newport RI Seller Barbara O'Reilly https://www.realsatisfied.com/81a98/07ce1e198dedf0dc44d/img/?rand=5fe48a68cab98d549de05489deda53ea Over 18 years owning and leasing 3 investment properties in Newport, I’ve worked with 40+ local brokers. Barbara O’Reilly is heads above the rest in experience, understanding the market, listening to client needs, communication, performance and integrity. She’s a pleasure to deal with and I wouldn’t use anyone else. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Barbara-OReilly Wed, 08 Jan 2020 12:41:51 +1000 69d0OjgG Christopher Fiumara Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=1cdc3c8dd7fdba5627c327bf757874a4 Matt, Is always professional and knows the market very well. He is great to work with and never pushes you. The best in Rhode Island https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Tue, 07 Jan 2020 09:42:36 +1000 4c886jgG Gary - Newport, RI Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=cf41f737bcbe6d0926ed03f92efd0373 This is the second time that Gordon has helped us find a property in Newport. Each time, Gordon has been extremely helpful and diligent in finding us the right property. He always has our best interests in mind and got us amazing deals both times. In my opinion, a referral is the best compliment to give, and I passed Gordon along to my cousins to help with the sale of their house. They were extremely happy with his services, as well. 10 out of 10 https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Fri, 03 Jan 2020 02:49:22 +1000 ae55quBG Glenn B., Newport, Rhode Island Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=18dd3e3c4ec75aea5a7ca91ac3603d52 Fellow member of the Newport Elks Lodge & fellow Bryant University alumnus. Tom Rao is a true professionial and it was a pleasure to work with him on my purchase. His real estate experience made my purchase much easier and he provided an excellent level of detail throughout the buying process. I will recommend him and plan to use him for future real estate transactions. Tom Rao was a pleasure to work with in every aspect of my real estate purchase. Tom supported me through a lengthy loan approval process and was always available to lend a guiding hand. Tom Rao has the real estate experience I required to answer all my questions and more importantly give me his opinion from start to finish. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Mon, 23 Dec 2019 05:35:10 +1000 d1efkZdE Robert Karns, Middletown Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=59ec1327b5e58c72f8c275b567ef1d12 Matt was very honest about what kind of buyer we needed. He said from the beginning it would need to be a buyer who was going to occupy the entire building for his own personal business and that is exactly who the buyer is. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Thu, 19 Dec 2019 01:48:03 +1000 9de0GfkE Mona & Michael Dawson, Newport RI Buyer Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=e07adda36fecac047972795b01924415 My husband and I have been working with Paul for years. His knowledge of the area, real estate expertise, patience, warmth and overall genuineness has kept us loyal and satisfied clients. Paul is the real deal. He is top notch in his field. Paul is very thorough. He is on top of every detail regardless of how big or small. We have always felt that we are in good hands working with a consummate professional like Paul Tobak. When you first meet Paul, he makes you feel like you have known him for years. He is easy to talk to and very charming. Paul has an enormous amount of enthusiasm for real estate and a depth of industry knowledge and of the area that is hard to find. Paul not only kept us informed of everything during our transaction but he has also reached out after the fact to see if there was anything he could help with. This is the kind of service you don’t see much of any more. My husband and I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Paul Tobak is a world class real estate agent. Hogan and associates are lucky to have him. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Tue, 17 Dec 2019 03:13:47 +1000 4455qk8E Portsmouth, RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=c276ee4aa83dd5731a5f244cc0788177 We appreciated Cathy’s low-key but helpful attitude. Other agents seemed rather predatory and/or phony (like a pushy salesperson) but Cathy was very down to earth. We really valued Cathy’s experience from having worked and lived in the area for a long time. We would work with Cathy again if given the opportunity. Highly recommend. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Mon, 16 Dec 2019 12:33:55 +1000 49a3srdE Marshall Slayton, Portsmouth Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=7ea65bef8ca463c9ccf0d12ad7c8f90a Cathy did a lot of extra work that I would not have expected a broker to do. I was not living in the house and had no transportation to readily get me back and forth to attend to things that were clearly the owner's responsibility. Cathy went out of her way numerous times to make certain nothing was overlooked in preparation for showing the house and for the closing. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Wed, 11 Dec 2019 08:42:11 +1000 318e7rdE Patrick Nolan MIddletown, RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=a72759510a5edc84d19173a22e3dd5dc Jeff is the most knowledgable, helpful and professional realtor that I have ever worked with. This was the first home I have bought so I had more than a few questions along the way. Jeff not only answered every question I had, more often than not he went out and found a solution. He was also great with working around my schedule which was a little difficult as I live 90 minutes away from the property I was purchasing. Jeff also put me in contact with and set up meetings with local professionals that I needed to update and maintain my new property. Any issue that arose Jeff was on top of immediately and he was great with communication. I highly, highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking to purchase a home in the area! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Fri, 06 Dec 2019 01:24:23 +1000 8a1d2l8E JJ Supple 401 Realty Associates, LLC Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=e69fe57fc940c8b69ef4cdd43265ae98 My first experience with Gordon King was a random email I sent him regarding the possibility of purchasing an income property in Newport. Not necessarily 7 Sylvan, but any property. Gordon replied to me late in the evening and we exchanged a few emails after 10 pm. I was impressed by this. Additionally the content, personal opinions, inquiries, and blunt fact discussion in these emails was far more impressive and informative than any previous exchange with any brokers that I had engaged with so far. When Gordon answered correctly and intelligently, All of my "Newport specific" questions and concerns, I knew right away that I had a winner to assist me. Once I visited the properties that he suggested, and did the research he outlined, I was convinced that my current needs were not being met with my broker, and decided I was going to proceed with purchase intentions and ultimately offer on 7 Sylvan exclusively and solely with Gordon. Some people are just really good at what they do, and with that, make others better at what they do. Gordon is that Man. Superior knowledge, Honorable, Professional, Personal, Earnest, and Thorough!....Very Thorough!! I can't predict what or which income property I'll buy next, But I can Predict with 100% certainty, that Gordon King will present my offer and close my next deal. Thank You Gordon King. Job VERY well Done! JJ Supple 401 Realty Associates, LLC Gordon King's Local Knowledge was critical and defining for my decision making to purchase in Newport. Superior attention to details. Listened to MY concerns and needs throughout the transaction process and he capitalized on all aspects. JJ Supple 401 Realty Associates, LLC https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Tue, 03 Dec 2019 00:25:14 +1000 6943YS3E Susan, New York Buyer Chris Davis https://www.realsatisfied.com/5c600/a79f14ee43df1c3033/img/?rand=06a173a286980290d2d2aee147bfc271 Christopher helped my husband and I with the purchase of our vacation residence in Newport. We looked for well over a year and waited for the right property. He negotiated on our behalf and helped us throughout the process, even handling the home inspection for us because we couldn't attend. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell! You will get a knowledgeable and professional person that takes care of his clients. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Chris-Davis-2 Fri, 29 Nov 2019 03:50:36 +1000 83c4BiZE Gayle Hanrahan Middletown Rhode Island Buyer Colleen Weaver https://www.realsatisfied.com/69b8f/f3a859199cc5feee5e2/img/?rand=eadd69d845a1d1d0e2250205c6108f6c Outstanding realtor. Would highly recommend. Low key professional and great follow through. A true pleasure to work with. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Colleen-Weaver Wed, 27 Nov 2019 06:41:00 +1000 fc72ysZE Susan Lodge, Jamestown Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=0ebda1f1f06dcbc3e78ee4f2df862a1e Holly did an EXCELLENT job helping us sell our home in Jamestown. Living out of state is a challenge when selling. Our home needed help to get ready to list. All of the hurdles, from preparing our property to the final closing were were handled expertly by Holly McLear. We were very impressed with her experience and guidance. If you are looking for a professional, honest, and dedicated realtor, you should contact Holly. You will not be disappointed! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 21 Nov 2019 08:51:02 +1000 c5a4dv6E Rick & Carole Hughes, Warren RI Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=c24a5b83d153af8667ce3398789b34bb Kevan was attentive and helpful right from the beginning. He was very prompt in replying to our initial questions which helped him get our account. Kevan's recommendations for local resources was so helpful since we were out of state. Although we were buying from out of state, we always felt close because of Kevan's great communication. Hel was always reachable. Mr Campbell never left our side during this process. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 20 Nov 2019 09:26:29 +1000 e379vx6E Matt Thompson Jamestown RI Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=ce4272c9e4ff62e4f99dd05727925466 Matt has a great understanding of the local and macro markets. He really know how to deal with the many different personalities on either side of the deal and was super accessible through the whole process. Would love to work with Matt again in the future! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Wed, 20 Nov 2019 07:52:40 +1000 70beVx6E Cherayne Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=a47e568a458221c6f80aa346137f36b5 From the first day we meet Cathy it felt like we’ve known her for years. Cathy was always a phone call or text away to answer any questions Setting up viewing or going herself and checking when We couldn’t. I will highly recommend her to anyone and look forward to working with her again in the near future. Cathy When above and beyond She’s part of our family now Great staff from the time I walked into the Valley RD location https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 31 Oct 2019 11:48:06 +1000 d92doiVE Paul and Julie Penner, Newport RI Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=ec2bf9aa4e0d16fb1d501b798b7c5924 Gordon was an attentive broker who made himself available whenever we needed him. He gave thoughtful considerations for all aspects of the sale throughout the process; from initial offer to the home inspection to the closing. Gordon's recommendations were spot on each time. It was a comfort to know he was on our side. We would highly recommend Gordon for all your real estate needs. ~ Paul and Julie Penner https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Tue, 29 Oct 2019 21:48:12 +1000 484c74VE Marge Fredrickson, Middletown Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=eca8963dc35ccaa74de5b7544f748675 I was previously employed by Hogan Associates and knew of their reputation and success in the real estate industry. Knowing Leslie personally, I felt strongly that she would be the realtor of choice! Leslie Hogan is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable of all aspects necessary for a successful home sale. I would not hesitate to recommend Hogan Associates to anyone looking to sell their home! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Sat, 12 Oct 2019 02:23:27 +1000 94b40XzE Tim Grimes, Newport Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=adeca2fe6cf424d70090a0fae98df830 I cannot thank Jeff enough for all of the hard work he put in to get me into the right house. With my job nearly an hour away from my desired location and my weekend travel, working around my schedule was I'm sure an absolute bear (i.e. I wasn't able to make a single open house). Throughout the process, of nearly a year, Jeff was thoughtful in his approach to choosing houses to view, was insightful regarding the locations, and was resolute with how he viewed the value of the locations we looked at. Despite the difficulties working with my schedule, and despite two separate offers that were outmatched by other buyers, Jeff did not alter his approach or act frustrated in any manner. We eventually found a great house in a great location and Jeff supported me with putting in an offer under asking. He also suggested we let the sellers go to their open house after our low-offer. This strategy, proposed by Jeff, paid off as the sellers came back to us and accepted my earlier offer, which Jeff orchestrated and he even got the sellers to throw in some furniture with the deal. He was also incredibly responsive with questions I had regarding other aspects of the deal (i.e. loans, closing attorneys, and inspections), which could easily have been directed elsewhere, but which I directed to him because I trusted his opinion on all aspects of the deal. For anyone looking for their first home (or second, third, etc...), I recommend Jeff's services completely. He is honest, patient, and it doesn't hurt that he has a good personality and good sense of humor to make what could be a stressful experience, enjoyable. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 14 Sep 2019 00:43:35 +1000 86955Ca0 Valerie Wood, Georgia Seller Barbara O'Reilly https://www.realsatisfied.com/81a98/07ce1e198dedf0dc44d/img/?rand=d469fffa2814d3e9fb680baf2e8f4f9e Barbara O'Reilly is genuine and extremely knowledgeable in the Newport Real Estate. We hired her to at first rent out our condo, then decided to hired her to sell it. I highly recommend her. She cares about her clients. I, myself am a Realtor in Georgia, so I have an idea of what is a great realtor vs someone just wanting the sale! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Barbara-OReilly Wed, 28 Aug 2019 04:52:34 +1000 d2c67EU0 Ed Roccanti, Middletown, RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=1fb144b781a92d377075a68e6222a14e As I stated above, Jeff Brooks was an amazing real estate agent. He was with us the entire time, especially when selecting the home for us, what we needed to stand firm on and getting us to the finish line The best part is that I made a friend, Jeff Brooks is not just there to sell or buy a house with you, he becomes part of "you". https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Tue, 20 Aug 2019 05:33:50 +1000 8c1crD10 Gail Middletown Buyer Colleen Weaver https://www.realsatisfied.com/69b8f/f3a859199cc5feee5e2/img/?rand=6d6962fe2cf7f64628ad0b94fd3f9ccd Colleen is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She follow through on every detail of the purchase to make things go smoothly and stay on schedule for a quick closing. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Colleen-Weaver Sat, 17 Aug 2019 12:03:49 +1000 6c45nD10 Karen St.Pierre Newport RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=a8342ed9bd562976cf6e3271d6b5feda Always there for me any questions were answered felt very comfortable https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sat, 10 Aug 2019 07:31:07 +1000 622aB6H0 JB Newport RI Seller Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=5b6f3fb6de8115a4f1282c5b2e6cf98d Paul Tobak is always excellent, attentive to the needs of the seller, but very thoughtful of the needs of the buyer as well. Paul also has a clear understanding of how to work with tenants around how to show the property for marketing. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Sat, 03 Aug 2019 04:27:43 +1000 8cedDZH0 Garrett Conroy, Newport RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=3243fee175fdcfc0d62a4590eac8d181 Jeff and I have worked together in the past and we have a great working relationship. He always asks the right questions and has the right answers. In my opinion Jeff is the standard bearer for what a real estate agent should be. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 03 Aug 2019 04:08:35 +1000 72fb5DH0 Carl Richardson, Warwick, RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=0cb7b6bdbb8bb8fc6e4c7946119f9760 Cathy Wicks took great care of us from our first meeting to the closing. Cathy met every challenge with a positive, supportive attitude- that we appreciated the most. In the end we sold our house for a great price thanks to Cathy. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sat, 03 Aug 2019 02:58:44 +1000 2514J6H0 Meghan G., Bristol, RI Buyer Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=5f18ed08eddd240f9cb48b58e99552bc My first time purchasing a home went extremely well and flawless and I owe this smooth transaction to Emily. She provided me excellent guidance and input and always responded to my inquiries very quickly. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Tue, 23 Jul 2019 02:45:43 +1000 c661vcf0 Anthony M Casilli Buyer Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=6de025a87446afcbb64a6f68af46d196 Janie is the best, she goes out of her way to help you. Keeps you well informed and makes sure we have the latest info. AAAA+ agent. Janie kept us well informed, everything went as it was suppose to. Her knowledge as a agent is like we knew her forever. She is kind, smart and a great person. She is excellent in all things that she does. Overall experience was excellent. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Sat, 20 Jul 2019 10:18:29 +1000 0759fHN0 Paul L. - Bradenton FL. Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=fffea30933b62463529c58a6e226f578 Kevan is very honest, professional, and knowledgeable. He provides good insights, offers pros and cons on each property, pays close attention to the buyers requirements, is patient and not pushy and will keep looking to find the right property. He does not try to rush clients into a decision and is a good listener. He follows up very well, does what he says he will do, and can be trusted. He is there to help after the closing also. He is an asset to buyers that are not local given his knowledge of the area and his business associations. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Tue, 09 Jul 2019 08:19:10 +1000 3abaijY0 Frank O'Neill, Portsmouth, RI Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=5342bc58f7de7361ba5a5686d4275674 I would highly recommend that anyone considering selling a home to hire Kevin Campbell as your broker. Kevan always returned calls promptly and discussed sale progress and potential options with me when needed. His work on this sale immensely reduced any anxiety I had. Very nice and capable guy to deal with! Offer came within 24 hours. Sale proceeded quickly under Kevan's guidance. Who could ask for more? https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Fri, 07 Jun 2019 08:30:16 +1000 c2bc7PsN Jeff Sevich Middletown RI Seller Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=e882d75a78b5773377bc395f4bbe202e We have worked with Janie on a number of transactions and have always been extremely satisfied. She has understood what we are looking for in regards to our investment strategy and brought us interesting properties and opportunities that we may have not otherwise found or thought of. She was also diligent and hard working when marketing and selling properties for us. I would certainly recommend Janie Aracil to future buyers and sellers. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Fri, 07 Jun 2019 00:42:17 +1000 df8a7JON Nancy, Middletown, RI Buyer Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=09b452ff72be004c29de1ec88a8c9805 Janie has been our agent for years now and is always so helpful in all of our transactions. We truly value her local knowledge. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Fri, 07 Jun 2019 00:37:34 +1000 72a5ZEON Michael Stoos, Exeter, RI Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=8445c8b254110428374a87563fe0a309 Matt built a great plan for a complicated property and carried it out beyond our expectations. His insight and experience made the process seamless. I would recommend him to anyone buying or selling a property. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Thu, 06 Jun 2019 23:27:52 +1000 4b75MjLN K. Lazer Newport, RI Seller Barbara O'Reilly https://www.realsatisfied.com/81a98/07ce1e198dedf0dc44d/img/?rand=345f5129f587333d3bcba54fa37b45af Barbara is an excellent resource and makes sure you look at the buying or selling of a house in a variety of ways. She is always willing to go the extra mile to get whatever you need done and looks out for your best interest. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Barbara-OReilly Thu, 30 May 2019 10:32:45 +1000 eb9alIUN Sean S. / Middletown Seller Colleen Weaver https://www.realsatisfied.com/69b8f/f3a859199cc5feee5e2/img/?rand=53e904290955a765b524db5e47b2885e Colleen really knows the local market. This was my third time working with her; twice as a seller and once as a buyer. She was very helpful in buying the right property and both sales were less than 2 weeks and at a price I was very happy with. The paperwork and online forms were clearly explained and easy. There were no delays and nothing missing. Experience counts for everything. I would highly recommend her. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Colleen-Weaver Wed, 29 May 2019 21:55:27 +1000 b7a4WYON Joe & Cheri P., Newport, RI Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=3a0b3cf642e14c0ac124d022f66112a7 Our overall experience with Matt and Hogan Associates was excellent. Matt understood what we wanted, was patient, knowledgeable, and professional. We would highly recommend him. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Wed, 29 May 2019 03:27:34 +1000 bb83uYON Tim and Rita Logan, Portsmouth, RI Buyer Mike Hill https://www.realsatisfied.com/a8a2f/503dc67b2b6b941c63/img/?rand=9e46840fd654b2ac31df12ee4e129880 A knowledgeable, experienced professional. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Mike-Hill-1 Tue, 28 May 2019 05:52:46 +1000 4699In1N Marion White, Newport Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=c0f014eb6a2b5e6b94ca01434487c8f0 I interviewed several local brokers and found Leslie to be remarkably different from the others. She was smart,sincere, informative and genuinely interested in learning what was important to us. I trusted her from that first meeting onwards. I would highly recommend Leslie, she is wonderful as well as successful! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Sun, 26 May 2019 06:37:02 +1000 fbf8xKwN Stephen White, Newport Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=ed6c39e6b3c61ea8399cf683e0af9869 We sought to work with Leslie Hogan after meeting with her, after we had interviewed multiple agents from other companies. Leslie was very knowledgeable, unpretentious, and creative with how to feature the most interesting parts of the property. She had clear strategies for promoting the house, and for organizing web and other coverage, as well as creating events to maximize the number of people who would see the property. Leslie understood items such as character of the property, as well as positioning based on data, such as understanding the size of the house relative to its location in town, which other agents appeared to overlooked. She clearly engaged well with prospective buyers and other agents as well. Selling a house can have its ups and downs, particularly with an old house. Leslie Hogan's manner kept things moving forward at all times in a very positive way! She made all the difference in the sale of our property https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Sat, 25 May 2019 23:42:45 +1000 4b93dhwN Cynthia Maynerd , Newport Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=94d906119ceadc54fda66bf7c08ce946 LESLEY acted as dual agent and we were the buyers. We never felt that she was doing other than offering both us and the sellers a fair and ethical service. LESLEY has a remarkable ability to analyse tricky situations and come up with a solution. She has a real "can do" approach. Her local knowledge and contacts are extensive. This combined with loads of experience and a lovely disposition means LESLEY is certainly the 'go to realtor' for me. Cynthia Maynerd https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 23 May 2019 11:22:19 +1000 8959vjwN Joanne Ferreira 1541 East Main Rd Portsmouth RI Seller Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=7ebc099c1cc2d4af1a76a454326e7c15 Tom Rao was so professional took the time to help me find the proper people to make repairs that my house needed and made sure they followed through with the work. All I can say is I really appreciated him and would highly recommend him to anyone selling there home https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Thu, 23 May 2019 06:36:20 +1000 68c7mO4N Christine Fox Portsmouth RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=b678c89dac6a40bba0f12842e9b825ef She was amazing. So patient, helpful and supportive! I can't say enough about how wonderful she was. As a first time home seller...I knew next to nothing. She gently led me through all the ups and downs of trying to sell such an old house. She believed in the value of my home. Her help and kindness were priceless. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Tue, 21 May 2019 02:26:13 +1000 3ed0jmgN Barbara Plante, Rhode Island Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=d087ba31062ad1772d87a4307f46ea5d Holly McLear is extremely professional and very easy to work with. She made both my husband and I very comfortable when purchasing a home which we looked long and hard for. Holly continually reached out to us, pointing out many homes which she felt fit our requirements until one finally presented itself. I strongly recommend Holly to assist in either buying or selling your home https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 16 May 2019 07:46:31 +1000 017eNTxN South Kingstown, RI Seller Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=d27349026348fc6eb5236f1923377fd3 Tom Rao is a Real Estate Pro! This is the 4th time our family has used Tom’s outstanding talents and abilities. Our past experiences with Tom have turned out so well, that as expected...we are again very PLEASED!!! Our condo was an estate sale and Tom tied up every loose end perfectly. It went into a bidding war on day 3 and Tom negotiated the final sale with ease. He was very attentive to every detail. Warm demeanor and an excellent communicator. The condo sold well above asking...Happy Sellers, Happy Buyers, Professional Realtor. A Wonderful tribute to our late Mother. Our Thanks Tom!!! Sue, Steve, and Rob Guida. South Kingstown, RI https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Wed, 15 May 2019 07:58:46 +1000 3a4ecrrN Rick Lutz - Newport, RI Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=a87df90744a3e819946209b027e7ab59 I had an excellent experience purchasing a home through Kevan in Newport. He is responsive and accommodating and listened carefully to understand my needs. His local knowledge and insight added to his credibility and to my overall comfort level with the transaction. I highly recommend Kevan to anyone who desires a pleasant and trusted partner in a real estate transaction. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Mon, 13 May 2019 20:49:57 +1000 189cFTxN Deb Jones, Newport Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=f7649d2e036231023ba91503097060ad We were fortunate to have Kevan respond to our Realtor.com request to see the property. However, from the very first visit, Rob and I both knew that Kevan was very knowledgeable and an exceptional realtor. Kevan went beyond anything we every expected to help close this real estate deal and he made sure that the entire process went smoothly. Kevan is the best realtor we have ever had the privilege to work with. Excellence through and through. If Rob and I needed anything, Kevan was there to provide the information and, on several occasions, the man power to make it happen. He communicates very timely and well. Kevan shares his resources to quickly resolve concerns. Excellent!!!!! Kevan Campbell is an exceptional realtor. His attention to detail is greatly appreciated. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Fri, 10 May 2019 12:36:35 +1000 ad87MhRN Whitney, Warwick Seller Paul Tobak https://www.realsatisfied.com/3640c/a95a6e1a4c047c8daae/img/?rand=cfe68ef0b9fd862872c2dd73e22d6941 Paul kept us informed of every aspect of the sale of our home. He went above and beyond with watching over our sick dog, availability for consultations, consideration of timing of showings... was always considerate and understanding of our needs. He knew our neighborhood and understood it's value. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Paul-Tobak Tue, 07 May 2019 06:12:31 +1000 dfd42qAN Frank C. Gesualdo, Huntington, NY Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=649cab6061b097bc27614d0dabd96090 I can not say enough good things about Kevan and Hogan Associates. As an out of state seller with a vacant home, I came to rely on Kevan for handling a number of issues that would have required me do some blind scrambling or make the 4 hour trip from NY. He was there to monitor the amount of fuel oil in the tank and order it when needed. He brought in contractors when things needed sprucing up. He was always in contact and kept me abreast of marketing and feed back from potential buyers. All in all I was extremely happy I contacted Kevan and he handled my sale. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 01 May 2019 23:05:09 +1000 8c442C0N Linda Gillette, President, Blackstone Property Management LLC Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=78cc7869df009d4dbec7700e9c9061c3 We've worked with Holly in the past. She sold our home in Newport where we lived for 20 years. It is a historic property and not an easy to sell one. Holly is the hardest working agent that I have ever worked with, in selling our home, she came over with props, moved furniture, helped tidy the house before showings. We would still be in that house if it were not for her drive and motivation to find the right buyer. We valued her judgment and believed in her ability. She is always the first agent we consider when we need help, guidance in RE matters. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Sat, 27 Apr 2019 07:24:51 +1000 edc9lKNN Matt, Newport Seller Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=7b6f6c88cae596ac8f9116bf9f24b13f Another one sold, we have used Diane for all our real estate needs in Newport and have always had a great experience. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Tue, 16 Apr 2019 06:48:03 +1000 4c0eGT9N Don Huggins, Rhode Island Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=bf66508bfe30b272b4cf611692020136 I have worked with Leslie on a number of complicated real estate transaction including the development of a large subdivision, vacant land sales, and the recent acquisition of a water view parcel soon to become condominiums. She is a consummate professional with extensive local knowledge, excellent marketing skills, a cool head and strong work ethic. I recommend Leslie highly and hope to do may more deals with her in the future. I have vast experience in the buying and selling of real estate over many years and have never worked with anyone who has done a better job in all respects than Leslie Hogan and her team. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Wed, 03 Apr 2019 06:05:54 +1000 20f4hmgN Nicolas Tejada, newport R.I. Buyer Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=ffa8d43e24c850dd94f59da78a6d047d Trajabar con Janie Aracel, en la búsqueda de mi nuevo hogar fue placentero, ella siempre trabajó en base a mi tiempo, lo cual lo hizo muy bien, ya que yo contaba con tiempo límite para realizar la compra, ella siempre fue puntual y cuidadosa con los tiempos, me sentí seguro, confiado, y acompañado durante todo el proceso, ella siempre fue muy respetuosa y profesional, gracias Janie lo logramos!!! gracias a su compromiso y entrega. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Tue, 26 Mar 2019 13:40:19 +1000 6556nP75 Chris Velez Florida Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=18b715eabd5297f3a7caddc2cc435600 I was referred by my attorney and it wound up being an awesome decision. Jeff made it so easy and painless to sell this house. It was tougher because it was an older house, but he did an amazing job. I am so happy with Jeff. He kept me informed every step of the way and really was amazing. As an out of state client, he handled everything and worked closely with my attorney with whatever was necessary and really made it an easy transaction. I am so thankful for his guidance and EXTENSIVE knowledge and experience, and I would work with him again in a heart beat. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 16 Mar 2019 07:31:08 +1000 5c7eKeX5 Lynda Casarella, Newport RI Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=2098b10b81c4adda650dd18ab8d85075 We have used Holly before in previous transactions, and recommended her to friends. She is extremely knowledgeable and gets the job done!!! We were in constant communication about the market, her showings of our house and we never felt that she wasn’t in contact with us. We will continue to use Holly in the future https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Fri, 08 Mar 2019 08:39:03 +1000 369a7pX5 Candice, Portsmouth Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=0a258d29c9c421ec0bf9be23ac9f33d7 We chose Cathy because of her great reputation, everyone who has worked with her always has positive things to say and we couldn’t agree more! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 01 Mar 2019 11:55:09 +1000 6bb0hXqq Paulette & Gene LaParle, Portsmouth Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=83db4bc146c12858ae2ddd902e4e7691 Cathy was very prepared, presenting us with a professional packet and a step by step plan to sell our property. We admired Cathy’s honesty and strong work ethic. We found her to be trustworthy and conscientious which helped build the broker/seller relationship.We were appreciative of her knowledge and patience and we were happy with the outcome. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sun, 24 Feb 2019 23:45:05 +1000 2a1bMnJ5 Mary Ann White, Tiverton, Rhode Island Buyer Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=a9f0d2ddd02161691dcfed2328e757a8 I knew Janie Aracil years ago when I was living on Martha's Vineyard. I moved to Middletown, Rhode Island to live with my daughter after a fall resulting in a fractured hip. A few months ago I decided to look for a home of my own, I called Janie, since I knew she had moved to Rhode Island years ago, and was familiar with the area of which I was planning to start my search. I am a retired Licensed Real Estate Broker from Massachusetts and I know how important it is to retain a good Agent when looking for property. For that reason I contacted Janie. I gave her a list of all my priorities, and there were many; style of house, neighborhood, condition, noting that I'm a senior citizen with limited physical capabilities. She was very diligent in her choices of properties for me to see, saving me time and the inconvenience of looking at homes that had 'possibilities'. to fit my needs or requiring some changes or repairs, thereby incurring additional expense. She was aware that I wanted to be close to my family in Middletown yet, in an area I would enjoy becoming a part of that community. When Janie showed me the property at 54 Ford Farm Rd. she was able to make me realize the arrangement of the interior would be ideal for me in my circumstances. The negotiating process was 'painless' since the property value was obvious. She handled the few adjustments to the house by the seller that had to be corrected (from the home inspection report) quickly and efficiently so that it would not hinder our closing date. The closing of the property was one of the smoothest I have experienced in all my years as a Real Estate Broker. Janie answered all my questions, small details about the property I may have overlooked, information about the community and advised me as to what service people were dependable. On moving day, with 10 family and friends assisting me she supplied lunch with several pizzas and cold drinks which were so appreciated by the hungry crew. I'd say that was above and beyond!! They send their thanks! I feel Hogan Associates is so fortunate to have Janie Aracil on their staff,. She is totally committed to her clients. I would recommend Janie to anyone I know who is looking for that special home here in Rhode Island. Thank You, Janie. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Fri, 22 Feb 2019 08:39:43 +1000 9f551HZ5 G. MacDonald, Newport Buyer Barbara O'Reilly https://www.realsatisfied.com/81a98/07ce1e198dedf0dc44d/img/?rand=2de343973e2deaf2cabf6a7b89ba7cba When I recently found myself in the market to purchase my first home, I walked into the agency where Barbara was working. It was my good fortune that she happened to be the agent on duty at the time. I had relatively little time to find a home and move out of my apartment, and she worked closely with me to find a very nice place in my price range. I was very happy with the work Barbara did for me, and I would seek her out if ever in the market again. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Barbara-OReilly Mon, 18 Feb 2019 08:02:02 +1000 4072AhU5 Justin Pekera & Katie Gill Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=96ea7e50536f52a6d20720afd6f57326 After an initial call with Jeff Brooks, I got a good feeling that his assessments of homes was similar to mine. This was important to me because I wasn't looking for one type of home, but rather, looking at each property for its specific and unique potential. I thought Jeff's background melded well with my own analytical approach to property assessment. In addition, his knowledge of the area was key in helping me understand how location played into potential property values. Aside from property assessment, Jeff was professional in all aspects of our home purchasing process. He was considerate and informative when talking through our thoughts on potential offers, and counter offers. He was also willing to work with us on trying to get a deal on the properties we were looking at, rather than encouraging us to make offers only close to asking price. At no point in our interactions did we ever felt like Jeff was pressuring us to make a decision, rather he talked through our thoughts to guide us to making our own. We would highly recommend Jeff Brooks in your home purchase! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Mon, 18 Feb 2019 03:25:05 +1000 811eWD65 Heather Jensen, Newport Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=8cbb42ee2545903cd904e25890dea4e5 I worked with Michele previously and it wasn't even a question as to who I called when I needed to begin the home search process again. As many times as I buy and sell property on the island is as many times as I will work with Michele. She is upfront, knowledgable, and someone who I have always felt had my best interest at heart, not only as a buyer, but for my own personal set of circumstances as well. I am an exceptionally detail oriented person, particularly with the home buying process. The first time I worked with Michele was the first time I bought a home and she was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions and even helping me to think of and consider things I wouldn't have known to care about. In fact, I asked so many detailed questions of the first agent I worked with (who to her credit was newer to the industry) that Michele ended up stepping in and taking over. For all of these reasons I worked with her again during my second home buying process which differed in a lot of ways, and yet again she answered my questions and was amazing to work with every step of the way. She is the best! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Fri, 15 Feb 2019 08:27:19 +1000 fd6a0erQ heather daglio, middletown Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=db10f7f44e1a1eb05298a6d75914febc we knew, from the moment we met her, that we were going to use caroline richards when the time came for us to buy/sell property in newport! a year after our initial introduction, here we are! she currently has the listing for our property in newport, and also represented us in our recent purchase of the home in middletown. i can say, with confidence, that she is the hardest working, most professional and knowledgeable, SMARTEST and most dedicated broker i have ever worked with. her attention to detail is unrivaled and she commucatea with us regularly with updates or information. love her! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Thu, 07 Feb 2019 08:46:57 +1000 b79da4L5 Dan & Heather from Boston Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=d04e0e53d32c74297a33795ca2d23aad My wife and I were blessed to have Caroline Richards working on our behalf during our recent real estate transactions. She is quite knowledgeable, trustworthy and hard working. She also communicates well and does the little things that can make a big difference! We would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about buying or selling a property in Newport. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Thu, 07 Feb 2019 06:26:36 +1000 8d30BLL5 Ryan Tucker, Warren RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=009ae1dfc20896d42178d385176e7a01 Jeff has an outstanding knowledge of real estate in the southern Rhode island and Massachusetts area. Jeff brought this property to my attention because he knew that it would be perfect for my business and residential needs and he was spot-on. Jeff was an outstanding representative for negotiations and was able to fluidly communicate between multiple parties and convey an accurate concise message that help the process move forward more smoothly. I would highly recommend Jeff to any buyers out there who want professional service and great knowledge of the market and an understanding of the value of what you are investing so much money in time then. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Tue, 05 Feb 2019 09:36:58 +1000 fd531y45 Ben Cusano,Providence,r.i. Seller Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=7be99e0fc486b063ae9ac34f04b5a372 Dealt with Tom before would highly recommend him to anyone Very good too work with Went very smoothly Didn’t deal with any one else Tom is very knowledgeable,patient and cares about his clients! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Fri, 18 Jan 2019 04:15:38 +1000 773fU6r5 Bronwyn, NYC Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=f9db46371cd80a5d75063d9f1be8a097 We worked with Michele Mullowney. She was excellent. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 28 Dec 2018 05:36:01 +1000 633cbgN5 Tom Axbey, Newport Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=30620c8af42928902817e956b8d6aa61 Michele knew the property and area very well, was always available and had great, detailed feedback. I was a remote buyer and she was key in helping source key vendors (inspectors, lawyers etc). I would not hesitate to use or recommend Michele in the future! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Sun, 23 Dec 2018 22:58:28 +1000 56bdLkY5 Sheri Baxter, Newport Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=d4b6ffe8945ef4d3d42cf79945b971ca Matt is a pleasure to work with. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Tue, 04 Dec 2018 06:33:23 +1000 ec1bjQB5 Brian’s and Rebecca Dougan Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=7925752b1f54505e3cc634dd580d5151 From the very first conversation we had with tommy regarding our interest in buying a home, he was nothing less than outstanding. He made it extremely easy (and exciting too!). There were a few times that we wanted to set up a showing ASAP, and he made it happen the same day to our astonishment! He was honest and I always felt like I had an advocate on our side during the showings and during the buying process. He was always reachable by phone, text or email. During the inspection process, there was a potential issue with the piping and tommy knew exactly who to call to come out and take a look and the plumber was there within 24 hours. It is examples like this that make me feel extremely satisfied with the entire process and in choosing Tommy. I would without question recommend tommy to my friends and family when buying a home he was exrremenyl thoufhtful after our closing and gave us a very nice gift card to a local establishment near our new house. Hogan associates-you have a very special broken working for you and you should be very proud!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Tue, 04 Dec 2018 06:21:27 +1000 8b3f5uh5 Bart van der Hoorst Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=ce0560be01863e660dfcac314ad07bf1 Thank you Caroline!! Working with you on the sale of my property was a pleasure. Your knowledge of the market combined with an unquestionable work ethic got my property sold in weeks vs months.!! Thank you for for going over and above in getting the job done! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Wed, 28 Nov 2018 07:45:09 +1000 e1e8hQB5 Jacqueline Savoie, Bristol RI Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=9ece976e72a76c61bda28fb6d936cbd0 Leslie is a professional in the true sense of the word. She has a broad knowledge of the market which comes with all her years of experience and complements her innate insight / intelligence. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Tue, 27 Nov 2018 10:08:50 +1000 411cEQB5 Richard J King, Newport RI Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=1264b936c46932ce1a7cc80eafb9b8d6 Caroline Richards was the agent for the seller when we bought our home, and she was obviously a great realtor. We decided it was in our best interest to have Caroline as our agent when we sell. Caroline is so pleasant that we just really enjoyed getting to know her. That is in addition to the professional job she did for us. Perfect service and results. Caroline was really just perfect at the entire process for us. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Thu, 15 Nov 2018 00:34:47 +1000 16e89iUq Sue, Tiverton Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=882f1c21a0baea94d70687662e314175 Holly is a valuable and trusted realtor partner. I couldn't have asked for a better process from beginning to end. She made the process so simple and streamlined for me and removed a lot of the stress of listing and selling a house.Everything from items to fix, to creative, inexpensive tips to staging my house, to getting the best valuation for my property. I truly felt like I was her only client. Not only did I get a great price for my house but it sold much faster than I would have ever expected. I credit this to Holly's knowledge of the local and surrounding markets, a great marketing campaign and being a fantastic real estate consultant. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Tue, 18 Sep 2018 00:32:45 +1000 aae4shNq Rob McMahon, Fairfield CT Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=201c62e2ea257f697c455b1625dbbcfa My wife and I have worked with Leslie Hogan on a number of occasions. In our many interactions over the years, Leslie has consistently proven herself to be amongst the most market knowledgeable and customer-centric real estate brokers we have worked with. She gets our highest ratings and endorsement! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Sun, 09 Sep 2018 02:55:59 +1000 8520l7Yq Eileen, Connecticut Seller Lynn Creighton https://www.realsatisfied.com/e1575/28cd6613ffe2363f256/img/?rand=d40c6816a8bfca8f6a3cdf7bc749183c Lynn Creighton worked diligently on our behalf. She makes you feel like you are her only client - very special. Her knowledge, professionalism, experience and warm and friendly personality make for an exceptional agent. Would not hesitate to recommend or use again. Thank you for everything, very much appreciated. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Lynn-Creighton Tue, 28 Aug 2018 23:44:47 +1000 46c7Vh9q Peter Stalkus and Barbara Plante Portsmouth RI Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=d10ad4348e5af9610d616487380fc332 Have bought and sold four other properties on Aquidneck Island over past thirty years. This transaction was the best experience, largely due to Holly. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 16 Aug 2018 04:08:56 +1000 07489MTm Michael Cashel Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=d5d84ea5dbdec0ad97c1dffb0d600467 Gordon King was an excellent ambassador of Newport. His local knowledge is fantastic, and he shares it willingly. Gordon has been incredibly helpful introducing us to contractirs,lawn care professionals and others. He is truly a full service realtor. We were thrilled to have him represent us. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Sun, 12 Aug 2018 02:34:51 +1000 3a0eCB7m Kyle Goodwin, Newport, RI Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=a9a411113991743b1cce7a399698f0bc We had a fantastic experience with Caroline Richards selling our home. Her knowledge of sales in our area was important to us. She was respectful of our needs: timeline for selling the home and scheduling showings. We were pleased at how quickly our home sold for the price we thought was appropriate. The entire process felt easy as she prepared us for each step in the closing process. We highly recommend Caroline. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Wed, 08 Aug 2018 05:53:41 +1000 bcb8W9im Bill Sprague, MA Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=5a300a74e5584608fe71a658df23cc62 Jeff was great to work with, particularly during some challenging times in our purchasing process. Jeff was very responsive and his local knowledge was, and continues to be, extremely valuable. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Thu, 02 Aug 2018 08:21:07 +1000 e16cV1Sm Steve P North Kingstown Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=9f00467785db893c6c11f36f23826356 Jeff was always monitoring the situation. He would always answer the phone or return your call promptly, he was almost always available and would use emails and internet effectively. Just a great experience and I hope he cando the same for my next property for sale 35-37 Hornet. Steve P https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Fri, 27 Jul 2018 05:08:44 +1000 29d74zbm Tom Rowe. Tiverton Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=6b8f8ed0d36bf4966fa3347a0b5ac1ac Great broker. Attentive to detail. Followed through. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Tue, 24 Jul 2018 04:07:57 +1000 9071h2ym Sherry Bucolo 147 Lawrence drive, Portsmouth. Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=1062171c466498b5ce1ee67a487003a3 Cathy was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood and was very honest about what my expectation should be on a sales price. Cathy was also very thorough and updated me every step of the way. As an out of state seller if you need to feel comfortable that you’re taken care of at the house so that I didn’t have to worry about any overall Cathy did And outstanding job. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 19 Jul 2018 22:11:12 +1000 25b4teLm Dick Svelta & Joe Kelly Buyer Lynn Creighton https://www.realsatisfied.com/e1575/28cd6613ffe2363f256/img/?rand=e2d7670a3fb4a1e18c53eef3a7de9d53 Lynn Creighton is a real pro...and great to deal with!!! You did a fine job! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Lynn-Creighton Thu, 19 Jul 2018 02:31:02 +1000 d00cUfnm Sabine Feldmann, Newport RI Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=6d33d26d48c5299a48779397f06b638b Matt Hadfield was hands-down the best broker we have ever worked with! He was always professional, extremely knowledgeable, very responsive and we truly felt he had our best interest in mind. He wasn’t “salesy” at all, but very patient and consistently pleasant. There is no doubt we will use Matt again for our next home purchase/sale and we cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Newport, Matt Hadfield should definitely be your top choice. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Tue, 17 Jul 2018 06:52:15 +1000 6c29NJ4m Madelyn and Bill Hart Newport, RI and NY , NY Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=9708f5e76b9736cbd6a643799afc3821 We loved TOM. He is a great negotiator and tons of fun to work with. We look forward to working with him again https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Fri, 13 Jul 2018 01:48:37 +1000 4801lqxm Lisa Tincknell Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=7f2b7fcac16606566dcd35e77c9d9572 Originally I was looking at a property on line and requested information. Kevan responded within seconds. We met up and I was very impressed by his knowledge and follow up. I decided I would work with Kevan moving forward. It was refreshing when I would tell him a place was not for me and not get the "normal" feedback that I could change things within the property and what a great buy. He simply stated we would keep looking and he would keep all channels open and if anything came down line he would contact me. I was impressed that Kevan was more concerned about getting the right property for me and not just thinking about the final sale. I have worked with other realtors and Kevan is by far the most professional, helpful and knowledgeable. His follow up skill are by far superior than others. It was refreshing that I did not have to call to follow up on what was going on. He never gave me time, he always got back to me! Even within the details of a condo's management and how well the association was managed he was able to provide insight. For the property I purchased, everything fell into place perfectly. Kevan had sent me a text at 2 pm in the afternoon on this property that was just getting onto the market. He knew this was the location I wanted and made sure he sent to me first thing. By 5:30 pm I was at the property and by 7 pm I made an offer. Kevan worked with the other realtor and made it clear on my offer and an answer was needed by the next day. We had an answer that night and all the pieces to the puzzle fell into place. Working with an individual that is trying to meet my needs and not just thinking about a sale was refreshing. Getting me into the right property at the right time and the right price was Kevan's priority. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 11 Jul 2018 23:37:02 +1000 06abwfnm Richard, Jamestown RI Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=951aacb40e3e252d27cffab524d1262e Gordon cared to learn all the workings of the property being sold. He always answered his phone when I called and was always on time with appointments. Friendly and helpful, never pushy. Understood the market. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Wed, 11 Jul 2018 16:18:39 +1000 29f2Eoxm Tarleton Watkins, Bristol, Rhode Island Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=acd55658503d27512629bc2b8c27723d Caroline "cold-called" my wife and me a few years ago. Both of us were very impressed with her initiative, intelligence and her drive to succeed. When the time came to put our house on the market, Caroline managed the process brilliantly and the house sold remarkably quickly. Caroline also acted as our agent for the purchase of our new home which turned out to be an extremely complex and difficult situation . Again, she tackled all the obstacles that emerged in this purchase and she succeeded in closing the deal for us. Before, during and after the sale of our previous home and the purchase of our new one, Caroline has been such a helpful and proactive partner with us. She makes the process seem effortless, even when the going gets rough. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Mon, 09 Jul 2018 06:20:47 +1000 61db9fxm Michael Bradley, Pawtucket Buyer Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=6a14b04f9b2aaa9970e9d4e165a65af8 We came into the process not knowing much because this was our first time. Finding your first home can be intimidating at times , but Janie walked us through every process and made sure that we understood what the next step was. My wife and I were very please and will definitely use Janie's services again. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Thu, 05 Jul 2018 23:50:34 +1000 16b63WRm Gary - Newport Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=ffdd4761884497054afde386f35ddd35 Gordon went above and beyond to help me understand the local market. He was extremely responsive, answering questions late at night, early in the morning and anytime in between. I would highly recommend anyone I come across to use Gordon as their agent when purchasing or selling. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to meet and work with him. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Tue, 03 Jul 2018 00:56:54 +1000 13a4mUvm Fred Girolamo Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=4f9ee9057f0ab39ce9977a22a274ee7f Gordon was professional, extremely knowledgeable, efficient and very polite and friendly. I would certainly recommend Gordon to friends and family. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Mon, 02 Jul 2018 22:52:19 +1000 3a7bQUvm Carol O’Donnell, Newport, RI Buyer Lynn Creighton https://www.realsatisfied.com/e1575/28cd6613ffe2363f256/img/?rand=5b0922704d6dde71cffdb438bf19f31e We recognized Lynn Creighton’s skills when she represented the seller of a home we purchased years ago. She was very professional and brought information to our attention that reflected breadth of knowledge and experience. As a result, we sought her advice over the years and remained in contact. The Hogan representatives were a pleasure to deal with. They offered professional and personalized services above and beyond what we expected. I am greatly appreciative of Lynn’s knowledge of Newport real estate and the mortgage community. She worked with us over the years providing us with market updates. It was helpful that she knew us and what we would like and what we needed. When she told us she found what we were looking for, she was totally right! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Lynn-Creighton Sat, 30 Jun 2018 05:30:57 +1000 9b2bASJm melissa wyman tiverton Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=5abf2c27fdcce3df52671df1c2bb8dfb Very friendly and super hardworking. I always felt like her main priority and mine her only property. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Wed, 27 Jun 2018 10:26:57 +1000 1bd9rARm Jon Devolve, Tiverton Seller Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=de0ad7642c869ed90829619753c80065 Emily helped to sell our house. Her knowledge in the home inspection process was first class. A+ Don’t hesitate to call and ask for Emily for your local real estate needs!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Wed, 20 Jun 2018 21:15:27 +1000 14c58uIm Jon Devolve, Tiverton Buyer Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=b89f1d86c8845e986affb1361763a6b2 Emily knows her stuff. She’s diligent, thoughtful, and works for her clients best interests. Emily worked to make sure we were taken care of. She helped guide us throughout the buying process and provided valuable guidance. If you’re in need of a realtor in the east bay, i would highly recommend Emily. Top notch realtor. Trust Emily to get you your next home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Wed, 20 Jun 2018 21:11:22 +1000 0de4suIm Jennifer , Connecticut Buyer Chris Davis https://www.realsatisfied.com/5c600/a79f14ee43df1c3033/img/?rand=6c431177f24c8e8d4ca51db3e34b0e68 Chris was very helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of the purchase of my condo. All aspects of the sale went smoothly. I was kept informed at every step. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Chris-Davis-2 Wed, 20 Jun 2018 06:10:35 +1000 26019kIm Dave Green, Aquidneck Island Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=6bcef9acab5973b34f07cb6e629477a5 Matt, was a great help in making the deal happen. He helped move the process along where he had the ability to do so. If you're looking for a friendly knowledgeable resource to help you in the area use Matt Hadfield! Thanks Matt! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Thu, 14 Jun 2018 07:56:17 +1000 ff76asRm Mark and Carina, Portsmouth Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=fb6551e732e3ffe6b666583250f5721b Kevin was superb in every aspect of this transaction. Living in Florida and buying new construction, Kevin did a fantastic job of keep us appraised of the construction status and sent photos as certain jobs were completed. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Tue, 05 Jun 2018 05:25:44 +1000 8fceWNBm Rick Glynn, Easton MA Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=3e2bc0e33efbb4ee8264ecc25a8525e3 Our experience finding and purchasing a condo in Newport with Caroline Richards from Hogan Associates was exemplary in every way. From the search itself, to the paperwork needed, to the walk through, to the close, everything was perfect! Thank you Caroline! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Fri, 01 Jun 2018 12:43:43 +1000 5cadY0Bm Mark Aramli Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=7dc99ab89a6766d0c4b13fa2476864db Tom Rao knows the Newport market well and is an asset as a buyers agent. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Fri, 18 May 2018 07:31:40 +1000 d429rQiQ Laurie & Steve Piserchia Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=8caddd1eb4eeddb39000ee7cc32241b0 Purchasing a home is stressful, both financially and emotionally. Caroline’s knowledge and professionalism helped make the process less stressful. Not only did she help us understand the Newport real estate market but she was instrumental in helping us find the right house for us. Caroline was wonderfully helpful. We are extremely happy with the service she provided us! She is hands down the best agent we have ever purchased a home with! She rates 2 thumbs up and 5 gold stars with us! We are extremely happy that we were able to work with Caroline Richards in the purchase of our house. She helped make our transaction smooth from the beginning to the end. At every step of the purchase process she was there to help and guide us. Thank you, Caroline!!! Caroline Richards is truly a rockstar agent! Please see previous comments- Caroline is great! We love Hogan Associates! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Tue, 15 May 2018 01:01:00 +1000 9c6aeDUQ Vineet Portsmouth RI Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=8b1f6ffa810f67ccea2d8a0ca50354b3 Great customer service and very responsive. Great worker all around and makes the job get done! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Thu, 10 May 2018 07:01:16 +1000 b1bcBdbQ M and L from Utah and Newport Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=38b2ebd112f36d83a8c5789b32a111e1 We went under contract while in another state. He was our eyes and ears on the ground. He took pictures and videos he sent us as if we were there. He met with my sister who lives in the area and that was very helpful. Kevan Campbell was always upbeat positive, available and very professional. The closing went well. Oh my God, He went the extra mile. I was staying at the unit, a couple of days and developed severe allergies and I had company coming to spend one night, who has pet allergies (prior owners had a nice little dog) The place was very clean and presented very nice. I just got a new vacuum. Kevan had made arrangements to have a usually a very reliable person come over to take care of this concern while I was out of town overnight. The person had a family emergency. Guest who came over to take care of this concern, Kevan Campbell. He got out the new vacuum cleaner and he took care of the problem with the most upbeat, positive attitude with no complaining. That is going beyond the normal client/agent relationship. He is all about customer service. Hogan Associates should be very pleased to have someone of this caliber, ability and skill set. Very well rounded and does his all to make you feel at home in your new home. Thank you again Kevan Campbell, job well done. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Thu, 10 May 2018 04:07:17 +1000 26c0WvVQ L Lemisch Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=8bc0f2e11dfbcc000deee61b5ebbbc12 My home buying experience with Tom Rao was excellent. As a first time buyer, he walked me through the process every step of the way....from initially researching and looking at properties, to negotiating my purchase price and finally being there on closing day. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire process. Tom was always readily available to answer any questions that arose. I would highly recommend Tom Rao to anyone looking to buy our sell their home in Rhode Island. He was top notch! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Sat, 05 May 2018 06:31:46 +1000 7d00WWZQ William & Susan Farrell, Newport, RI Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=a0de341b738f941a1d7946addbee52d0 We saw a listing on Zillow and my wife filled out the form. Less than two minutes after filling out the form, Gordon called us. We were very impressed. Gordon is the epitome of a what a real estate agent should be. We were so pleased with Gordon that we had no problem recommending him to our CPA. Susan and I would not be in our new home had it not been for Gordon and Caroline, his fellow broker. They both worked tirelessly on bringing to market three homes for sale and the purchase of a fourth. It was needless to say a complicated scenario. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Mon, 30 Apr 2018 12:02:00 +1000 c5fbm61Q Talia Walsh, Portsmouth Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=32a809395d4bec7acc5c494761d89a39 Jeff was amazing and we cannot sing his praises enough! I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a realtor in the Aquidneck Island area. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 28 Apr 2018 06:56:06 +1000 130bFBOQ William & Susan Farrell Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=0d05d2812c48e529af864346ffaffcb3 Caroline did an excellent job representing us, preparing our properties for sale, dealing with tenants etc Caroline work along with Gordon King, the agent who first called us. Gordon is another excellent agent. My wife and I were thoroughly satisfied with Caroline, we have already referred someone else to her. Caroline was easy to deal with, she was approachable and she had an excellent understanding of our concerns. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Tue, 24 Apr 2018 10:40:09 +1000 02e2rF1Q Meaghan Susi, Warwick Buyer Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=a0d9a5304b972f9151003e0c902b741f Emily Chappell was excellent on all aspects of the process of purchasing a home. What I thought would be a very stressful process was actually quite opposite. Emily was always helpful, informative, knowledgeable and timely. The next steps in the process were always clearly communicated, so there was never any confusion as to where we stood. She even helped me pack up, and unload the truck on my closing day! I would recommend Emily Chappell to anyone! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Thu, 19 Apr 2018 23:39:57 +1000 f5d32olQ Tom Newport,RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=df413f44f792706e6166f636319dece7 Cathy did great job for us both selling our existing home and finding a new one. We will highly recommend her to our friends. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Wed, 11 Apr 2018 04:51:02 +1000 cbdfkV0Q Jim and Susan. Lincoln, RI Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=b708e4a01d8d97426c7eb5ff234af0f1 This is the third P&S we have experienced with Tom Rao. Each one was handled with precision and an excellent Broker to Client experience. Tom is very knowledgeable in partnering the right home and town with it’s new owner. He listened to what we were looking for regarding the area of Rhode Island we wanted to live in and the type of house we were trying to find. His warm demeanor and excellent networking abilities provided us with the utmost care and respect that promoted our house sale to close without any glitches. Very admirable in today’s market. Thanks Tom! Jim and Susan, Lincoln, RI https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Thu, 05 Apr 2018 09:13:10 +1000 5467lX5Q Alan Bolton, Newport RI Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=3c94e08e3a2b34d68bd5487a346b0f71 It's a pleasure to have Caroline Richards as our real estate agent. She never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. I would highly recommend her over any broker, as you will receive the best service any agent can provide. She is a great asset when selling or purchasing a home or building. We are blessed to have Caroline Richards as our agent! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Thu, 29 Mar 2018 06:50:17 +1000 8f1fucQQ Lori Baxter, Rhode island Seller Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=7ceaa9db805d8aafdca08842b961ba75 Tom Rao is the best! He is patient and persistent. He is a go getter for sure. He has a can do attitude. And he sold our property in a timely fashion. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Wed, 21 Mar 2018 07:31:06 +1000 9f8dZgQQ Kathi Duffy-Thorpe, Swansea Seller Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=6421f0029fb5544a0a917d6b5b52c844 My home was only on the market for a short period of time, so that was very important to me as the seller. The photos Emily took of the house for advertising helped to highlight the features of my old house and I believe that is why the property sold so quickly. Emily was always available to answer questions and provide a prompt response as needed. As we approached the closing date Emily provided open communication and follow-up to all the details required to make the closing go smoothly. My experience with Hogan Associates and Emily was positive and I would recommend both. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Wed, 14 Mar 2018 03:41:01 +1000 9c13vXRQ Rosalba Hiraldo, Rhode Island. Buyer Janie Aracil https://www.realsatisfied.com/a2635/0bc62614095b33ba81f/img/?rand=a3da1aee71e61ef5ae37db94ec32bac6 I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service you provided on the process of buying my home. Your attention to detail, great communication skills, and ready smile made the experience even better than I expected. I won't hesitate to bring future clients to you. Thank you for the hard work and your great customer service. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Janie-Aracil Tue, 13 Mar 2018 07:46:45 +1000 5f40TXRQ DWA Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=ef87c4fcdc92080ae3c89e87567c50c6 Caroline Richards handled our desire for a relatively fast result beautifully. I believe that she has a strong professional command of the market in the greater Newport area, and that she also knows how to connect with brokers on the other side of the transaction. She believes, as Benjamin Franklin did, that good transactions benefit both parties. This is an important ingredient for being in business for a long time, and slowly growing a list of highly satisfied clients. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Fri, 09 Mar 2018 02:26:02 +1000 f344kBaI Nancy Sasso - Newport RI Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=5e5685459cfb60d921fbfd7770b2970f Leslie sent a direct marketing email to me which was very informative in addition to dropping off material (and a pair of warm gloves) to my house. Leslie was very wise when it came to pricing my house. She was very quick to organize all that needed to get done to get it on the market fast even going through with an open house during a snow storm which brought out many people. Leslie is a true professional! From beginning to end Leslie handled every part of the sale with professionalism, excellent communication and experienced knowledge of the real estate market. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Mon, 05 Mar 2018 22:16:11 +1000 7863P0hQ Portsmouth, RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=0e27639c50b57ee7383452d58b4a4638 My wife and I have used Cathy’s services five times so far. I would highly recommend Cathy for your real estate needs. She is knowledgeable, experienced and very easy to work with. We look forward to working with Cathy on Future deals. Jay and Anna Zambrano. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 22 Feb 2018 12:49:51 +1000 4263JbBQ Bill and Joan Gale Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=b8a5e42d8a814118a15e7cbbe544519f Holly was such a pleasure to work with. She is so knowledgable and accomplished but put no pressure on us to accept anything but the offer we wanted. She was responsive and patient when demands from prospective buyer got challenging. I would recommend (and have) Holly without reservation to friends or family and will contract with her again in any future real estate transactions we may enter into. As a result of our professional relationship, I feel she has become a friend. Even though the closing has come and gone, she keeps in touch to see how we are doing. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 22 Feb 2018 04:31:53 +1000 7ef4cfBQ Mark. Charlestown Buyer Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=7509757953b22939662652ee6cf27e21 Diane Harrison was tremendous during my search process. Very patient and If I liked a home had a viewing within hours. She was knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend Diane to everyone. Mark https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Thu, 15 Feb 2018 07:38:55 +1000 b2b8ddtI Lori and Mark Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=3bd4e368fb2616d3e895858034b825c6 Matt Hadfield was referred to us through friends who are very familiar with the local market, having bought and sold a number of residential and commercial properties. After working with Matt and his associate Michelle Mullowney, it was easy to see why he was enthusiastically recommended. He guided us through the buying process with what seemed like relative ease. However, behind the scenes, Matt worked diligently to help us zero in on our home and to ultimately close the deal. He always asked for feedback and listened to it to effectively guide us through an array of choices. Whether or not we liked a house he showed us, each appointment got us closer to the home we ended up buying. We're looking forward to enjoying our new home and are delighted that Matt could make it happen. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Sat, 10 Feb 2018 10:21:15 +1000 05b71A7I Laura and Gary Relle, Bristol, RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=f35f64704484a954da84b2075c6644b5 My lawyer recommended Cathy Wicks. She was so helpful with many details. She never made me feel bad when I asked so many questions.I truly was blessed to have Cathy to work helping me through this process. She sent many pictures of open houses. She is very gifted, gave informative guidance, and extremely encouraging. If you are looking for a dedicated woman who will go above and beyond her call, you would be wise to work with Cathy Wicks. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 09 Feb 2018 15:42:11 +1000 9c8ddO7I Skot and Maxine Siegler Miami Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=c16617a04b15c2786b2c8a42fcf969c9 Kevan is a true professional I have never dealt with a broker who went so far out of his way to accommodate his customer We are real estate brokers in Florida and would be thrilled to have and agent who is so professional and so dedicated as Kevan We are happy to say we would just able to recommend Kevan to friends and clients of ours who are looking in the area https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Fri, 02 Feb 2018 07:43:52 +1000 b73d7FkI Debra Malouf, Phoenix AZ Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=be30a75f03496d3e1e798e68d8283738 I have worked with Cathy Wicks in the past and consulted her in the interim prior to deciding to sell this property. Because Cathy has extensive knowledge and experience in this particular area of Newport, I trusted her implicitly. Her track record and personal relationships with people who would be involved in the sale made it a no-brainer to have her represent me. Aside from my previous comments, Cathy represented me well as I live out of state and depended 100% on her efficacy and communication with all involved. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 01 Feb 2018 04:40:26 +1000 a56exAiI Alice, Newport, RI Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=15b5688f34cee3418fe63a93db5b41d8 Holly McLear was positive, knowledgeable, energetic and available when I had questions or concerns. She help us negotiate a great deal and kept us motivated during the difficult process of selling our out of state home so we could purchase our local perfect dream home. Thanks! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Wed, 31 Jan 2018 01:30:24 +1000 b298xjXI Sarah Chappell Buyer Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=7eaf133a62d7643406a529574ab9414f Overall, I am very pleased with the entire sales process. Emily was very knowledgeable and made what could be a daunting process, an exciting one. Emily took care of everything and delivered exactly what I was looking for. She asked all of the right questions, listened, and delivered. I had a lot of questions throughout the process and she answered them in a very timely manner! I would recommend Emily Chappell to any one who is looking to buy or rent in Rhode Island or MA. She was exceptional. I will absolutely use Emily as my agent when I am buying a home in the future. She knows the area, listens to what her clients want, and delivers. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Fri, 26 Jan 2018 06:06:25 +1000 dc1ckhSI Kathy O'Brien, Houston, Texas Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=db0e32ce0da92ce9d438af825b6043cb The negotiation process took months to complete, and Leslie was extremely patient, understanding and professional in communicating with us, our lawyer and the sellers' realtor. She is very familiar with the Newport area, and has, in fact, introduced us to some of our future neighbors (at our encouragement, of course). https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 25 Jan 2018 02:36:30 +1000 e281SdsI douglas obrien, houston tx Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=4a9d9d3111195c0e7aa5bbdf0beef641 Leslie had great local knowledge of landscapers, builders, and permit experts. We were buying a property to build on, and being from out of state, needed her advice and referrals to make a good decision. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 25 Jan 2018 02:34:42 +1000 cbc0sdsI Elaine N, CT Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=6be0aed9783683bcde8080a3005cb103 I was referred to Caroline from another Hogan broker who was a listing agent on another property. I immediately liked Caroline and felt her knowledge of the area and the market as well as her demeanor were a great fit for us in our search. Caroline was superb to work with through all aspects of our purchase. On the ball, very knowledgeable, focused on details, not pushy but results focused. She understood what we were looking for and didn’t try to just make the sale. Process was very smooth and painless. Caroline helped make it stress-free which is a big deal considering how big a decision buying a home is. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Wed, 17 Jan 2018 14:35:13 +1000 031aGYcI Michael/Lisa Thornhill Seller Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=c9fffc9645df73c578d10ac477ddd331 Thanks again for all your help. We will raise a glass together this Summer, we promise. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Mon, 01 Jan 2018 09:44:28 +1000 94ad4yCI John and Inez Trigg, Medfield, MA Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=bde70e0fc83424bd86210c7f8e63f6e4 Gordon was incredibly responsive and attentive throughout the entire process. He was a real pleasure to work with. We feel like we have a solid contact and support as we transition to becoming landlords in the Newport area. We love Gordon! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Sat, 30 Dec 2017 00:54:12 +1000 b250YiLI Mary Ellen Ferrara. Portsmouth, RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=b8de47486d6cfe1d8902c193dd8fae13 We were happy to have Cathy on our team as our facilitator. She was conscientious and very detailed. Cathy Wicks was very easy to reach by text message. Got right back to us with answers to all our questions. Awesome broker!!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 08 Dec 2017 13:23:01 +1000 d027NovI Jon, Portsmouth Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=e8472edaa6bc4ae10e44704586f61139 Kevan was great in every aspect. He was knowledgeable about the areas we were searching in and was able to provide helpful insight along the way. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Thu, 07 Dec 2017 12:41:20 +1000 9717GovI Jay and Anna Zambrano Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=6426d9626c24b13564c6d5c494f7d1b5 Cathy is a great realtor with great knowledge. We will use her service in the our next purchase. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 07 Dec 2017 07:46:04 +1000 4eb9oovI Kathy Winters, Middletown Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=7e0e36e13a41348db52a6539dcc2e8a9 Matt was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood we were interested in and he provided excellent advice during the negotiating phase of our purchase. I’d be happy to work with Matt again! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 01 Dec 2017 09:05:57 +1000 888fn1EI Sean G RI Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=0452b7dca377d793366612bdfe6626b8 Holly was a great agent !!! Holly wanted to make sure that I got the best property for the best value. She had my best intrest the whole time. I fee lucky I found her. And I would recomend her to any family or friends. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 30 Nov 2017 04:38:20 +1000 654dU6qI Frank and Theresa Consoli Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=21dad0963312fb23f6d2b2cdf016b51e Caroline Richards is a true professional and was a pleasure to work with. She understood our needs from our first conversation and exceeded our expectations in every category. We picked Caroline Richards because of her extensive knowledge of the local community and real estate experience. Caroline is the best realtor we have ever worked with throughout the years and is highly recommended. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Fri, 17 Nov 2017 03:49:53 +1000 2c8bUsYI Yuri and Cynthia Grapov, Sutton MA Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=767eceda85323edd9763e0c6bb405d71 We have appreciated Kevan Campbell's knowledge of the local market, and his helpfulness. We will continue to use his services in the future https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 15 Nov 2017 11:03:06 +1000 f1cePZzI Karen, Middletown Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=f840f4f54ef2bd15ff5ee828ff17b0d8 Holly McLear was very patient, honest, detail oriented, and listened to what we were looking for. We appreciated her feedback and her extensive knowledge of the area and the neighborhood. Holly was very helpful in negotiating with the other broker during our transaction as well as addressing issues that arose during the inspection. She was very accommodating and readily available. We would recommend her whole heartedly! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Wed, 11 Oct 2017 11:43:24 +1000 1ef985io Mariya Thunman Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=b840346f4ccc75837888cb729efbfb50 Cathy was wonderful, very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to both preparing the house to be sold and to sell it. I would recommend Cathy to my friends or anybody needing a great realtor. Thank you Cathy! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Wed, 04 Oct 2017 12:43:33 +1000 56fa3Cdo Sophie Devon, Newport, RI Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=3da6591a3fba7a950a2dc6db16af164d I chose Leslie Hogan because she has an impeccable reputation as an outstanding realtor for high-end properties throughout the Newport, RI area. Since she commands an excellent understanding of the local the real estate market my condo was appropriately priced to sell promptly. Leslie is a consummate real estate sales professional. She is an excellent communicator, a hard worker, and most of all a genuinely kind and caring person. I thoroughly enjoyed my overall sales experience and would highly recommend her! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Mon, 25 Sep 2017 10:40:25 +1000 059971Co Mike and Taylor Brendlinger. Portsmouth, RI Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=66b4a640d253c2d4961a458cec3c5ff8 Holly was extremely professional and had extensive knowledge of the area. House hunting was a stress free experience because we knew Holly had the experience to provide us with information regarding new listings as well as being accomdating to our busy schedule. My wife and I would highly recommend Holly. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Sat, 23 Sep 2017 09:26:40 +1000 c340aWCo Katie Hennessey, Newport Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=5add2df5ee9110f161965b9a324b899a Holly was fantastic to work with and was always very responsive. She really knows Newport. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Sat, 26 Aug 2017 07:29:13 +1000 fc20lC0o Patricia Noonan Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=37941136057af4ed0dd11dbcf34ed8d8 Leslie Hogan is the consummate professional and precisely what a seller would want in a real estate agent. She thinks ahead, she is savvy and knows the market, and she conducts herself with poise and class, which connotes the same about the property that she is representing. Most importantly, she delivers results! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Fri, 25 Aug 2017 23:20:38 +1000 96c49rQo Peggy Schreiner Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=e936ade586d059000b0251e34e39a620 Cathy is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, friendly and thorough. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 25 Aug 2017 07:13:04 +1000 ad3dLS0o Frank and Patricia Noonan, Bristol, RI Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=65acffb4f23284fa9182474c01346436 We decided to sell the house last October and notified Leslie immediately. She drafted a marketing and information plan that created interest in the house during the winter season when the market is at its lowest point and was ready for a more aggressive rollout in the spring. The photography and description of the house captured its many features and attracted the right potential buyers. We sold the house to the second prospect who had some unusual requests and other significant complications that were satisfied with creativity to end up with a closing in fewer than sixty days from receipt of the first offer. Given the small market for this expensive and complex property the marketing plan was on the mark and the selling price was as well. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 17 Aug 2017 11:36:34 +1000 e5f4jrQo Mark Edwards Pinehurst, North Carolina Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=42e93187632d0e2453b6fd22ce2601db We are from out of state. Although we had visited Newport on a couple of occasions, we had no knowledge of the Real Estate Market. I saw a listing of Holly's and contacted her. She responded immeadiately and spent a lot of time hearing what we were interested in. I flew in to Newport and met her and she made arrangements for me to see multiple properties. She provided wonderful insight into the area and was right on target regarding the properties selected to tour. We mad an offer on one of the properties and multiple offers came in. Holly was great through this stressful process and did everything required to assist us in getting the Deal Done. Part of the negotiation stipulated the Closing had to be completed in a very tight time frame. Holly was great in providing all the information about utilities, insurance and Closing agents that we needed. We closed remotely with No issues. The entire process was extremely simple and stress free. Well Done!! I would Highly Recommend Holly McLear and her office to Out of State Buyers. Mark Edwards Pinehurst, North Carolina https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Tue, 15 Aug 2017 21:52:04 +1000 fd86DyIo B.Binnie Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=03392cf9eec8c7f38a51da88d8b17d93 Terrific Job on locating a dock-condo for me! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Tue, 15 Aug 2017 01:04:18 +1000 a0f3G1zo Mark G Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=f7d6c973a6e87660a26ac34b1493c239 Gordon was extremely communicative when signing the original Purchase and Sale Agreement. Closing was delayed due to delay in preparation of closing documents by Seller and Seller's Counsel, but Gordon went out of his way to assist in pushing things along as much as possible. As I am located out of state, it was also helpful to have someone with Gordon's level of dedication "on the ground" to keep us apprised as to developments. He even attended the closing in order to ensure that things were moving smoothly. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Mon, 07 Aug 2017 01:38:20 +1000 5b96NLzo Jason and Sarah, Orlando/Newport Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=ef5020cc697e0787b3a892dea36c7ab0 It was clear from our first conversation the Holly McLear was knowledge, friendly, flexible, high-energy and direct. She turned out to be a fantastic resource and we were lucky to find her. Whole process was surprisingly smooth We found a friend and Realtor! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Fri, 04 Aug 2017 06:51:38 +1000 b847Jezo Molly J., Providence Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=b0eeaa94ce95ea2d866144bfbeb88e00 We are first-time home buyers who worked with Gordon King to purchase a multi-family home in Providence, RI. We can't recommend Gordon enough, for experienced home buyers and novices alike! We met Gordon at an open house almost a year before we ultimately purchased our home. Gordon stood out amongst other realtors because he is exceedingly patient, kind, and didn't push us to make any rash decisions. During our home search process, we saw 30+ homes and made multiple offers. Gordon never flinched, even as we changed our target from Newport to Providence, single family to multi family, and historic to contemporary. Gordon is calm, tolerant, and knowledgeable -- a real pleasure to work with. During the actual home purchase process, Gordon went out of his way on many occasions. For example, he hand-delivered our down payment, and he coordinated not one but three inspections (home inspector, contractor, structural engineer). He dealt with a very challenging selling agent and he never complained, not even when our home purchase cut into his vacation! As first time home buyers, we were especially happy to have such a patient realtor to walk us through the process. Gordon really knows the Rhode Island market through and through, and manages to make the experience understandable and clear. We can't recommend him highly enough! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Sun, 30 Jul 2017 11:17:04 +1000 14b6Wqeo Paul Filippi, Block Island Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=7abe62af18bfe26f126bb9ba653979c9 Cathy is extremely knowledgable about the local market and she had a vast network of professionals and real estate experts to work with. I don't think we could have accomplished our goals without Cathy , and we look forward to working with her again soon. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Tue, 27 Jun 2017 23:52:12 +1000 7ab1qhOf Scott A Morrison, Little Compton Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=a55534e9a7a405e138cfc57471478460 Matt was the seller's agent when we bought the property eight years earlier. We were very impressed by him then, so sought him out when it was time for us to sell. He had an excellent feel for the market and a well articulated strategy for pricing the property. We had two cash offers within 48 hours of listing the property and ended up selling it at the asking price. He continued to offer excellent advice from signing the P&S through closing. We wouldn't use anyone else. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Sat, 17 Jun 2017 11:45:24 +1000 71c5Lawf Paula & Ellyn, Pawtucket, RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=a33d660bdfe909cbc720eb31d60eee68 We felt like we were in such good hands with Cathy. She is super knowledgeable at what she does. I would highly recommend Cathy Wicks to anyone looking to buy a house....and we would certainly call on her again in the future if we ever wanted to sell. I had bought 2 houses in Massachusetts years ago and I have to say that Cathy was... and is, by far, the best agent that I have dealt with. Buying a house is very stressful and Cathy was awesome to work with. She was so efficient in returning emails and calls making the buying process a little less stressful and a little more like an enjoyable experience. We will be forever grateful to Cathy for helping us find our perfect home! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sat, 10 Jun 2017 03:25:40 +1000 44cfcIJf Mackenzie Conlin Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=fb9d3ca80b2839d92cfcae7203b79bf8 Holly did a wonderful job for us. She is efficient, quick and trustworthy. Scott and I felt comfortable with Holly taking the reins and a dealing with the little stuff as we live out of state. Sensible and honest, we could not be happier with our selection of realtor. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Wed, 07 Jun 2017 01:01:17 +1000 bbdcWIJf M. Aboyoun, Newport, RI Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=0ae760128a42e40220e61fc7d31d2e0a I requested that no sign would be put up. Holly said we could hold off a little while, but it is a very good selling tool. With joy, no sign was necessary. The beginning of the sales was a bit difficult because I was away and hard to get hold of. However, Holly found ways to make it work. Holly gave me a much better "money value" than the others. Holly was correct in what she chose for me. Holly gave direct answers to my MANY questions. She showed great skill in keeping everything organized and up to date. Holly was considerate of the home's connection to me and took the time to make this all work. She is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and so considerate. I have and I will recommend Holly to my friends. The suggestion I was given of asking Holly to be my realtor was such a good choice. The other two persons that were interviewed we not in her league. Keep working your magic Holly! I will miss having to communicate with Holly. She is a very "UP" personality and carries you up with her help and knowledge. She listens to your concerns and responds with her wisdom of how it all will WORK! Great pictures of my house! The touches of moving a few things here and there by either Holly or the photographer was the correct thing to do. The sale was emotional for me, but Holly walked gently on through it all. She showed respect for things that mattered to me. I feel very content with the way this complete sale process went. AND SO HAPPY IT IS DONE!!!!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Sat, 03 Jun 2017 04:14:38 +1000 401bOIJf D. Allen, Newport, RI Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=297be0c21971ae4f8a933b688bdbceb6 If you're thinking of using Caroline Richards....read on! We chose to use Caroline as we were impressed by her intense Wall Street job she had before she went into cutthroat real estate. We could tell she'd be a serious, hardworking realtor. We were right. Caroline sold our house in 24 hours to the first couple who walked in the door- and not wanting to put all our eggs in that basket, she nimbly lined up two back-up offers! All of her beautiful marketing campaign never had to be used in our sale though the website did go up and it was gorgeous. Her pricing of our house was dead-on and we didn't question it for a split second. On a professional and personal level, Ms. Richards was warm, totally accessible and helped us navigate the sale of our house with finesse and a sunny disposition every step of the way. If you follow Caroline's advice, you won't be disappointed! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Thu, 25 May 2017 08:39:16 +1000 42d69ymf R. Allen, Newport, RI Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=71e4bfac9de074fdd0ce3f41b19d3f66 Caroline had just sold our previous house (in 12 hours!) so it was a shoe-in that we would work with her to purchase a new house. She is smart, organized,conscientious and worked her tail off for my husband and me. It was a no brainer we'd use her to purchase our next house. Caroline was above and beyond excellent in getting us the house we loved and had been drooling over. Her 24/7 service was always with a big smile. Our purchase with her by our side was seamless (at least from what we as the clients could see, which is all that really matters!) and everything she recommended, we followed her orders;) You absolutely cannot find a more professional or dedicated broker who knows the market in Newport inside and out- as she is a longtime (extremely bright) resident of Newport. My own mother, a very successful residential realtor of 45 years, set the bar very high for my pre-conceived ideas about how realtors should work, and Caroline met or exceeded those expectations by far. Thank you Caroline! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Thu, 25 May 2017 08:05:30 +1000 1cbcQ1mf Richard Fairgrieve Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=19bab8a36c4add34ae43209137350768 We had a very difficult closing due to a very uncooperative seller. We don't think we could have completed the purchase without her. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Fri, 19 May 2017 03:33:38 +1000 a0978eof Stephanie Hessler; Portsmouth, RI Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=1489852fe5d34d43126c41a6827232d0 Jeff Brooks maintained regular and professional contact during our early stages of home shopping Jeff kept us informed and educated thru all steps of the process. Jeff had Emily help us view a few homes while he was out of the country and she was super friendly and helpful as well. Jeff was great to work with; I have a long work schedule and he was easy to communicate with after hours which was super helpful for me as a working mom. We are super happy to be in our new home. Thank you Jeff!!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Wed, 17 May 2017 06:10:01 +1000 9d4e9nRf Rob Tunstead, New Jersey Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=d6364e2484361f1dc7117cd568910682 Cathy was all around great. She's an agent we've worked with before and she's someone we'd recommend in the future. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sun, 14 May 2017 22:37:21 +1000 2b58YX9f Matt Olivier, Newport RI Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=b206faf06922b876a885f728c086bddf I have worked with Matt Hadfield in the past and he has always done a phenomenal job Matt Hadfield did an excellent job with the whole process. There is so much that goes into a real estate purchase bur Matt handled everything very timely and thorough. I could not imagine using anybody else Michele did an excellent job showing our house and staying in close communication. We enjoyed getting to know Michele through the process I had a unique situation to sell my house and buy a new property in a short period of time. Hogan and Associates was able to make it happen. I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Hogan and Stone https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Mon, 08 May 2017 09:10:22 +1000 4ac95BXY Ron Geraghty Brooklyn New York Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=146fadd73e556bff579854d74fbf695a Mr. Campbell was spot on, his professionalism and the timely manner in which he handled requests that I gave him was VERY satisfying. He was easy to communicate with, was very attentive to my concerns made my buying experience in Newport that much easier!!!!! The seller was not an easy person to do business with/ was very one sided. Mr. Campbell was very instrumental in negotiating certain aspects of our differences which we eventually agreed upon. GREAT job Kevan!!! Prior to this real estate venture I never even knew Mr Campbell existed. I am glad I got to do business with Mr Campbell as my representative!!!! He was extremely helpful through the whole process. If and when I am ready to purchase another property in Newport you can rest a sure that Kevan Campbell will definitely be the individual I will be contacting!!!!! THANKS AGAIN KEVAN!!!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 03 May 2017 11:50:16 +1000 e6ddCxAf Kristen Kowalczyk, Newport, RI Buyer Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=1a10535b8555b96a291a711afb309a60 Emily Chappell did a great job with the buying of our home especially since were were 1st time home buyers. She was great to get in touch with and helped answer all of our questions. She was eager to share her knowledge and recommended many local businesses to help us with this process. I would highly recommend Emily whether you are buying, selling, or renting! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Fri, 21 Apr 2017 00:33:38 +1000 5808xJvK Mike Serotta's tiverton Seller Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=7171cfbfe8416a94adca9551421812a4 Kevan Campbell is the best and hardest working agent I have encountered in my 40 years in real estate. He is extremely thorough. Kevan took care of inspections and utilities without involving me Kevan sold my property for a higher price then other agents would consider. His knowledge of the market and his ability to identify potential buyers enabled him to determine a price beneficial to me. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 29 Mar 2017 11:10:59 +1000 6140C8OY Linda Farina - Providence Rhode Island Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=68a35febbf797315157efa366adfe6e7 Tom Rao has always been very attentive to my housing needs and very knowledgeable with regard to the housing market. He has always made me feel comfortable and has gone out of his way to assist me with my housing needs. I have known Mr Rao for many years and he continues to excel in his profession. I have recommended Mr Rao to many of my friends and neighbors. I will continue to utilize Mr. Rao's expertise in all my future real estate needs. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Wed, 29 Mar 2017 09:36:23 +1000 641eSdVY Kayla Marciano, Cranston Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=91e108fdeb3284c9f02c1b47a73f1d13 Tom always responded and made appointments to view houses quickly. Always honest with us. We feel as though he always had our best interest in mind. He made the process very easy for a first time home buyer. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Mon, 27 Mar 2017 03:40:46 +1000 37afmd0Y Jennifer C, Newport Seller Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=814359eabcb49176e43ae8d1cdd9dcb5 Tom Rao made the selling process simple and easy. He was easy to get in touch with and answered the many questions we had along the way. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of real estate services! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Sun, 26 Mar 2017 03:36:50 +1000 4d5efd0Y Denise Duval 194 Rebals Way Portsmouth Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=5f8bf1ba45b7be088beb4b0596aa881b thanks Kevan, you helped my dream come true! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Fri, 24 Mar 2017 23:43:38 +1000 0f3cnZLY Matthew Olivier, Newport Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=d2b4bb0bf83b3eb8f6b9fb80d4ff10fb Matt did an excellent job, I could nt have asked for a better experience https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 24 Mar 2017 23:09:31 +1000 5317wFCY Keith Pyatak in Portsmouth, Rhode Island Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=3e384ba79d5e22a045a61b77197a9a91 Matt Hadfield was great to deal with once again. After finding us our first home over 10 years ago and now helping us sell it and buy our new home... we couldn't imagine having to do it again without him. His knowledge of the area and of real estate in general is vast. We always know he has our best interest in mind. I highly recommend Matt Hadfield and Hogan and Associates with any real estate needs. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Wed, 22 Mar 2017 04:32:48 +1000 0dc2cZLY Steph Johnson, Newport RI Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=bf4df7c6100d471c5e6009b796a1e843 Holly McLear was wonderful, start to finish! She listened to our requirements and was not pushy, which is in my opinion, the most important quality in a realtor. Because we were first time home buyers, we had a ton of questions and probably required more attention than other clients, but Holly took the time to explain everything in detail and provided us with good advice/recommendations for services we needed. It was very easy to get in touch with her and she was always quick to reply, whether through email, text, or cell. Holly made herself available and worked with our schedule to meet us at any time; nights, weekends, mornings, last minute, etc. We are so happy with our new home! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a house. Thanks Holly! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Wed, 22 Mar 2017 04:28:48 +1000 91c76ZLY Jim, Norton, MA Seller Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=aa4813ba3a341c988b0870fb942ae29d He was extremely knowledgeable and involved with inspections and banking inquiries. Tom kept me informed throughout the entire process. We got a quick sale. Tom also brokered other properties connected with this transaction. They aslo went as smooth as it could have gone. Dealing with Tom was a pleasure. He is respectful and true professional. I'd certainly deal with him again. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Wed, 15 Mar 2017 08:25:06 +1000 8f45oW0Y Middletown Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=eb1744dbb14dd3f884c5554268355dfd Holly McLear was honest and approachable from the beginning. She helped us find a house while overcoming the obstacle that we were not local at the time. She was happily able to use alternative ways of communication such as skype, videos, etc in order to help us find a property and complete needed paperwork. We greatly appreciated her honest opinions about different neighborhoods and both positives and negatives of the properties we were viewing. She has so much knowledge about the local market, traffic patterns, local hot spots, etc. that made selecting a neighborhood much easier! She worked with us for several months to find a home and now after closing she is still in contact to help us solve some of the extra issues involved with the sale and even just relocating to the area. I would highly recommend Holly McLear to anyone looking for a home! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Sat, 11 Mar 2017 03:36:54 +1000 3763iWnY Tony Pimentel, 92 Wolcott Avenue, Middletown, RI Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=0909e992813bb7ec3b4887c2449415cd We absolutely love Holly McLear and if we were ever to sell our house again, we would have her as our sales agent. She was great! We would recommend her to anybody we know who is contemplating selling their property. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 02 Mar 2017 04:22:59 +1000 0479LIrY Stephen C, Providence Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=f0e7289af071eda96ee58af3a9a53739 I would highly recommend Tom Rao. He listened to my list of requirements for my purchase and was attentive in getting me to the price point I wanted to pay. Instead of paying attention to only his needs, he was concerned for mine. It was great appreciated and I would feel comfortable in working with him again. Thanks Tom! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Mon, 27 Feb 2017 04:56:36 +1000 fff0FUGY Karen Siliva, Middletown, RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=b735e611923f82761c56fdf716b91c35 I worked with Cathy Wicks on another property and have great confidence in her sales abilities. I trust her completely, she is always upbeat and positive and gets you through the sale with minimum stress. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone buying or selling a home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 24 Feb 2017 08:13:41 +1000 a032MOJY Scott and Maxine Siegler Miami Fl Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=25a27ff12ec9777e76942281c6ef82e7 Kevan was such a pleasure to deal with! He has gone over and above in helping us and we could not be happier. He is professional and so available and always went the extra mile for us.We are Brokers in Florida and have our own agency so we can tell you Kevan has great amount of local knowledge and made himself available at all times to accommodate us as we were out of town. He made great suggestions and was able to guide us to the right property for us. We could not be more grateful for Kevan's help with our purchase. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Wed, 22 Feb 2017 06:47:47 +1000 19cfSgJY James Gill Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=7f1d3f97793285e52f5f72dc9be30761 Kevan Campbell was open and honest and so incredibly helpful, we would not have been able to complete this purchase without his knowledge, experience in the business and knowledge of the local community. He went above and beyond for us at all times, and was on top of items that we would not have known about as first time buyers. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Sat, 18 Feb 2017 00:39:41 +1000 6b9fdNEY Stacey Mead-Edge , Portsmouth, RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=b8ac4c6b38e0f1eebd870329bd898686 Cathy has helped me before on several purchases and sales. I wouldn't consider any other agent, and was happy to recommend her to m brother when he needed to sell his home. Cathy didn't disappoint- the property sold within 1 week. I find her to be knowledgable and intuitive, and very helpful in all aspects of real estate. Although I hope I don't move again, I know that I will call on her again if I ever need to buy and sell again. I didn't just find a good realtor, I made a good friend! Cathy assisted me in the purchase of my new home, then in the sale of my other home. She was understanding of my time needs in handling both moves. I am a widow and trying to be independent in all aspects of this move and Cathy respected my attempts at independence, but also had all the info I needed, and helped to get the moves done. From getting rid of furniture left in the new house, and helping to get rid of things from my old house, Cathy was very helpful. When I got scared about any aspect, Cathy had the answers to reassure me. Cathy was available at anytime I needed to talk to her. We shared many texts, emails, and calls. She was a friend I felt comfortable turning to, even when it was just to have a female friend to check in with! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Fri, 17 Feb 2017 10:34:59 +1000 f602bNEY Melanie, Newport, RI Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=699a2e588903ede72744306403212556 Tom Rao helped me navigate the purchase of a property that was on the verge of foreclosure. There were some roadblocks along the way but Tom overcame all of them and was able to successfully close on the property. Bravo Tom! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Wed, 15 Feb 2017 11:56:36 +1000 503ctHqY Gary Murad, Boston, MA and Newport, RI Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=af259e2118ae2eb08631acdc499a23a0 Very pleased with the nuts to bolts approach Tom Rao executed with my purchase. From the start of my search, throughout the process, and on to final closing, Tom was right there for me, keeping me updated and by my side as a cheerleader! If you want a partner, Tom Rao is your guy. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Sun, 12 Feb 2017 08:12:37 +1000 587dnK0Y Jessica D Seller Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=7c74b79d8e21e6c03083027af90653c9 It is a difficult process buying or selling a house but Tom Rao made the process simple and easy for me. I look forward to buying another piece of porperty because Tom Rao will be the one I call. I would also recommend him for any of my friends and family. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Fri, 10 Feb 2017 11:57:22 +1000 19123WNY Jeff, Providence, RI Buyer Tom Rao https://www.realsatisfied.com/d3bb7/529133ee437bcd5208/img/?rand=546b98765d3e22da0635fbe6bb5a0377 When I first spoke with my agent, Tom Rao, he spent a significant amount of time with me discussing the parameters of what we were looking for in a home. He researched the comps in the neighborhood we zeroed in on and he had a good feel for the pricing of housing in the area. We had a very good experience using Tom Rao. I'd recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing a new home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Tom-Rao Tue, 07 Feb 2017 04:52:27 +1000 be4c0PqY C. Konowicz, Portsmouth Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=88b0666ee0753e6bd51aa2a8d09713ea Cathy Wicks provided excellent service throughout our purchase experience. She was always available to us, answered every question we had along the way, and successfully coordinated with all of the agencies involved in our smooth closing. She deftly dealt with the unique nuances of closing not only during a holiday season, but also ensured all requirements were in step when we could not be present at closing. Cathy went the extra mile to ensure a smooth transition from seller to buyer, and we will be certain to recommend and seek her services in the future. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sun, 29 Jan 2017 03:54:20 +1000 3bd1vYIY Joan Woods, Portsmouth RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=0f787788cfe14d389421bd6199a38725 Cathy Wicks is a stellar agent! I could not have worked with a more dedicated and capable person. Cathy is professional, respectful and always approachable. She provided me with an excellent market analysis and sales plan and found a terrific family to purchase my home. She guided me through the process from start to finish with patience and a smile. I highly recommend her and will continue to work with Cathy on my next purchase! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sun, 29 Jan 2017 00:21:50 +1000 3163CE9Y Lynne, Warwick RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=2f0362044437678a5d74182677a53894 Cathy is an exceptional worker, but also a person of great character and integrity. She serves her client tirelessly, and having worked with many other real estate agents on other purchases, it is extremely easy for me to say that Cathy brings integrity and ethics to every transaction. She is a star. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sat, 28 Jan 2017 02:41:59 +1000 6245o1KY Bento and Lindsay Castro, Newport Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=e0e85f0a6f178798ea336f3f8df225e2 Matt Hadfield and his team were true professionals in handling the purchase of our new home all while listing our current property for lease. Great communication throughout both successful transactions! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 27 Jan 2017 08:33:14 +1000 0b4cmF2Y Barbara McGann, Newport Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=56fc576a41bc11dc4d6cf0cae62827e6 Best real estate transaction I could have hoped for You are very fortunate to have Jeff Brooks on your team https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Fri, 20 Jan 2017 08:52:29 +1000 4b7cgF2Y Jennifer Driscoll, Westport, CT Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=cd17c3d0f844fd0c32985a31aa454a28 Gordon is an excellent agent. He is the definition of "full service". He is a mature and sophisticated agent who really understands who his end customer is, and tailors his approach and style to serving the needs of clients who are buying multi-million dollar properties. He is also very proactive and excellent at anticipating needs, communicating next steps clearly, so that we were knowledgeable and aware of everything that needed to be done every step of the way. We would highly recommend him! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Fri, 20 Jan 2017 07:50:07 +1000 8750eF2Y John and deborah duffy Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=9c2bff89090e604bd2b2c067bbe3c247 Gordon King was very knowledgeable in all the transactions involved when you're handling a real estate deal. I felt very comfortable with him and his expertise. Gordon was also very knowledgeable about the real estate available in the area we were looking. Gordon could read us very well and what our expectations were thus keeping our focus to the the real estate that actually met our needs. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Sun, 18 Dec 2016 11:32:27 +1000 68c02wZR Howard Sutton, Portsmouth, RI Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=6187edf728a7d4d3d9a445a005a2eae5 This is the second home that Leslie Hogan has sold for us. Selling your home can be a very stressful experience! Leslie's market knowledge, demeanor, professionalism and sales acumen made both experiences very positive. We would strongly recommend her to anyone, especially on Aquidneck Island and in the East Bay https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Wed, 14 Dec 2016 05:02:10 +1000 58deDO7R Robin Hoyle, Newport RI Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=ace1b70e736df9a897a33ffbdc53087f Caroline's advanced professional expertise in the financial market as well as her work ethic made the sale of my house simple. Her Marketing included excellent photos of the property - she made sure the house was photo ready prior to the photographer's arrival. She even recommended camera shots that highlighted special features - One photo was an aerial by drone that was demonstrative of proximity to harborfront and showcased the size and updates. The online listing was a wow! I Loved her Monday morning updates as well as her blog posts about my property. Caroline understands the lifestyle value of a house in Newport RI - this is a special place desired by many and home to few. I trust Caroline with the sale of my biggest investment and you should too! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Tue, 13 Dec 2016 11:13:20 +1000 85a3xv7R Mike , warwick Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=474ee042b1dbd90bb1a8564bf3eb7bf0 Cathy did a great job, from start to finish. She is a patient professional. She responded to our needs and even though the Sellers were problematic she advocated for our needs and we have the house of our dreams! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Tue, 13 Dec 2016 06:17:52 +1000 2bd4Pv7R Sarah, Newport RI Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=2b6da0f831b93716cd6c7f964cf7f28c Holly stood out from previous Realtors because she made us feel at ease. She found many houses that fit our needs and never made us feel like she was doing a job, but that she enjoyed working with us. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Mon, 12 Dec 2016 09:51:25 +1000 6344jZiR Stephanie Ricci Tiverton RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=19c2d46bee4adb591c11fd0ebeb2dcc3 Cathy was great to work with. I have used her for he purchase of a home as well as selling a home. She is flawless, always available and very approachable. She goes above and beyond to get things done and was right on the money with sale price. I would highly recommend her to anyone. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Tue, 29 Nov 2016 03:53:11 +1000 e170qzdR Jeff Mead, Newport Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=b22664bb346cbc556808e0ccccd3b3a5 We felt like we'd know Cathy Wicks forever, right off the bat. She is genuine. There was no artifice or 'sales face' to any interaction we had. If we ever need a real estate agent again, we know who to call: Cathy. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 24 Nov 2016 03:40:41 +1000 0e3duq8R Pam Mead. Newport Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=ac4958e7a630ddad2a7b25519f9cf650 We would definitely recommend Cathy Wicks to anyone buying or selling on Aquidneck Island and beyond. She sold our home within a week and also obtained a number of full price backup offers. Her professional experience with real estate , personality and follow through were excellent . Cathy's judgement and honesty are refreshing in a competitive market. She is a terrific real estate agent with a knack for matching people and property. We are so glad we chose her. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 24 Nov 2016 02:53:50 +1000 d2f77q8R Tucker Coffin formerly of Portsmouth, RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=7483f753b45234b1428524ba1a73951a Cathy is the best agent with which I have ever worked. She went above and beyond the call of duty to sell my home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Tue, 08 Nov 2016 09:28:12 +1000 8de2ot6R Kelly Smith Buyer Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=90396cc4abcb7b7455504f71cee7000b Emily is excellent at what she does! She answered all our questions and helped us with the entire process. Working with Emily was effortless and went very smoothly! I would recommend her to everyone! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Thu, 03 Nov 2016 05:48:46 +1000 7c7elwlR John H Buyer Kevan Campbell https://www.realsatisfied.com/cb3c2/dedc6fdc66d3e893a0/img/?rand=ac2786a7348183ba7402963d1c8f2a4d Great guy and job! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Kevan-Campbell Fri, 28 Oct 2016 00:18:56 +1000 f202DwlR Stacey Mead-Edge. Portsmouth ,RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=a20aefc4818f31623418468930ccd1c5 I have so much confidence in Cathy that I recommended her to my brother who used her to list and sell his house. It sold within 1 week! So we are very happy with Cath as a broker! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Thu, 27 Oct 2016 09:55:07 +1000 4b0cxwlR Tim & Karen Liesching Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=de4ff3ba94049bab9b5c38f56d144bb5 We would highly recommend working with Leslie. She has great local market knowledge, and she is extremely professional. Leslie is a good listener and was very patient with our family. We looked for a summer home in Newport with Leslie's help for over 5 years before finding the right place. She knew what we were looking for, understood our price parameters and gave us great guidance. Leslie stuck with us until we found the right home and then she was extremely helpful through the inspection and closing process. We always felt as though she had our best interests at heart and appreciated that. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 13 Oct 2016 06:17:50 +1000 1281nSJR joe LoCascio Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=726dcb63c77eb45b3c0087a36bb24843 Excellent all around. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Thu, 13 Oct 2016 01:25:55 +1000 5346lSJR Matt Grenier, Newport, RI Buyer Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=95cfbcbec3c49146e28409627bf18e7b Diane has great local market knowledge and is very easy and patient in working with clients. It is always a joy to work with her on both the buying and selling end of things. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Mon, 19 Sep 2016 00:25:56 +1000 cae32mzR Mike Poirier. North Providence Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=70cc471c2fe43f5c3ad3465719f97adb Good job https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Wed, 31 Aug 2016 03:27:06 +1000 086d0Pt2 Anonymous Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=83a40b8e3b7cd2cb1c1082c092fb96f9 Michele Mullowney was quick to understand the type of property we were looking for to the extent that we put in an offer on the four family house we purchased based on photos and her recommendation. When we inspected it a few weeks later we were impressed. She also negotiated a fair price and worked hard to close the deal. She was thorough when following up on all the details and a pleasure to work with. For all these reasons I recommend her without hesitation. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Thu, 25 Aug 2016 01:08:28 +1000 1c7592W2 Fred Gagliardi, Trumbull, CT Seller Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=8ec3003093ccb645582780240fad84c5 Diane did not provide a hasty recommendation for the sales price. She did her research and analysis and only then, did she provide her opinion of what the Asking Price should be and supplied her documentation to support it. The infrastructure of the house was in great shape, but was cluttered. Diane rolled up her sleeves and assisted myself and another estate worker with both physical work and helpful recommendations as to the disposition/donations of all of the furniture. Her help was invaluable. This was the sale of a home owned by my uncle and was part of his estate with the primary assets in the state of CT. As a result, myself and the other co-executor (an attorney) were unfamiliar with the laws and regulations in the state of RI. Diane helped guide us with this out-of-state transaction and made it easy for us to work knowledgably with the our RI lawyer. The overall experience with Diane, from both the attorney co-executor and me (family co-executor), was superb. We could not be more pleased with our decision to go with Diane and Hogan associates. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Sun, 14 Aug 2016 01:41:46 +1000 276cvTd2 M. Larrey, Newport Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=ce57a16a5ea4b57e45ec4b572f8b568f We have worked with Leslie over the past eleven years on multiple real estate sales and purchases. Leslie represented us as sellers of both a large B&B in Newport and most recently our waterfront property. She knows the market and has been spot on in her guidance and recommendations with every transaction. We would not consider working with any other agent and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell property. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Sun, 14 Aug 2016 01:09:29 +1000 cd2buNs2 Andrew Galvin Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=0011d08563bd246d447f18abb6827404 Matt and his team have helped me acquire and sell multiple properties. Matt is knowledgeable, straightforward and trustworthy and my transactions have, accordingly, been successful. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Sat, 13 Aug 2016 00:23:56 +1000 f614wac2 Liane Parness, Middletown Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=f9107d838ed382dc84cbb343ed7f2d7e Both Matt and Michele were wonderful! They were professional, accommodating, responsive and friendly. A wonderful experience all around! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 29 Jul 2016 04:41:27 +1000 307eXrw2 Matt, Portsmouth Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=0d049d4911202c0a09b01742ecb483d8 Michele was fantastic. She responded to us very quickly and worked with the sellers to get us what we needed. Working with Michele helped make this process as easy as possible for us. Thanks for the help. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Sun, 24 Jul 2016 22:16:31 +1000 2120gDw2 Larry Kraman, now happily in Middletown Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=80947880c2964c0131d53b75589db107 If you are selling your house, don't walk but RUN to Hogan Associates and contact Jeff Brooks. I always thought the best things you can have in life it a great relationship, a great family a great job, a great doctor and a great auto mechanic. BUT....when you're selling your VERY HARD TO SELL home, the best thing in your life during that arduous and very difficult time is a broker like Jeff Brooks. We had had a poor experience with our previous broker and were convinced we were better off selling the place on our own. Jeff cold called me and to say the least, at first, I wasn't interested in getting a broker and did everything I could to discourage him from wanting to be our broker. But......his intelligence, knowledge of the area as well as his appreciation for the unusual nature of our condo wore me down. He was persistent and not only had great ideas of his own but was very interested in our ideas as well. He did an architectural night cocktail party. He had MANY open houses. He put ads in RI Monthly TWICE. There was nothing he wouldn't consider. Finally we sold the place and he made THAT process as easy as it could possibly be. He has a work ethic that anyone would admire. My wife and I are so grateful for his help and guidance. He's the best of the best and we both consider him now to be a friend. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Thu, 21 Jul 2016 03:22:01 +1000 46bd8rw2 Bill Kane, Portsmouth Seller Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=1020d351c0646c3cdae698902747e75f Everything went according to our expectations which were realized. Emily handled the property very professionally and was able to answer all of our questions and guide us through the entire process. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Fri, 08 Jul 2016 07:37:23 +1000 0cf2AgE2 Tom Gough Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=97a1c453205ef3c982e91fac2da8840e Cathy is an exceptionally hard worker who put together a detailed plan to sell our house and executed it to perfection. Having bought and sold several houses on Aquidneck Island and dealt with numerous different real estate companies, I can honestly say that she is the best agent on the Island!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Wed, 06 Jul 2016 22:43:21 +1000 e29dOpm2 James Goodson, Newport Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=c9ed25f8679b1d72f470b5e2ba51cf83 Jeff is the best! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Sat, 25 Jun 2016 00:19:32 +1000 7a094pm2 Garrett Conroy, Newport Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=0753b65f14fa79112fa3662677181b50 Jeff was great, and I'm incredibly happy with my house. While I was thinking about buying a house I had heard stories about realtors that had gone above and beyond to find houses for their clients, and I had heard horror stories about realtors that made the house hunt a nightmare. Jeff represented all of the good traits of a realtor and none of the bad. I'm confident I wouldn't have my house right now if my relator was anyone but Jeff. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Fri, 24 Jun 2016 06:27:38 +1000 481emzY2 E, Middletown Ri Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=446c845e2b089c44cd76b2652121bee6 Overall excellent experience! Very knowledgeable, was able to move the house quickly, approachable and very patient https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 17 Jun 2016 07:47:13 +1000 5029SzY2 Garrett Behan, 17 Newport Ave Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=009a2da5783ac7ecad4179e1c4507c9b Matt worked exceptionally well with my brother and I through the whole first time home buying process. He knew the local multi-family trends well and easily understood our goals. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 17 Jun 2016 06:23:38 +1000 0b49lzY2 Lisa Thornhill, Newport Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=3f0bcb87d69cc0e2d42aaca7956b6b0f If you are learning about Newport for the first time, it is best to become involved with a full time realtor that grew up and has lived in Newport his/her entire life. Gordon is one such individual. He is also actively involved in the community and we are looking forward to having him as a personal friend. We also hope to become active positive members of the Newport community as well. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Sat, 04 Jun 2016 22:53:39 +1000 0fc829h2 Karen R Tungett, Portsmouth, RI Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=df9ae44b012f23db329eae6846e60157 Holly is amazing, she is patient, kind, knowledgeable and completely guided us throughout this entire process. Holly sold us our 1st house but this time we had to sell and buy and do back to back closings. We had never done this before, it was a bit nerve racking to say the least. She was the best person we dealt with through out the entire process and believe me we had a lot of people that we really liked. To us Holly is a true expert in this field, we purchased another home that used another company and I have to say they didn't even stand a chance compared to Holly and Hogan Associates. We'd like to thank Holly and all of you for this amazing experience and for finding us our beautiful home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Fri, 03 Jun 2016 01:49:00 +1000 d5fbhPF2 Thomas Asack , Middletown RI Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=ebb88adc1a621d98df92c972c736ed5e Once again, a true professional to work with. Tom Asack and family. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Wed, 18 May 2016 10:55:33 +1000 9b5fuusz Jane Fleming, Moorland Farm Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=225ea2d4491ecef5f5727ebe56a5b238 We recently purchased a condominium in Moorland Farm in Newport, RI. Gordon represented the buyer but was very helpful to us in the negotiations and obtaining information for us from the condo association. In addition, we requested the right to enlarge the deck space which he facilitated through the seller. He was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of this process and went above and beyond to ensure that the sale and purchase of the property happened in a timely manner. Gordon was always professional and responsive. I highly recommend Gordon if you are considering selling your property or obtaining an agent to help you find a property. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Wed, 04 May 2016 00:41:37 +1000 d4daupbz Jack & Sharon Richardson Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=38fa31d822488bfe88f617e4f62df9df Office has excellent communication skills and follow up. Michelle Extremely helpful with the complete process. Matt was quick with any email or return calls. I had been working for almost a year on another property with Matt, he always would get involved when I requested his assistance, to keep the deal moving, when I needed him. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Tue, 03 May 2016 04:01:08 +1000 0a61w6Oz John Silvia Portsmouth RI Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=2aa38a4d8759fb1f73943f51325ea410 We made a great choice. I think Jeff is a great asset to you. He made a difficult decision to sell our house much less stressful. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Tue, 26 Apr 2016 00:29:47 +1000 b634y6Oz The Cobbs, Newport, RI Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=0e90d71fc8250b2f58061fdeb97a1d4e We had high expectations and she exceeded them. We felt as though she was always straightforward and willing to entertain any scenario we threw out there. The process was enjoyable and in the end we were able to purchase the home we truly wanted. Together we all made it happen and we are so fortunate she was part of our team. Thank you Caroline for bringing the vision to reality. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Wed, 20 Apr 2016 11:15:01 +1000 5ba0Jryz Pegeen Gargano, Attleboro Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=e1753522d8b42166ed26eee2cce2db47 We met Gordon at an open house and he seemed very knowledgeable about the area. He also seemed trustworthy and had our best interests at heart. He was very patient with us while we searched the area for a second home. We would highly recommend Gordon King to anyone looking for a home in Newport. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Sat, 16 Apr 2016 08:02:09 +1000 d9d2am4z Carl F. Benevides, Bristol Buyer Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=bbdb0f5d89ddefc1bc3fa1cab001bc85 “Leslie has represented me on multiple sales and purchases on Aquidneck Island. She has helped me buy and sell, lots, luxury custom homes, spec houses and most recently a waterview home ready for renovation and resale. She has great contacts, exceptional people skills and I look forward to working with her for years to come.” https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Tue, 12 Apr 2016 00:21:57 +1000 9900GUwz Marc Braunstein, Newport RI Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=9560bb04527eb162e5e38af8475eea06 Gordon expertly guided us through our search for our new home, was instrumental in helping us find exactly the right place, and was there every step of the way through the transaction. Thank you Gordon! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Mon, 11 Apr 2016 23:54:31 +1000 b3c3zUwz Nick King Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=9f592df7595526f5abeccb89bc4d93c5 Matt delivered for me on all fronts. Found me a buyer and got my price. Matt knows the market and his team made the process smooth. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Mon, 11 Apr 2016 23:35:27 +1000 a7bdrBwz steven Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=d43e435a015a1d7882c50bd072ae4b01 Ms Holly Mclear is very helpful for real estate investment, and looking forward work with her again. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 24 Mar 2016 05:38:39 +1000 a715D7Gz Scott Giegerich Old Saybrook Ct and Newport RI! Buyer Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=631df163d8b703a5732384f746bf6b6b Diane was thorough, she showed care and interest in our search; she did not rush us. She advised, we listened and ultimately she was very helpful with our final decision. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Thu, 17 Mar 2016 01:53:22 +1000 a984N00z Jeff Lipshires Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=45b48a7a6fdbd0903f3d824a770a6341 I hired Leslie Hogan for her knowledge of the area and the demographics of our target market. Although the sale took much longer than we hoped, Leslie kept to the plan and helped me achieve the best possible price. Her patience never waned and she was always there to provide support and guidance. Better yet, Leslie was a true partner in helping to define and adjust our strategy to get my house sold. I couldn't envision working with someone else that could offer the same level of expertise, confidence and patience. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 10 Mar 2016 23:40:50 +1000 5924jAqz Julia Hall, Saunderstown, Rhode Island Buyer Diane Harrison https://www.realsatisfied.com/1a980/efac797b2c9759a46a/img/?rand=9e97b88cf84d828a59762a0c589d3697 Diane Harrison is a consummate professional who represented me as a seller and and buyer during the last 8 months. As a newly widowed client, I faced the task of liquidating investment property, downsizing from a large property with two homes, including an occupied rental and purchasing a new home in a specific neighborhood near my daughter's family. The process was complicated and would have been impossible for me without her support, advice and professional expertise. She was a cheerful, technically knowledgeable, supportive partner for me and I needed all her support to navigate the complicated demands of the task in front of me. Diane Harrison was the best agent I could ever dreamed of having with me during this difficult and complex journey. If it were not for Diane Harrison I do not believe I could have succeeded. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Diane-Harrison Thu, 03 Mar 2016 23:07:35 +1000 84f7gNIz Taylor, Middletown Buyer Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=e20cf59e5a0a6c6b361d19ad02f97696 Jeff Brooks is an excellent agent. He guided me through the purchase of my first home and answered all of my questions every step of the way. Jeff put in an extraordinary amount of effort finding listings in my price range and helped me to understand what type of value I could expect in my budget. Jeff is very knowledgeable and is able to explain any step of the process; I came into this process without much background and found that I could trust Jeff to steer me in the right direction. The thing I appreciated the most about Jeff is that he treated me with a ton of respect. The combination of my age (I was 24 when I started looking) and my relatively low budget led other agents to speak condescendingly to me and not take my questions seriously. Not Jeff, he was a consummate professional and acted as if every one of my questions and concerns were valid. Give Jeff a call if you're purchasing your first home. He will make the process go as smooth as possible. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Thu, 03 Mar 2016 00:51:03 +1000 1c10oqRz Nancy F., Newport, RI Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=526a8d5a0c6e86d6f6e09abc99c336ff Holly McLear’s customer service standards are top notch; she’s dependable and consistently goes the extra mile to see that her clients are satisfied. Holly exemplifies the attributes of a real estate professional - she’s reliable, communicates with confidence, does more than asked, adapts quickly and easily, and displays genuine commitment. It was a pleasure doing business with Holly! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Fri, 19 Feb 2016 01:24:34 +1000 a754Pyjz Carol Smith Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=5bfc29ffb059da767d2075b8557e3e3a Holly was wonderful to work with. She really helped us feel comfortable in the short sale of our home. We really had no idea what was going to happen and she was just fabulous. Very knowledgeable of all the details and was there for us every step of the way. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling their home. Holly was extremely helpful and really went above and beyond to help us with the sale of our home. The details in closing are always very overwhelming but she was fantastic in handling all that for us. We thought Holly was wonderful and would use her again when we are ready to purchase a new home. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 18 Feb 2016 01:07:36 +1000 fe73ryjz Karen Tungett, Middletown, RI Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=d5229274c53457d5180e6b3e42b5253a My husband and I worked with Holly to purchase our first home and we were not "Easy" to please. Besides being a little "picky and having a budget as well as being 7 months pregnant Holly was amazing!! She knew what style we wanted, she got us in to see houses at the last minute and worked around our crazy work schedules. She was patient and kind but she was also very honest and that helped up to find the perfect house. Holly also pointed us in the right direction to get the best financing and set us up with the right people. She is very dedicated to each of her clients, I'm sure she has a lot but she always made us feel like we were the only ones. We are now looking for house #2 and Holly is already working diligently to find us the perfect "forever" home. If you need a relator to buy or sell your home call Holly, she is amazing!!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Fri, 12 Feb 2016 04:41:50 +1000 9970DW9z Will Rusch & Mary Anne Creto, Middletown Buyer Gordon King https://www.realsatisfied.com/28654/bd9a339ca61fdc4a5a/img/?rand=60e3e6429aeda0f0b0a3426956bf653b While vacationing in Middletown, we met Gordon King at an open house. Although we were not interested in that particular house once we viewed it, we were so impressed with Gordon that we contacted him to represent us a few days later when we saw a house that we liked. We credit Gordon King's professionalism and knowledge with attaining our dream house. We have found Gordon to be very approachable, friendly and giving of his time. He is extremely knowledgeable of the Newport area and is a wonderful story teller. In addition, he helped us find local services and checked on our house through the winter while we were still living in CT. We think of all the realtors we have worked with over the years, Gordon King is the best! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Gordon-King Thu, 11 Feb 2016 08:55:56 +1000 2befjY9z Norm Demers, Newport Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=85ba0e8d53944e8a960c8aa70b7d1101 This is the second time Matt has represented us and we continue to be very happy with the result! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Mon, 23 Nov 2015 04:15:09 +1000 3e3dWmPj Suzanne Bessin Newport, RI Seller Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=a2cbc9d9880774359bb9938642229ae8 I bought a new home and sold my home in a very short period of time. I have had very little experience with these things and sometimes didn't even know which questions to ask. Holly guided me through these without ever making me feel foolish. She helped me to find a great banker and helped me to know how to be prepared for every step of the way. When I was overwhelmed by the inevitable complications she stepped in and took over. She went well beyond what should have been expected. I could not have managed without her help. I am able to move ahead and enjoy my new home now, for which I am very thankful. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 19 Nov 2015 08:14:50 +1000 dcf9UJDj Fred Santos, Newport Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=a2059e479a350e33caa0e76f8e097821 Caoline identified another nearby property that sold recently that set the upper limit we could ask for. From that she set our asking price and estimated what we could realistically expect. She negotiated effectively and achieved a sales price that was very near the asking price. The best. This is the fourth house I've sold over the past 40 years. Caroline is by far the most professional and the most attentive of all the agents I've ever dealt with. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Fri, 16 Oct 2015 09:10:51 +1000 9ea2wcIj Julie Mackie, Boston, MA Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=730b5fcec243c2be04a5afd6fc016f8a We are so happy that we worked with Holly to find a home to suit our needs! Holly is knowledgeable, professional and was genuinely interested in helping us find the right home within our budget. She was very responsive throughout the home buying process, and consistently went above and beyond to help us, which was very appreciated as we live out of state. I would absolutely work with Holly again and would highly recommend her to others. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Thu, 01 Oct 2015 13:36:21 +1000 49b2clKj Phil Pescosolido Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=3eb2de96c4709ccb483784777e589612 Matt did a great job finding the specific type of property we were interested in. He always responded to questions and calls in a timely manner. His ideas and feedback after closing were well thought out and helpful. The property closed a few weeks ago and he is still in touch and happy to help with anything that comes up. Will definitely work with him again. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Thu, 01 Oct 2015 03:46:13 +1000 5acbZ1Kj Darin A.D'Amico 15 Dixon st newport Rhode Island Buyer Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=5648ba741d6b630b1e558e7f6869d192 Caroline went above and beyond in every step of the purchase . Knowledgable effient and always able to reach her even it was only by email while she traveled out of the country , (they were always answered promptly ) https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Tue, 29 Sep 2015 06:34:21 +1000 baf1i69j Joe Spampinato - Redington Shores, FL Seller Jeff Brooks https://www.realsatisfied.com/484ad/dbbf847abaebd09b99/img/?rand=62be803635a208bfb169814249d3c484 Jeff was professional and very focused in selling our house. He went over and above the call through out the process. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Jeff-Brooks-1 Mon, 28 Sep 2015 22:07:50 +1000 3c9bSnhj M. Eileen Sullivan Middletown Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=eb37886df84a0facc2f4b40f40e3ec51 The last 3 houses we sold, Leslie represented us and each one went extremely well. She was able to sell all 3 properties in very little time. At one point we had 2 properties listed at the same time and Leslie's team had buyers within the first 2 weeks or so. Actually, a closing for one was on a Friday and the second property closed the following Monday. Now that is truly a successful business! I would highly recommend Leslie and Hogan Associates to everyone! Keep up the great work!! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Wed, 23 Sep 2015 04:43:12 +1000 e9dernej JP Corriveau, Newport Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=e2dfd12f6a48055e221e4823c85bad73 Cathy is top notch, the transaction was a breeze with her guidance. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sat, 12 Sep 2015 21:07:55 +1000 6518JjtK M. Higgins, Newport, RI Seller Caroline Richards https://www.realsatisfied.com/0e078/e5f3cc7901e7a3c807/img/?rand=b554470802adca880fb78e30e1717a16 Caroline Richard's presentation, both in writing and in person, was professional, expert and extremely well done. Caroline was remarkable,from start to finish. Caroline is the ultimate professional. She went above and beyond time and time again. I highly and without hesitation recommend Caroline Richards. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Caroline-Richards Fri, 04 Sep 2015 10:04:11 +1000 f623FU7K Brad and Tricia Storey, Portsmouth, RI Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=6738c1ada6266a49c91451e69747c536 We are a military family, bringing many unique details to the house purchasing experience. Having bought four houses in four different states, while selling one, we have used six different real estate agents along the way. Holly is by far the best we have ever had the pleasure to work with. Holly found our house the first day it went on the market and recommended it to us immediately. We were actually focused on finding a house in Newport, but Holly knew our personal desires and family situation so well that she drew us out to Portsmouth to consider this house. It was spot on with what we were looking for, so the distance from Newport was negated by her excellent judgment in the right house and location for our family. The sales process was extremely dynamic and challenging, and the most difficult we have experienced in nine years in real estate. Holly managed every detail with a full commitment to our situation. We even had a family emergency during one of our showings, requiring us to go to the Emergency Room. Holly dealt with the situation at the showing, but also took things to the next level in caring for us. Since we were new to the area and had not established a support network yet, she also went to the extreme of picking our dog up at the hospital, walking it, and taking it to our rental house while we were attending to our sick child. We can't say enough about how much she helped our family both in and out of her professional field, and we practically consider her a member of our family and if not a close friend. We can make no greater endorsement for a realtor and wish we could take her with us for every future real estate purchase/sale we make. Thank you Holly, you made a difference in our lives that we will never forget! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Wed, 02 Sep 2015 13:38:38 +1000 653407WK Nick King Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=177d36f3e147eb080471e4d517752427 Matt Hadfield worked hard for over a year to sell my property and more than earned his commission. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Wed, 29 Jul 2015 01:54:12 +1000 41a2fowK James gray 511 Surrey ln Lutz fl Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=97ed6f297ac7f7645ef6275f1fe72158 Cathy exceeded expectations. Sold the property within 2 days for the price I needed to get. Great to work with and extremely patient. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Mon, 27 Jul 2015 07:05:43 +1000 86b6WLrK C. Duval, N. Kingstown, RI Buyer Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=884ce96a0a067159e623bf1735ba6986 Using any other broker would be a waste of time. Cathy is the best! She will have my business as long as she is in the business! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sat, 25 Jul 2015 16:01:45 +1000 7bc2Y6wK G. Bentre Seller Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=b0106406362f97182e533dec5e1c9cb4 Matt Hadfield and his Group are fantastic! I can't recommend them highly enough. They were sensitive and respectful of the emotional challenges of showing and selling my home and are complete professionals, taking care of the big and small issues involved in the process. Matt is a gifted negotiator, wise beyond his years, and combines the highest level of professionalism with a generous heart. He sensitively guided me through the entire process and delivered a near perfect sales result in record time! Choosing him as my realtor was one of the best decisions I've made and reduced the stress of selling my home tremendously. Thank you, Matt, and the Matt Hadfield Group! Michele Mulowney, who works with Matt, was just wonderful with me and with prospective buyers. She is warm, considerate, respectful, calm and attentive...the perfect combination for a sales person at the point of contact with homeowner and buyers. She communicated well with me and handled many of the details involved in listing and selling. The photographer, whose name I can't recall, was also great and the rest of the office must have been doing their jobs backing up Matt and Michele because no one skipped a beat! https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 24 Jul 2015 01:41:06 +1000 22a68alK Kim Botelho Buyer Matt Hadfield https://www.realsatisfied.com/725c7/f027b67abbb3adfc94/img/?rand=1b6dfd6f6b27f4f5c651de33f175054d The Broker and his agents made themselves readily available to our needs; almost immediate responses to our requests. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Matt-Hadfield Fri, 24 Jul 2015 01:10:01 +1000 ab5b3alK Bob Williams Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=2452872f834218909d9a8e95ebafb124 Cathy kept us well informed throughout the process. She was very diligent in a caring way regarding her approach to marketing the condo. We appreciated her timely correspondence and updates as the process moved along. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy real estate. Area knowledgeable, technically savvy and just overall a very caring person. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Tue, 21 Jul 2015 22:21:12 +1000 1394kLrK Kevin Worthley, Richmond, RI Seller Cathy Wicks https://www.realsatisfied.com/67f47/4941297b2a3f5ae4a7/img/?rand=ea0721dcc528301b7e4b70052d960f38 Cathy Wicks is the consummate real estate professional. She knows her market well and is realistic and practical about representing buyers and sellers. She goes to great lengths and efforts to provide the best counseling and service to her clients. I would heartily recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their real estate. She is both quite personable and professional, as well as exceptional as a realtor. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Cathy-Wicks Sat, 11 Jul 2015 03:34:41 +1000 3fd6RlxK Kathy Ryan, Newport RI Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=26bc5bdd8457e7f315d2900632bf461a Michele Mullowney is exceptionally professional and personable. She handled all communication in a timely manner, educated us on local markets, negotiated on our behalf and was willing to be present at all meetings and inspections. Michele Mullowney excels in the areas of communication, professionalism and is detail oriented. We found her to be an invaluable assets in obtaining the property and location we were looking for. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Thu, 09 Jul 2015 02:01:04 +1000 c9361LVK Suzanne Bessin Buyer Holly McLear https://www.realsatisfied.com/2cd31/68885b7abe6f8aff74/img/?rand=77e2bebf3f24e421dc326a9b293d903c I have not had a moment of anxiety in this adventure called home purchase. No question or concern has been unimportant. Holly has responded quickly and carefully to any request. I expected no less after my daughter's experience working with her. Holly is going to help me sell my current home and I have no doubts at all about her commitment to this next step. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Holly-McLear Wed, 08 Jul 2015 10:42:43 +1000 ea3bKRvK Erin Lynch - Portsmouth, RI Buyer Emily Chappell https://www.realsatisfied.com/68cb1/40ab567ced07c8714d/img/?rand=0dad6ec86abd96606d5eda7d45261afa Emily is very knowledgeable and intuitive. As a first-time home buyer, I was very impressed. She knew the answers to questions before I even asked them. Emily was a great advocate and went above and beyond to research various questions concerning the property, as well as local and state rules and regulations. How many people can say that their real estate agent stopped by to help them unpack? Excellent customer service. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Emily-Chappell Wed, 08 Jul 2015 02:45:05 +1000 3d122ZVK Nicole Kish Seller Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=c28b791a61ea5a8bf7f70a88ac091510 We had worked with Michele previously and had always enjoyed working with her. She is very knowledgeable and helpful! Michele is great and she went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly. We live out of state, so she helped with a lot of things that we couldn't do ourselves. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Tue, 07 Jul 2015 10:10:33 +1000 4aa7lLVK Elizabeth Romano Buyer Michele Mullowney https://www.realsatisfied.com/f5b70/9425e27a7a13ed4092/img/?rand=20810fb0a49a6fbb3e2878ed91e24a86 She was wonderful I couldn't ask for more. Anything Michele didn't know she researched and found out for me. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Michele-Mullowney Tue, 07 Jul 2015 03:19:19 +1000 0b2aUyVK James Medeiros Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=f1897347b1153671e5aa0e130c27630a Leslie Hogan was recommended by the Lawyer who was handling the estate settlement of 336 Boulevard. Her first impression with the executor of the estate was immediate and no other broker was interviewed. Due to the result of the sale of 336 Boulevard and the way the sale was handled Leslie was hands down the choice for another family estate settlement of 36B Glen Meade. Leslie and her co-workers deserve the rating of excellent. They worked as a team which what a seller needs because you always had someone to call on should an issue arise at any time. When you work with a group that works as a team it is very obvious. Leslie was our sole contact for 336 Boulevard and she was always available and there for every step that was needed. For 43B Glen Meade, Leslie, Michele, and Matt were utilized to sell and resolve more questions asked by the purchaser then I would have thought possible. Even the closing was complex with the purchaser not able to attend and that went off without a hitch. Both property closings were handled in a professional fashion, 336 Boulevard was single family residence and 43B Glen Meade was a condo and that was a very complex sale with lots of questions put forward by the purchaser which required close co-ordination between the seller and agent. Leslie and agent Michele handled the resolution of those questions very professionally and were able to obtain the information or advise that was needed. Can't say anymore then "Excellent" https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Sat, 04 Jul 2015 00:30:43 +1000 36c4q9NK Franklin McCool Seller Leslie Hogan https://www.realsatisfied.com/e6879/13fce0790183206f97/img/?rand=901f87931e04aa33e9e4847408c30497 Leslie Hogan did an outstanding job selling our property. We have used her on three occasions to sell and on one occasion to buy. She provides an honest assessment or the property, neighborhood and local resources. Her personal traits make her extremely well suited for real estate. She is personable, smart, straight-forward, and above all else, honest. She took care of every detail when it cam e to the offer sheets, inspections and gathering paperwork for the closing attorneys. It was an effortless process on our part. Her "guess" as to what property is worth has always been on target. I would recommend her without any reservations and will use her again if I have to buy or sell property in the future. https://www.realsatisfied.com/Leslie-Hogan-1 Thu, 02 Jul 2015 07:53:19 +1000 74e8r1mK