U.S. Naval War College

Naval War College Newport, RI

The Naval War College is a prominent institution in Newport and one of the key elements of the Newport Naval Complex. It was established in October, 1884 on Coasters Island in Narragansett Bay. One of the first faculty members was then-Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan (later Rear Admiral), who quickly was recognized for the depth of his strategic thinking and influence on naval leaders around the globe. To date more than 50,000 students have graduated since 1885. Known as the "Home of Thought" for the US Navy, the college is the oldest institution of its kind in the world, and a huge asset in Newport.

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War Games At Naval War College, Newport RI: Multi-Faceted

If you're coming to work or take classes at the Naval War College, Newport RI, you'll find the institution plays a large role in shaping US naval policy and procedure. The NWC educates and develops future leaders, helps define how the navy will look in the future along with its roles and missions. The Naval War College also supports US naval combat readiness, while strengthening global maritime partnerships.

Mid-grade and senior military officers from all branches of the military, along with civilian government officials are among those selected to attend the college where learning includes classroom study and war games. Most of the war gaming is conducted in the state-of-the-art McCarty Little Hall, which opened in 1999. Pretty much all of the US naval operations in the 20th century were first thought out and gamed at the college. In addition, the Naval War College also has a strategic research branch and is home to the Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS).

Attending Classes At Naval War College: A Proud History

If you're attending classes at  Newport Naval War College, you'll quickly notice it has a great tradition and you can find some of that proud history at the Naval Museum, which was established in 1952. The museum is houses in Founders Hall (now a national landmark), which was built in 1819 as the Newport Poor Asylum and became the first building of the NWC. The land was donated to the Navy by Newport and the State of Rhode Island. Within the museum are exhibits around three themes including the Naval War College's history, naval activity in Narragansett Bay and a look at the science and art of naval warfare since ancient times. Interestingly, the museum has a kiosk where you can access the U.S. Navy 20th Century Ships History Database.

Some of the famous graduates of the Naval War College include:

  • Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz
  • Rear Admiral Alan Shepard (First American in space and fifth man on the moon - 1971
  • Major General Sandra Finan

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