Rhode Island REO & Asset Liquidation Specialists

Director, Chuck Spencer: 401-845-9506

Hogan Associates is a full service Rhode Island real estate firm with over 30 years of institutional asset liquidation experience.  We handle a wide variety of institutional sales in all 38 Rhode Island cities and towns. Our team of qualified professionals provide fast, accurate evaluations, professional marketing services and responsive, effective sales support.

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RI REO Sales Team: Experience

The Hogan Associates REO Team, headed by Chuck Spencer, has worked successfully with most local lenders and many national firms including including Fannie Mae, Integrated Asset Services, CitiMortgage, Bank of America, MGIC and Old Republic. We are also the exclusive Rhode Island representative for FirstSevice Realty, Fannie Mae's primary rental manager. Our agents are proficient users of Equator and RESNET - systems that streamline lender / broker communication and keep sales moving toward a successful outcome.

Evaluation Standards

Hogan Associates' market evaluations exceed all normal institutional standards providing all the required information, in an organized fashion, the first time around. We employ Fannie Mae (or equivalent) forms for Broker Price Opinions and Market Analyses, and all valuations are reviewed and checked by at least 2 experienced agents.  The result is the right price, more activity, less market time and a better outcome for all parties.


Should you entrust us with your institutional listings, we will give them the same high level of service and marketing our conventional sellers enjoy. We employ print, direct mail, email and Internet marketing to reach the largest number of consumers within our geographic boundaries.  Our listings are syndicated to over 40 real estate websites, and they are displayed prominently here on our own website.

Community Stabilization Support

For institutions participating in community stabilization programs our office will coordinate the current status of tenancy, and make recommendations concerning occupancy and rental amounts. We will monitor the condition of the property and ensure it remains compliant with local safety and fire codes.

Property Preparation

In addition to the firm's sales and marketing arm, Hogan Associates enjoys longstanding relationships with exceptional property managers, maintenance professionals and renovation specialists. These relationships enable us to quickly collect competitive bids from reputable contractors when major repairs like septic systems, roofs, heating or plumbing are necessary.  Once the contractor is selected and the work is authorized, our agents will oversee the project from start to finish.

In accordance with most of our client agreements, Hogan Associates will pay fees, utilities and contractor expenses in advance with the understanding that these expenses will be reimbursed at a later date.  Working in this manner eliminates complexity, saves time and gets the property to market in the most efficient and presentable way.

If you are looking for an experienced and accomplished team to help you with your institutional assets, please email REO Director, Chuck Spencer, or call him at 401-845-9506.  We would be happy to provide references and additional information on how our group can streamline the asset liquidation process for your institution.