'Tis the Season

The New Normal seems to be on the wane. Reports of Black Friday scrums suggest the retail sector is gaining strength. Could the frugality of the last two years be giving way to looser purse strings? Could be, as Americans have paid down debt and boosted savings rates from 1-2% prior to the recession to 5.7% in October.  So, what does this mean for  Newport's real estate market, and how will it influence what happens in 2011? Here's my take:

We're unlikely to see a Black Friday frenzy for RI real estate. While consumers feel better about smaller purchases, sales of durable goods like cars and appliances (and homes) are down.  Like other parts of the country, real estate inventories are high here, and it's still hard for many buyers to…

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Fig & Fois Gras at The White Horse Tavern

It's almost time for Restaurant Week! This much anticipated annual event has grown to include most of Newport and Bristol's fabulous dining establishments.

Each participating restaurant offers a three-course, prix fixe meal at the exceptional price of $16 for lunch and $30 for dinner (beverages, gratuities and taxes are additional). Reservations are a must, and seats fill up fast, so take a look at the participating restaurants and make your plan!

And, if you would like to look at a few homes while you're here, that would be OK too!

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