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January 2011

Found 4 blog entries for January 2011.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let me start off by saying a few things about myself. My real estate career began after my employer, a boutique financial firm where I was CFO, closed abruptly.  When the shock wore off, and I finished mourning, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and started over in real estate.  It wasn't easy, but now I find tremendous satisfaction in helping homeowners understand the options and the obstacles to getting back on their feet.

The point I'd like to make here is this: things happen, you can adjust, and you can start over. Yes, the economy is bad. We are at close to 10% unemployment. Your home value probably has dropped, and, if you owe more than your house is worth, a short sale may provide the relief you need to get

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As many people know, banking has become much tougher, and financing options have drastically shrunk since the recent banking implosion.  It no longer is just signing a purchase and sales and waiting for the closing.  Buyers in this market need expert advice on how to navigate banks and if paired correctly with the right mortgage product can save substantial money or actually make it to the closing.

In a recent deal, my buyer finally found a house that worked well for their family but needed updates to make it feel like home.  After reviewing the needed work and the intended down payment, we realized that the cash required for improvements wouldn't allow them to put 20% down forcing them to pay for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) - an added expense we

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Know the Rules. Enjoy the Lifestyle.

Waterfront properties are life enhancing.  They offer long, lazy days at the shore, your own lobster pots, idyllic family vacations, views to decompress the most frazzled executive and a rare, primal connection with nature. Like most rare and wonderful things, however, they come with their own set of unique challenges. So if you're looking for a waterfront home in Rhode Island, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. COASTAL BUFFER ZONES - Although your property extends to the water's edge, Rhode Island's Coastal Resource Management Council has jurisdiction over the last 200 feet.  This area is called the coastal buffer zone, and it is measured inland from the mean high tide mark. Improvements like docks, stairs,

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Last fall, after my college-bound daughter absconded with my laptop, I looked for an economical replacement and settled on an iPad.  At first, I found it limiting compared to my souped up PowerBook. Over the holidays, however, I became one with my new device, and it has dramatically changed and improved the way I get information. I now receive virtually all my news online; I am reading more than I have in years, and I am learning things at a pace that... well... It's exhilarating. Really.

I described this epiphany to John Abell, an intrepid early adopter from Portsmouth who runs a local Apple users' group. He was delighted to have another convert, and I was only mildly deflated when he announced he now had over 600 apps! I find this astonishing especially

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