Bellevue Ave Newport RIThe Shops on Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI

When it comes to saving money, having a Newport office among Bellevue Avenue's lovely, one-of-a-kind shops is more of a curse than a blessing, but as an incentive to shop local it is simply AWESOME!  

I am an incurable one-for-them-one-for-me kind of holiday shopper, and I confess to doing more than a little damage to my pocketbook this year buying things for myself as I shop for the people on my list. In the process, however, I made a few new friends and I hope I did a little to help preserve the character of Bellevue Avenue's very special retail businesses.  

My newfound "enablers" include Dan MacDonald, exquisite jewelry dealer / manufacturer at Three Golden Apples, watch collector and jewelry expert, Ray…

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