Answer:  Maybe.

Dock permits are issued by RI's Coastal Resources Management Council. The CRMC classifies all RI's coastal waters, and they allow residential docks in some types of waters and prohibit them in others.

The first step in determining whether you can build a dock is learning the water classification in your area.  Water classifications are designated in the CRMC Rules and Regulations, also called the CRMC Redbook.

In Type 2, 3, and 4 waters residential docks are allowed.  There are specific rules and requirements for locating a dock, but you can submit an application if your property abuts these waters.  In Type 1 waters, however, docks are prohibited.  Some people have grandfathered docks in Type 1 waters, which leads many to…

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Late afternoon, Brenton Cove, Newport, RI April, 2011

Newport Harbor, Before the Boats Arrive

April and May - those pre-summer months when everything begins to bloom - bring a distinctive beauty to Newport.  The chartreuse green leaves, flowering trees and the uninterrupted stretch of harbor (sans fleet) provide no hint of the bustling summer days ahead.

This photo was taken from Beechbound - a luxury condominium enclave created around a fabulous turn-of-the-century 1895 summer "cottage".  It is one of several condo communities along this scenic stretch of coastline offering active harbor views, docks, launch access and the ability to get involved or get away - all from the same spot.

So come soon, before spring gives way to summer, and see what…

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