Hogan Associates’ Broker, Matt Hadfield, wanted to do something more this year than simply sponsor a family over the holidays. He wanted to do something in the spirit of giving the whole year through. Earlier this year, he came up with the idea of "Project Re-Give". The goal of Project Re-Give is to collect unwanted or duplicate holiday gifts and donate them so that resident's of Lucy's Hearth may receive presents to celebrate birthdays and other milestones throughout the year. 

How it Works: Instead of returning an unwanted or duplicate gifts, we are asking people to donate these gifts to Project Re-Give. We are not asking for anyone to go out and purchase gifts, simply to donate gifts that they may not otherwise return. Items are being…

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Thinking about a Rhode Island Condo purchase? Condos are convenient and cost effective but they come with certain fees you need to understand. Condo fees serve a purpose for property owners, even if no one likes paying them. When allocated properly, condo fees are a cost effective way to maintain and add value to your property.Newport Condominium

Here’s what they cover:

-Capital Reserves:  Some associations have minimum reserve requirements.  Your capital reserve is essentially a forced rainy day fund. It covers things like insurance deductible payments, unexpected repairs and capital improvements. It’s there to keep things running smoothly and to avoid the need for a special assessment.  The higher the association’s capital reserves, the easier the units are to sell,…

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