With the blizzard of 2015 coming to New England, many homeowners are in full panic mode.  First word of advice: STAY CALM. Now that we’ve made it past that one, here’s some tips to weather through the storm (Sorry for the bad pun everybody… Couldn’t help myself) 

Be Prepared: The Boy Scout motto: “Always be prepared”. During a situation like a blizzard, home owners should be practicing this motto as well.

  • Stock up on Flashlights, candles, batteries: the biggest hurdle in a pending storm isn’t just the snow; it’s the potential for a power outage.
  • Have food you can eat without cooking if you don’t have a gas stove. 
  • Bottled is water is always a good idea.
  • If you have pets make sure they have a few days worth of food
  • Board games, especially if…

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2014 was another great year in real estate, not only in the US but here in Newport Rhode Island too.  A booming economy, stock market appreciation and a surprise in the mortgage industry with interest rates returning to low levels instead of rising, were just a few highlights of 2014. Here’s a quick recap of 2014’s Real Estate Market;

US Real Estate Market Conditions

The Case/Shiller Housing Index increased 4.5% Year over Year from October 2013 through October 2014. That’s a drastic slow down compared to the 13.6% increase a year earlier. As anticipated (see last year's recap) the price appreciation slowed down. The slowdown in price appreciation had more to do with the market equalizing, than with rising rates as previously predicted.  2014 was the…

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Commercial Condos for Sale or Lease in a 21st Century Town Square

Since it’s inception in 2005 Clock Tower Square has grown into a modern day Main Street USA. This mixed-use development with wonderful visibility and high curb appeal currently consists of 5 popular retail shops, 5 medical / professional offices and a stylish neighborhood restaurant and bar.

“It’s shaping up as we had hoped, says developer, Tom Graul. A thriving, Main Street shopping destination is the goal. Cooperative marketing drives traffic to everyone, and 40 small businesses will benefit from their proximity to each other. It's very satisfying.”


  •  Unit 102 LEASED
  • Unit 103 Deborah Winthrop Lingerie…

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