The Art of the Waterfront RI Home

Let's be honest. Selling beautiful waterfront homes in RI is the best assignment going for local real estate agents, but working for an engaging seller who is also a talented photographer and writer?  Well, that's as good as it gets in my profession!

Here is the latest installment from Nancy Driggs, the eloquent owner of 1601 Main Rd., in Tiverton - an exceptional property in a beautiful place now for sale by Hogan Associates.

"It’s that time of year again 'living on the edge' of Tiverton Basin.   Moorings, bobbing vacant all winter, are now filled. The early morning light gradually climbs down the houses across the Basin and slowly and severally down the masts of the sailboats at bay.  The living room French…

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 We are ever so pleased to announce the recent coronation of our own Caroline Richards!  The ceremony took place at the closing of 15 Lucas Avenue. where Buyers, Aram Terchunian and Lise Freilinghaus paid homage to the unsuspecting agent with a crown, a scepter, her own personalized playing card and a framed rendering of the incredibly cute house.  

Caroline was lauded for keeping things together through some particularly gnarly twists and turns.  The grateful (and creative) Buyer and Seller were heard to exclaim,  "Long live my real estate agent!"

Now 'at's sumfin you don't 'ear evrey die, Queenie!  Congrats!

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RI Tax Stamp Increase Imminent!

IF nothing changes, and you sell your home after July 1, 2014 you will pay 15% more Conveyance Tax (a.k.a Tax Stamps), and 100% of the increase will go to an account that can be spent by the Housing Resources Commission on ANYTHING.  

RI's Conveyance Tax is collected every time a Rhode Island home sells. It's collected at every closing, and it doesn't matter if you made money or lost money on your home.  The current tax is $4 per $1,000 of the sale price. Last Thursday (6/5/14) the House Finance Committee approved a budget increasing in the Conveyance Tax 15% from $4 per $1,000 to $4.60 per $1,000.  Next week the budget goes to the the House and Senate for final approval.

That puts Rhode Island's conveyance tax at…

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Cathy Wicks and Leah Poole - a Most Dynamic Duo...

Meet Leah (left), Cathy (right). They're the latest addition to our Hogan Associates Real Estate team!

We are SO pleased to welcome these two superstars to the fold.  With 17 years of combined experience, they offer a level of service and expertise that's hard to beat and - bonus - they know a thing or two about living large on Aquidneck Island!

This photo was taken last week on Panacea, a Ted Hood designed 62' Little Harbor Sloop run by Leah's very capable husband, Captain Jeffrey Poole.

These two have sold hundreds  (that's right, hundreds) of homes from Little Compton to Charlestown and everywhere in between.  They will analyze your real estate goals, provide you with sensible feedback…

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