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The intricate ins and outs of Newport’s streets are typically explored by those who have exhausted the main street attractions. Once you are numb to the typical sights you begin to crave more, and Newport has much much more to see. In grade school my friends and I wandered around town looking for things to do. In doing so we discovered many hidden spots with amazing views of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. I now love taking friends to these spots to show them Newport’s beauty the way I grew up seeing it. These are my top spots in Newport RI to enjoy the waterfront:

The Point: The Point is at the end of the downtown area just before the bridge to Goat Island. This historic part of Newport right by the Newport Bridge has…

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When it comes to dining in Newport, RI you can’t go wrong at too many places. Everyone you ask will tell you to go somewhere different because there are so many great restaurants in town. From seafood to burgers to drinks by the waterfront Newport RI has it all and has at least one spot that does it very well. These are the places I like to take my friends to impress them when they come visit Newport.

Brick Alley Pub- Brick Alley is probably the top most recommended place in Newport. They serve pub style comfort food in a neat three-story restaurant covered in sports memorabilia, license plates, autographs and much more. On top of all of that I have always had great service when I go there. If you want to get a table during the summer make a…

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Newport RI is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in New England. Though they all make for a great day by the water, not all of the beaches here are the same. Some provide a more exciting atmosphere with volleyball and surfing, while others make for a quiet place to nap or read a book. To ensure you get the beach experience you are looking for here is a breakdown of the seven major beaches in the area and the local lingo that will help you find them.

Public Beaches

Easton’s Beach- More commonly known as "First Beach", Easton’s is lovingly named “The Tourist Beach” by the locals. It's the first beach you see along the main drag of Memorial Boulevard. It also has tons of parking, a snack bar, a small aquarium and a jungle gym, making it very…

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I grew up in Newport and moved to Boston a few years ago for school. Though the frequency of my visits now resemble those of a tourist more so than a local, the tricks I’ve learned from living here make my trips much richer than the recommended guide book version. In this series of blog posts I will share my secrets to help visitors and those looking to buy a home in Newport get the most out of their time in this great town.

I came back to Newport during the busiest part of summer, making the topic of my first post pretty easy to decide on: Getting Around Town. Every Friday Bellevue Ave floods with cars coming off the bridge. Thames St. is a nightmare with standstill traffic for miles. Parking is also pricy and hard to find. Newport is not a place…

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