The Newport Raised Ranch

Throwback Americana

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and few styles evoke one's inner Don Draper like a classic American Raised Ranch. This simple 2-story structure was the product of the post war housing boom.  It's sturdy, sensible style suited veterans back then, and it's finding a whole new audience now.

Ranch Fundamentals 

First some history, a Raised Ranch House is a two story house with its foundation serving as one level of the structure. It’s an Architecture style which originated in the USA and primarily in the Western states post war era.  To meet the housing boom, builders had an easy fix for accommodating a demand for more living space. Build more houses, but on smaller parcels of land, make them affordable,…

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Historic Homes: Newport, RI's Living Legacy

Historic Newport RI Homes are one of the many desirable attributes of the City by the Sea.  In fact, Newport offers one of the largest concentrations of Colonial homes in the nation.  If you are charmed by Colonial character and are thinking of purchasing a historic home, then don’t miss the 17th Century historic John Bliss House, c. 1680.

John Bliss House for Sale, c. 1680

This antique Newport home is for sale.  Built by Quakers, the John Bliss House was a working farm sitting high on a hill with pastoral views to the Ocean. The John Bliss House is possibly the oldest continuous residence in Newport today. The property offers a perfect balance between historic ambience and modern living with a rich…

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John Bliss House c. 1680

Historic homes abound in Newport, RI, but the John Bliss House is a real stand out, and it's FOR SALE!

Historic John Bliss House, c 1680, is widely regarded as Newport, RI’s oldest existing home – an architecturally significant Stone Ender Colonial, built by Quakers.  A true Antique! The structures’ signature feather is its Stone Ender Fireplace, a massive focal point of the interior. The Stone Ender Chimney occupies the whole North facing wall protecting the farmhouse from the cold north air. The chimney has 2 FP’s on first floor, and two more on the second floor.  There are two very larges fire places, each  8' wide, and one with a Beehive oven for baking.  These fireplaces, especially the dining room fireplace, would have burned wood 24/7 for…

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