Author: Michele Mullowney. Michele and husband, Jim live on Historic Hill in an 18th Century Colonial.


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To our shock and amazement, not only did we win the Newport RI Doorway Contest, but we won Grand Prize!  I am so grateful for my talented tenant, John LaPointe, he deserves all the recognition. A few years ago John made it his mission to help us decorate the doorway each year.


As each season approaches, John begins to gather great varieties of greens and colorful branches with berries, all with his latest design in mind. Piles of evergreens and colorful berry branches quietly build in our back yard. And then the magic happens. Tirelessly and with amazing skill he begins building his design with diligent attention to the placement of each branch, bow and berry. (I used to try to help, but why fool with perfection). And so, each year, John has adorned our home with another beautiful creation, but the prize has always eluded us. Until this year!

Christmas in Newport Doorway Contest 2015 -3

Can't wait to see what he's got in store for next year...


For years Newport has had a tradition of holiday door decoration. From colonial homes built before Revolution to Victorians and beyond, the homes in Newport beg for a little attention when the adoring crowds of summer have left the streets. One by one candles begin to light the windows and doorways festooned with fruit and foliage bringing a little cheer to the darkest days of December.


Christmas in Newport Doorway Contest 2015 -4

It is rumored that when Colonial sea captains returned to Newport from the Caribbean and beyond, their families displayed the rare and coveted pineapple at the entry of their homes as a symbol of his arrival and to welcome visitors to their home. During early Colonial days the rare pineapple symbolized the utmost in welcome and hospitality to the visitor, and was often served as a special desert after the meal.


Each year a group of dedicated men and women from the CHRISTMAS IN NEWPORT doorway committee set forth to choose the best from among all the creative entries. They look for use of natural materials, variety and spirit. Prizes are awarded in many categories. 

In its 45th year,Christmas in Newport is a non-profit organization founded by Ruth Myers, that raises thousands of dollars for charity each year. 

Want to see who else took home a prize?  Check out the other prize winners in the Newport Daily News

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Beautiful! John LaPointe is one of the most talented designers I have ever met. I live in CA now, but I visited my first home on Coddington Wharf in Newport this summer and was so happy to see a wreath John had painted on the door of our building many many years ago. It was still so current and uniquely incredible.

Posted by Kelly Brown on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 at 11:01pm

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