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Author: Michele Mullowney. Michele and husband, Jim live on Historic Hill in an 18th Century Colonial.


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To our shock and amazement, not only did we win the Newport RI Doorway Contest, but we won Grand Prize!  I am so grateful for my talented tenant, John LaPointe, he deserves all the recognition. A few years ago John made it his mission to help us decorate the doorway each year.


As each season approaches, John begins to gather great varieties of greens and colorful branches with berries, all with his latest design in mind. Piles of evergreens and colorful berry branches quietly build in our back yard. And then the magic happens. Tirelessly and with…

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Acreage, Water & Views....!  Take the Fly Over!

 Rich in history and riddled with quintessential New England charm, these 49 acres of waterfront property along the Kickemuit River are not only just plain breathtaking, but they could probably tell a story or two about its unique settlers and current residents. Dating back to 1720 and known as "Touisset", which comes from the Native American name meaning "at the cornfield", this very special spot feels as if you have gone back in time where the smell of the salt air and the sound of  gentle breezes blowing through beach grass was all that inhabited this great peninsula. You would never know that just beyond the stonewalls, wildlife refuge and working farms exists the vibrant city of Providence, the…

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Little Compton: A brief intro

Little Compton is located at the southeastern tip of Rhode Island between the Sakonnet River and the Massachusetts state boundary line. 

It is the second smallest town in the smallest state! 

Little Compton is the ideal place to live if one wishes to experience that small town life style and rural tranquility. There is an increase in population as the summer draws near and many families have been summering here for generations. In fact many of the residents have ancestors dating centuries back. Driving through the back country roads there are many farms and stone walls surrounding vast open fields. A view of the Sakonnet River follows your travel along Main Road.

There are several seasonal farm stands in which…

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Investing in Real Estate? Lets ask Warren Buffett, the infamous investor worth billions who is commonly known as “The Oracle of Omaha”.  His insight in investing I’ve always found to be a very simple, easy and straight forward. This article delves into two real estate investments he’s made. Here’s a few points I walked away with;

-Ignore the outside noise and chatter

When we were in the depths of the Great Recession Mr. Buffett was buying up companies left and right, while the rest of the market went running for the hills. His Berkshire Hathaway holding company bought Prudential Real Estate as his method of jumping into the real estate market. But years ago, he made a few real estate plays himself, ignoring the noise around him, he focused on the…

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The Government Shutdown may affect Real Estate over the coming weeks. Perhaps not market values, but existing transactions, and buyers looking to make offers.  Being a Realtor, I’m certainly not furloughed and neither are most other private sector jobs.  But in a community like Newport RI, it may end up affecting us more directly than we’d like.


Nearly 900,000 federal employees were told not to come into work on Tuesday.  That’s nearly a third of all persons being paid directly by the US.  These people include members of the DoD, National Parks, Memorial Administration, FHA and IRS.  Since 1975 there have been 17 government shutdowns, averaging nearly a week. Ranging from 1 to 21 days each.


How it Affects Newport County:


Here in Newport…

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If the Real Estate catchphrase of 2012 was “interest rates” 2013 will be “inventory”.  So far it’s been a fantastic and frustrating 2013 for us realtors here in Newport, and per the media, we’re not alone.  Inventories nationally are at 13 year lows.  As I mentioned in a blog post back in November, inventory levels were continuing to decrease, pointing towards a renewed seller’s market.  Looking at charts here in Newport County the trend doesn’t seem to be changing.  

inventory levelsThese charts make me think back to my Economics Classes at Saint Anselm College with Professor Romps, specifically about supply, demand and the “invisible hand”.  Prof. Romps was a 6’3” 280lb angry 65 year old man.  It was impossible to fall asleep in his class even at 9am on Friday. In…

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Before we get into the nitty gritty, let me start off by saying a few things about myself. My real estate career began after my employer, a boutique financial firm where I was CFO, closed abruptly.  When the shock wore off, and I finished mourning, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and started over in real estate.  It wasn't easy, but now I find tremendous satisfaction in helping homeowners understand the options and the obstacles to getting back on their feet.

The point I'd like to make here is this: things happen, you can adjust, and you can start over. Yes, the economy is bad. We are at close to 10% unemployment. Your home value probably has dropped, and, if you owe more than your house is worth, a short sale may provide the relief you need to get…

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